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  1. I've gotten a few windfall temp powers. it seems they only are in the heroes and villains super pack. I get one every 20 packs maybe. The first time I got one, I had about 4 purple drops, few pvp and a large handful of rare salvage. the last 3 i used seem to have given me meh drops compared to the first time. mostly get a few extra catalysts maybe an extra pvp recipe. nothing really to write home over
  2. I have the same issue on my 2K screen. i found out that you can scale each unattached window seperately. for me, i had the issue with my email and supergroup window. I have to do /window_scale email .79 in order to see everything in there. I found this on another site. Just have to remember to detach the window or it will re-scale itself. Also make sure to save your settings in the windows settings file on the last tab Click here i also found out that when placing/moving enhancements the scaling the windows past 100% causes the point where can drop the enhancment in the bar is shifted to the lower right hand corner of the slot
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