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  1. I see a lot of people have suggested things that, I know I haven't posted a lot but I had one suggestion I hope would be taken into consideration, A separate category for farming, in the mission list. I'm not against farming, people are going to do it no matter what. But my biggest grip is if I want to play through someone's hard work for a story its a struggle to find them in the lists outside of highly rated, and Dev choices. The list is pretty much flooded with farms, one work around would to have a separate tab just for farms(or story arcs, either way). Maybe when someone publishes a new AE arc a simple pop up question asking "is this arc is intended for farming?" Another tab could exist for currently published arcs as "uncategorised" where they'll sit until the author updates them or they get removed for some other reason. I hope this would encourage people to play these arcs more often, and people would feel better about publishing them without worry of their arc being lost in the pile of farming arcs out there.
  2. American Shield has been released.
  3. I'm not sure what you mean by this. If you mean a minion that isn't part of a custom group, technically no, every custom critter must be part of a custom group, but you can make a custom group with just that minion in it. You can use them in a "fight a boss" objective, (which you can't do with standard minions), which can be set to appear after another objective is completed. (example, when you click a blinky, the minion spawns.) If you want the minion to spawn in like an ambush, no, you can't do that. Sorry, that was a bit unclear. I was referring to the random appearances of the critters. I wanted to design a couple of different customs for the same critter and it could prove some additional variety in the enemies being fought. But taking a closer look that probably just means random as in "random" minion from the selected enemy group. So disregard that question. The file size limit is probably what I remembered from Live, I just recall encountering the limits while trying to expand my custom groups I believe. Thanks for your answers, much appreciated!
  4. Hello, so without knowing what plans are set out for continued development I had a small idea for possible additional storylines. The PVP zones are largely unused, and outside of PVPers no one really visits them. Let me be clear though, this isn't suggesting we disable the PVP portation of these zones, instead, my idea might encourage more people to go to zones, and perhaps partake in some PVP while they're there. I was thinking, why not add some additional story arcs that will expand upon the lore within each of these zones? I know it would ultimately just be a handful of story arcs being added, but I think it would at least increase traffic in these zones, and provide some fresh experiences for some people. Perhaps we could even enable a radio/paper type mission system as well? Anyways as I said, compared to added whole new zones and enemy groups, this is might be a good way to use existing content.
  5. Hello all, I had a few questions hopefully you all could help me out. I vaguely remember there being a limit on the number of characters that could be added to custom groups. Is this right, and if so what exactly is that limit? In addition, could we add custom character to official groups? My second question relates to random minions. Could we create a custom random minion that will spawn in, or is that pretty much a no go? If I wanted to add higher level content to low level group, say the skuls or hellions to make would that be doable? Thanks all for your time.
  6. Here's my submission for Warburg, I'll post some for the other zones later. Warburg Blue Lagoon: Needing additional forces to bolster his own Marshal Jason Blitz has hired the Malta Group. Malta operatives have taken up residence inside this warehouse, now called the Blue Lagoon. /Loc: 1907.0 -0.5 -877.0 Death Note: Governor Melody Harkness never saw Blitz coming. Blitz ambushed her in the garden outside of city hall before she had ever received word of his rebellion. /Loc: 923.0 65.0 -270.9 Broken Arrow: Longbow’s initial attempts to take the island was met with heavy resistance by Blitz’s forces, and costly for Longbow. /Loc: 928.1 -1.4 126.10 Final Gasp: Legend has it that this bunker was where the Council made their final stand against Lord Recluse. The battle for the bunker took two weeks, before Lord Recluse was forced to personally lead the assault. /Loc: -804.8 43.0 -1070.3 Blitzkrieg: These are only some of the weapons Marshal Jason Blitz has at his disposal. It is a wonder that he has not already destroyed Paragon City /Loc: 36.5 -57.5 -336.5 Accolade: The Final Countdown: You’ve obtained this Accolade by earning every Exploration badge within Warburg. I also like termyt's Let's Play a Game suggestion for the Accolade as well.
  7. Started out on the Liberty server but eventually moved over to the Virtue server. Redlighting was the name and I rolled with the American Legion for about five years until the server shut down. I see there's a few others from the Legion here. hope to see more coming on by =)
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