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  1. Love Stan and Lou! Great 2nd page Twitless!
  2. No idea what your talking bout, ignore my avatar. ;)
  3. No Joke CR has helped tons of other artists get better. even writers photographers and people who do cartoons and he's great at pointing out the stuff other people miss. Spend any amount of time in the multimedia section and you'll see it. You will also be bombarded with terrible puns but that's the price you pay. :p
  4. Still working my way through all the vids an looking forward to new stuff but I just wanna say this whole thread is full of win! Thanks Dacy for all your hard work on thises vids and ty "CR the Helpful" non banana man for pointing this out. :p
  5. So who do you aks to get this thread merged with the original and who decides what gets stickied?
  6. Glacier is this just a thread of people sharing their favorite videos? Cuz that thread already exists you just added Super to teh title? Not sure that we couldnt but now we can again is reason enough for a whole new thread.
  7. Woah lots of great stuff recently &welcome all the new peeps!
  8. Coolness! welcome twitless.
  9. LOL at least she'll get a combo meal out of it.
  10. looked back expecting a bad joke, was not disapointed.
  11. Yeah CR does that a lot. It'd be annoying if I didn't also feel like I was learning something every time I read the orange text.
  12. Oof mission accomplished that pops for sure. Think someone forgot the costume file again though.
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