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  1. Wow, someone remembers Lions Den! I was a member, but not too long after I joined them the group collectively rage-quit in response to the i13 PVP changes. They recruited me after seeing me blapping down villains in Sirens Call... sigh, just got a little nostalgic for what fun PVP times those were, with the zone full, and bounties, and pushing each side back to their bases.
  2. Fun! I was too slow on your blaster giveaway but I'm getting in on this. I think there are some high overestimations here of a) how many people read the forums closely enough to have seen this b) need that amount of influence and c) swallow their pride and ask for it. I'm guessing 1.98 billion. Because, 99 people have asked but I ain't one.
  3. nebber


    Yep, that is, in fact, a psychic/devices build, no doubt about it. ...do you have a question?
  4. Force Feedback has a quite low proc rate, 2ppm, compared to the more standard 3.5ppm for damage procs / 4.5ppm for purple procs. Also only lasts 5 seconds when triggered, so that limits how much you can stack it. Since you've got your ST attacks with the FF proc slotted for recharge, this also drops proc rate in those. Per your slotting, looks like your power burst has a 30% chance of procing FF; snipe: 50%; and torrent 21% chance per target (so higher chance with more targets hit). Looks like the numbers back up your observation - the proc not really making you a recharge machine.
  5. I played with spring attack on my rad/nrg blapper and found out there is a longstanding bug where it is not counting damage enh + dmg procs (see below), so I respeced out of it. Did you know about this?
  6. My guess is: Mids thinks you are at damage cap with either aim or buildup, because if you have the yellow dots 'on' in sniper blast and tactics, then it is assuming the +DMG procs in those attacks are active in calculating your damage. 100% base damage + 127% dmg in Nova enh (including Intution Alpha effect) +100% decimation chance for buildup + 100% dmg Gaussians chance for buildup + 10.5% dmg Leadership Assault + 10% dmg Assault Core Embodiment + whatever other global dmg bonuses you have from sets = a number close enough to the 500% damage cap for blasters, so that either the +62.5% of Ai
  7. My Mids shows -- Buildup: +20% tohit, +100% damagebuff. Aim: +50% tohit, +62.5% damagebufff. You can look at the powers' numbers in greater detail if you chose 'Data View' - hit control-D when hovering the mouse over a power. Quite helpful for when the little summary box doesn't tell you everything you need to know.
  8. Hover's still nice on nrg blast so that you knock them down to the ground instead of back. If stealthing low level missions is important and you think it'll come up often, then all good. On my flier I can usually get by with just a stealth IO in a prestige sprint and fly by the ceiling to avoid detection... unless it's a purple cave. I think if you are capped at range def and hoverblasting, yeah, power boost isn't doing too much for you. Might be nice to click for a def boost in a 'this is gonna hurt' situation... but otherwise not something to click every time it
  9. Looks like you built it well to be at S/L res cap and nearly capped ranged defence. Wondering about your power picks -- is your playstyle hover blaster? I see hover and afterburner, but wondering why superspeed is there too. What do you like having powerboost for? the KB increase or the slight defense boost? If I were to only pick one out of two between build up and aim, it'd be buildup for the extra damage. Energize is really good at reducing end consumption. So much so that my two /nrg blasters don't need to slot out stamina nor use miracle / other recovery pr
  10. My tankiest end-game blaster is my fire/nrg. Fighting pool, built to 40% S/L/Ranged def, and took barrier destiny. T4 barrier is +5% def min so I'm always at softcap for S/L/R when it's on, and the huge inital +DEF and +RES boost when it's just activated lets me jump into a +4/8 spawn and eat the alpha easily. I do quite well without clarion, I cover mez protection by leaping pool (CJ for immob, acro for holds) and tactics for fear resistance. I have the Defiant Barrage +status protection proc slotted in fireball, and I always open with fireball -- if it hits multiple targets i
  11. Identity crisis: n. a period of uncertainty and confusion in which a person's sense of identity becomes insecure, typically due to a change in their expected aims or role in society. I don't feel any uncertainty or confusion in playing a blaster with a focus on melee powers. I feel exhilaration.
  12. Fire/NRG is the bomb, so many good ways of playing it. I do love my blapping, whichever poor dudes survive the fireball/BoF opener and charge me get bonesmasher'd and/or power-thrust'd, and I get giddy about it each time.
  13. So I keep thinking about this thread, because I keep wondering how much maximising +DMG set bonuses really adds to performance, or if it's diminishing returns (especially at endgame). I decided to number crunch the total damage in different scenerios, and then see how much more damage the set bonuses deliver. So here's a table of the damage of blaze, first base damage, then how much extra damage you would get from enhancements and various +dmg powers, and then how much damage from varying levels of global set bonuses. Both at lvl 50 and lvl 24. To keep things even I've assumed
  14. I'm counting assault too in my total, rest is set bonuses. Splitting the Superior Defiant Barrage into 2 IOs each across 3 powers each gets 4% damage three times over. My three single target attacks are 4 IOs Devastation (3% +dmg) and 2 IOs Superior Defiant Barrage. The other Blaster IO set (Blasters Wraith) and Apocolapyse got me the other 4% bonuses. Obliteration and Overwhelming force give the other two 3% bonuses. Then scrapped together 4x 2.5% bonuses (3x javellin volley 4 slotted, 1x touch of death 4 slotted) and 4x 2% bonuses (3x adjusted targeting 2-slotted, 1x red fortune 4-sl
  15. My fire/energy main has two builds. The first was crafted to get the highest possible +DMG set bonuses I could (+73.5% total) and has mediocre defence as the ying to its yang. The second build has softcapped S/L/E/ranged def and 28.5% +DMG. The second build is way better for most content. While the first one can do slightly more raw damage, when using that I have to spend more time jousting, managing inspirations to keep me alive, and recovering between mobs. Second build is nonstop pew-pew-pew, and I set it up with the macros to automatically combine insps to make r
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