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  1. That makes A LOT more sense. As an indie solo programmer, I can appreciate limitations based on development time. No problem. I get it. IMO this would be at the top top top of the feature list and be a feature from the start, but I understand - as an indie developer. However for a full AAA MMORPG company like Cryptic back in City of Heroe's prime, there is no excuse. We all know it wasn't for lack of the engineer's desire, ability, or time. It wasn't even for the lack of money. It was purely red tape BS. In fact I'd be honestly surprised if it weren't the case that the entire team of engineers and artists wanted the idea at the top of their priority list, but due to not having any voice and thus no say in the matter (with non-gamer leadership always obsessing over money/greed/profit) I'm sure the leadership thought "But where's the profit?" and probably asked questions to anyone who brought the idea up, like, "So...where is the profit? Do...we charge them for customization? Is this P2W? Oh oh I love it. Oh...we don't do P2W right now? I don't quite understand. You want to implement it because it increases....what? What is q-quality? Is that French? Huh? F...fun? Is that a foreign currency? I'm sorry but I'm gonna have to say no. We really need to push the update no one asked for instead." 😛 Joking aside, it is always extremely disappointing in AAA. Nearly every time I have ever found out the truth of why a company didn't do something obvious, something overwhelmingly popular among the userbase, or something that would greatly improve or fix the game, the answer was always disappointingly about the top leadership's bank account or manipulating stock value. Or even worse in some cases, like with the Marvel Heroes CEO running out the door with all the money in his briefcase, grabbing as many women's asses on his way out with the money as he could. That example is a lot less hyperbolic than it sounds too 😄 Thank you very much! I'll definitely check this out, but I doubt I could be of any real help at this point if it is already finished. By the time it would take me to get caught up to speed on the codebase, it'll probably already be long since ready. I am really hoping the homecoming admins accept this in 25/26 when/if it's ready.
  2. I'm gonna download the source code and take a look. Might even be less insane to just make an entirely new archetype / powerset than to try to edit the MM henchmen, if things are as bad as people say. I heard the source is worse than you can imagine, if you imagined it being awful.
  3. This makes no sense and sounds like the dev just wanted an excuse as to why they didnt do what in hindsight was obvious. I mean by the same logic, City of Heroes shouldn't have even been developed bc someone might make an offensive character or a marvel clone. IMO, the lack of customization in the MM pets, in a game where the biggest and best feature is its character creator, is just lunatic design choice. I'm a game programmer myself, so I'd be interested in checking out adding the feature if homecoming devs would promise to add it.
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