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  1. doesnt everyone put pineapple on theyre pizza? Thought that was standard. :p
  2. U missin out man but theres always less people redside so your pobably not alone.
  3. why would that stop you from posting her?
  4. Is that a new DuranDuran song? never heard of it or seen it b4.
  5. great one boggo! and dammit CR that k-pop you keep posting is starting to grow on me now.
  6. welp Imma never play champions so unless you say what that is I'll never know also what if there was no jetpacks and you had to take fly jump tp or speed?
  7. Sorry I was away for new years. i was gonna say it looks alot like your avatar but now I think its DarthDelicios hero Mike.
  8. You lucky son of a gun! I prefer powerslave mysself.
  9. heck emantion of the trenches sounds cool in english. Might be too long though. might just use that one myself if no one else has already.
  10. Good health good friends good food and CoX!
  11. My villains would also like a word. >. >
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