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  1. Sorry, I could have stood to be more precise in my language there. It’s often hard to make taking both a T1 and a T2 and then slotting to ED walls work with blast sets, while still fitting in the power pool and epic pool picks that are generally considered a good idea. Most often you don’t need both to assemble a full attack rotation. Given how many skip powers are in storm, probably less of an issue here. 😅
  2. Storm tends to work better for defenders because of a defender's inherent; it'll grant you a scaling endurance discount depending on your team's overall health, and stormies tend to have endurance problems. Since you mostly team, you'd be getting the most use out of that. Of course, defenders can't usually pick up gloom, which is considered by some one of the best single target ranged attacks in game. It's a solid combo either way, and I don't think it's a big enough difference to be worth rerolling given how high level you already are. Even on a corruptor, since you're in the level 40 range, you can always pick up power sink from electricity mastery or mu mastery to fix any endurance problems you're experiencing. I can make you a build if you need. The important part, mostly, is making sure to pick up tenebrous tentacles. It'll keep enemies from fleeing from lightning storm and tornado.
  3. The poll *does* say without enhancements. Bonfire's terrible without a kb to kd. Definitely down at the bottom with charge mastery. What's this about amp up not affecting pets?! Amp up's the set defining power of elec affinity! Where's the logic in that?!
  4. What it says in the title. Traps' force field generator is permanent without any slotting, with a 15 second recharge and a 4 minute duration. However, a traps character will still have to recast the force field generator when that duration ends. Often it ends while a traps character is in combat, leaving them without mez protection and defence, shortly thereafter preventing the traps character from recasting ffg because they're mezzed. Sure, the character could recast before every combat to be absolutely sure it won't fail, but traps already has so much prep it needs to do to get into combat to begin with - caltrops, acid mortar, poison trap, seeker drones, trip mine, time bomb, and/or triage beacon depending on who you ask. Surely, this small pet that can't even teleport to catch up could be made permanent and save a little time and frustration.
  5. I'm sceptical about the broad direction of blaster reworking. Each time the Homecoming team decides to make common powers uniform (in damage, recharge time, range, duration, base accuracy, etc) and each time the Homecoming team adds new cross-set uniformity (high damage single target melee T9s, everyone gets identical PBAOEs, roughly identical power orders, blaster t1 and t2 blasts must be exactly the same) it comes across that Homecoming is focusing more on making power sets successful on a self-contained level, rather than creating opportunities for cross-set synergy. Worse, it comes across that the Homecoming team is largely interested in making sets successful in the same way, over and over. I've seen this in the sets for other ATs in this update, but I think it's currently best exemplified by blaster sets. I'm concerned by this quote from the OP in particular: "lacking in incentives to get into melee range." Blaster secondaries don't have to universally motivate melee play. I'd much rather develop the individual personalities of the control-heavy blaster sets by leaving the control elements alone - that is to say, to allow them to be uniquely strong among blaster sets - while making the melee powers hot trash. Allow them to be specialised. Even the best blaster control powers will not match up to a controller or dominator because blasters do not share their inherents, and if one has concerns in that area, it'd be better addressed by making dominator and controller inherents stronger, thus allowing for a more diverse range of viable play. Or, if that's too overarching, make the comparable powers of a dominator and controller better. Dominators aren't among the least played ATs for no reason. (And I don't think controllers really need to worry about blaster-control competition anyway, looking at the most recent statistics.) To be clear: I do like the transparency of the standard damage formulas. But I think that should be a guide for set balance, not a noose, and I don't think a primary or secondary set should be considered in a vacuum, separate from the primaries and secondaries it can be combined with. I also agree that there is a difference between an underperforming set and a set with "personality," and that some sets do simply need buffs, or nerfs, and that this update had some very necessary buffs and nerfs for blaster secondaries. I have a related concern that the Homecoming team's deep investment in a set's interior success (as opposed to success on a cross-powerset basis) is leading the Homecoming team to "fix" all skip powers by making them must-haves. For better or worse, skip powers are currently necessary. For most viable builds - and even for quality of life purposes - there are a certain number of power picks that must be used on either power pool powers or epic pool powers. Everyone wants a travel power. The game is balanced around hasten. Most ATs and power sets really need the fighting pool. There are more specialised examples - like blasters wanting an epic pool resist/defence toggle - but skip powers allow for room to include those things without making a set perform just plain worse than it should, and it allows for more freedom in when to pick up powers. It's rough that the Homecoming team is leaning towards making all 18 powers from your primary and secondary necessary at the same time they're making legitimately fun and interesting origin pools while also fixing the existing pool power sets. I'm not sure I'll have space to look at the new teleport powers! Also, can blaster Shadow Maul get the size increase that scrappers did? Please? I don't think the darkness manipulation/ice manipulation buffs went far enough.
  6. Mayhem missions randomly don't reward any bonus time for property destruction. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for when it happens vs when it doesn't. The missions that are bugged will reward bonus time for side missions or resisting arrest, but not for breaking any amount barrels, crates, trucks, cars, etc. Have had this happen on and off across many characters and red-compatible many alignments, from soloing to full teams.
  7. Frankly, Briggs' farms have better writing than ITF. 😛 I'm not going to change the topic of a discussion that's supposed to be about veteran levels to purely farming, but this doesn't seem like a particular response to anything I said and instead seems more like a blanket response to general concerns about farming. Which is fair, I get the dialogue about them has been bitter. I'm going to leave it at that for fear of too much seguing. 🙂
  8. Normally, I'm of this opinion as well, but if you read both Veracor's stated opinion and my own, the particular "playstyle" that's being critiqued is AFK farming. Which is quite literally the opposite of play and style. There's no virtue in standing at the door of the meteor map and waiting for damage auras to kill NPCs. It's not an achievement. It's literally not playing the game, by definition.
  9. I had to check through to make sure he hadn't posted this already, but I think @Veracor had some important thoughts on vet levels and recent-ish changes that has yet to be addressed anywhere: If it's not clear, Veracor here is pointing out that by disabling double inf for turning off xp, the part of veteran levels that feels like a personal accomplishment, an emotional journey, becomes obsolete. Farmers are no longer incentivised to turn off xp gain past a certain vet level. He's correctly concerned that in not too terribly long here, people who perpetually AFK farm are going to advance and surpass his veteran levels - which is, blatantly, unfair. Veracor's veteran levels were gotten for running in game content for an entire server for nearly a year without a break. They're certainly not the equivalent of someone who's just really good at logging in and putting themselves inside an AE with a bunch of patrols every day, letting the damage aura do all the work. And clearly, part of the point of veteran levels was simply for pride, to elicit a feeling of personal accomplishment. That's why the person with the most veteran levels is tracked and reported on every month we release statistics. That's why we associate badges with them. That's why they're visible to every and anyone who looks at your character's personal info. I'm not sure what the fix is. Perhaps AE not awarding xp past veteran level 99. Something.
  10. Mids is just wrong. It’s wrong about a few other sets only being able to slot accurate defence debuffs but not the reverse, too.
  11. I guess I'm coming into this a bit late, but a few weeks ago I decided it was time to stop being coy about fiery aura and give it a real chance. I ran with fiery aura/dark melee because I felt like the concept was strong and I felt like there would be chemistry. Fiery aura's burn makes up for dark melee's AoE deficit, and dark melee's -tohit would fill in for some of fiery aura's squishiness. I felt like soul drain and burn would compliment each other. I suspected siphon life's healing would make up for how weak healing flames feels, both in healing power and in recharge. I knew fire and negative damage are among the least resisted and least defended against in the game, so I thought that'd give me a bit of an edge. I threw a build together. For resist sets, I normally try to softcap s/l def on top of hardcapped s/l res, but I realised that the slotting on fiery aura was weirdly... Flexible. Yeah, that's the word. There's a lot of slotting variety in fiery aura: it offers resists, healing, a pbaoe, and an endmod set. I thought it'd be worth playing around with that flexibility to see how much I could get away with without totally abandoning the things that makes the sets cool. AKA, I wanted more than three attacks from my secondary, and I wanted burn. I also wanted the tanker ATO procs because... they're reaaaally good, actually? I can usually triplestack the +res one, if I put it in the right power. With that criteria, I ended up with three builds in total: s/l def softcap, e/n def softcap, and e/n resist cap. I had thought the e/n def softcap would feel tankiest (but I was wrong.) I did keep in mind alpha picks while making the builds, though the totals I'm linking don't have them included. I didn't use other incarnates. Hasten is on, the procs are not. s/l def softcap: e/n def softcap: e/n res cap: I took each one to the test server because, well, that's the thing to do when you're uncertain, yeah? I took each build through +4x8 council, circle of thorns, and arachnos. In the first two builds, I ended up taking vigor core paragon to make up for not having tactics - I also thought the extra healing would make healing flames and soul drain feel better. In the last build, I took... Musculature Radial Paragon. Yes, on a tanker. I took musculature on a tanker. I have to say, blasphemy has never felt so good. The -tohit in musc fed into every dark melee attack, on top of doing nice things to my damage and endurance. I really did end up feeling the most tanky on the e/n res cap, and it'll be what I run for my character on live, too. I felt like... Well, for some reason, stacking defence on fiery aura just felt way weaker than stacking it on dark armour or electric armour, and I have a hard time pinpointing a reason why. It's not like fiery aura is uniquely more vulnerable to defence debuffs than the other two. I'd guess the last build's higher global recharge might have contributed, in the sense that it made healing flames and siphon life come up more often, but the difference in recharge between them was about one second, and I don't think I personally would recognise a difference of one second. If anything, if recharge made such a difference, then I should've noticed it more on the s/l def softcap build, because while it had lower recharge, it had six times the amount of recharge protection. And god knows arachnos has slows. I think what made the difference in the builds partially came down to the fact that I slotted a boosted healing IO in siphon life, and partially came down to the fact that the e/n res cap build just did a lot more damage overall. Unenhanced, siphon life heals 17% health per hit. With the boosted IO, it did 26%. That's... Not a small difference. I'd also guess that vigour isn't, on its own, an equal substitute for tactics. Not that I found being blinded mattered overmuch, since soul drain and burn doesn't require targets. I couldn't fit the preventative medicine proc into anything except the e/n res cap, and of course *that* made a difference. It's worth noting all three did the council/cot/arachnos tests just fine, though the e/n res cap did it with the least effort invested. It's also worth noting that since I only played on the test server, alone, I didn't get to test this in the environment that I really care about the most for a tanker - a full team of random people who may or may not know what an IO is, someone might even be a trick arrow/energy blast defender, and the domi just ran around a corner into an ambush a half second after domination dropped off. So, take everything with a grain of salt. Did it feel as tanky as dark armour or electric armour? No, not really. But did it feel tanky "enough?" Yeah, and it was actually really fun to play, too. I'm looking forward to running it in game. I can provide the builds on request, but I don't think they were anything special or they did anything controversial.
  12. It's hard to talk about patron pools separate from epic pools, so I'm not going to try. I don't mind having to go redside and do the patron arcs to unlock the pools. I used to, but I started telling myself that it's basically going undercover to steal from Arachnos, which the badge descriptions for swapping back blueside support. Then again, it barely ever comes up for me because I'm a redside player by default, and the patron arcs are some of the only high level redside mission content in the game, so I run out of content if I don't do them anyway. I run out of content even when I do them. People who do resent having to go redside to unlock the pools have valid feelings, regardless of the fact I do not share them. Leviathan mastery is often a great choice mechanically. In some cases it offers the only taoe immobilise of any ancillary pool for an entire AT, it sometimes has a cone that does -def and -res that can then slot an achilles heel, sometimes it's the only one to offer self-healing in the form of a (non-perma-able) dull pain or hibernate. Knockout blow does great damage and can slot an unbreakable constraint proc to do even more. There's so much to recommend it. And I hate it. I've never taken it. I never will take it. Because I can't thematically reconcile friggin sharks with any of my character concepts. Even the abilities that aren't sharks are troublesome - you literally *vomit* on your enemies, in one case. No matter how good the powers are, for me, leviathan mastery might as well not exist. And I hate that. Looking at the set in mids makes me feel resentful. I take mace mastery the most of any patron pool strictly on the basis of wanting scorpion shield. Scorpion shield, by offering smashing, lethal, AND energy defence is mechanically the best defence ancillary toggle hands-down. However, if I take scorpion shield, I have to write off my other patron pool picks entirely. Even if I do end up wanting another ability from my patron pool, like another attack or somesuch, the fact that mace mastery has a weapon with relatively limited customisation options and not very good attacks to justify it is a dealbreaker. I'd rather mace mastery be turned into a pure tech/gadgets pool (which would still track with Black Scorpion's power armour) and cycle through different doodads than have just a mace. Also, personal force field is fine. Just fine. I only really take it on my doms as a LOTG mule, but that's really all it needs to do. That said, when I can justify it (like on my spider,) shatter armour is amazing and I love it. Soul mastery is a nice pool thematically and has some of my favourite power picks. Dark Obliteration feels so good to use, and it's very pretty. I wish blaster dark blast had Dark Obliteration, and I'm continually disappointed it doesn't. I bend over backwards trying to shove it in wherever I can. Moonbeam is the prettiest snipe. Shadow meld is great for shedding defence debuffs and looks great. Soul storm is visually lovely and in many cases is a better attack than the ranged single target attack available from the same set. Darkest Night is a good debuff and it's solid for pulling, even if it's costly on the endurance. Dark consumption is too small and has too long of a recharge to actually make a difference for builds with endurance issues, and it has a to-hit check to boot. I rather like soul drain, but I recognise it's only got niche use. Mu mastery I pick most often on my melee characters because it has both a ball taoe and a snipe in most cases. I don't love static discharge because it's small. Power sink is usually the best endurance tool of the ancillary sets because it has no tohit check and it has a relatively low cooldown. Thunder strike is legitimately one of my most favourite attacks in the game, and I just wish it did knockdown instead of knockback across all ATs - defender and corruptor thunder strikes still do crazy KB, last I checked, though that's not mu mastery. I've never taken surge of power and never will, I'm quite good at getting myself killed without the extra help, thank you very much. I'm of the unpopular opinion that conserve power is nice to have, even if I don't go out of my way to get it. Like almost all the taoe immobilises from the ancillary pools, electrifying fences is usually too small to do the things I want it to do: AKA, lock a group in place from around a corner so they can't hit me, or lock a group in a tightly-packed ball so I can position my cones ideally. Given how weak a tool taoe immobilises are to begin with (I notice most control AT veterans rarely waste a power pick on them even if I always do,) it's a weird design choice, in my opinion. I've never taken a patron pool pet and I doubt I will. They're associated too closely with very specific groups in game, and suggest an association between my characters and the groups in question that I don't like. Also, they're not inherently perma, so I'd be in a position of needing to resummon them on the regular, and I'd rather just play my own character (usually active-playing ATs get the pets, not more passive ATs) than do that. When I want to manage pet summoning as a core feature of my gameplay, I'll play my illusion controller. I find all the res toggles equally unoffensive. If I'm making a build where I'm taking one over a defence toggle, I don't seek out one over the other. I'm usually making my decision based on the powers I can get in addition to the res toggle. Focused accuracy and all of its equivalents are too expensive endurance-wise for me to justify putting in my builds, even though I really want to. I'd love for it to be as viable a choice as tactics because it would make my tank builds a lot more varied and open options that would make playing the whole AT more fun for me as a whole. I say that as someone who loves tankers already, so I suppose that doesn't make a huge difference. I don't know why single target immobilises are in ancillary pools at all. They're worth nothing. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say they could be removed entirely and no one would notice. I actually think the single target holds are fine, on the basis that the set bonuses for hold IOs can fill out a build goal, you can proc them to be good attacks, and sometimes you even get attacks in your AT powersets to layer them with. My ice melee stalker, for example, can sustain a mag 6 hold on a boss, and I think the semi-often situational utility of a ST hold is enough to justify its existence in the ancillary pools. I like power boost and its equivalents. They're offered to ATs that get the most utility out of them, and they make a huge difference with no investment whatsoever. When I started learning how to build, it became very obvious to me very quickly that some ATs had more thought put into their patron sets and their respective powers than others. And for some ATs, it's very hard to justify going into any ancillary pool over taking a real AT power or a power pool pick, or even if I do have the spare pick, it's hard to justify spending the slots on them. Many ATs have two ancillary pools that are significantly better than other options, a handful that are okay depending on what you want to do, and one or two that are rubbish and aren't worth looking at. Gonna talk about that in more detail here. This is probably going to be the most contentious part of my post. Apologies ahead of time - I don't mean to invalidate anyone else's playstyles, but these are the things I've discovered through extensive play and discussions with friends. Disregard if it doesn't apply to your experiences. For some reason, sentinel ancillary pools are absolutely the best versions of themselves and I'm extremely jealous of them. I love how some sentinel ancillaries even have team heals or team buffs - I'd love to see that in the ancillary pools for more ATs. Same feeling about the damage auras in sentinel ancillaries. Because of the way dominators need to be built to function (the emphasis on global recharge) and their very small health pools, they're highly incentivized to build for defence over resists. Most commonly, you'll be seeing domis run mace mastery for scorp shield and personal force field for the LOTG mules and to get s/l softcap, sometimes even e softcap, or ice mastery for sleet and frozen armour. This makes me sad because, god, I desperately crave the taoes from the other ancillary sets, but I usually never have the spare power picks for them. I already need to pick up all the power pool defence powers, and to do that I already have to give up on a certain number of AT powers. Is that mostly a consequence of how domis work, rather than a condemnation of the patron pools? Yeah, sure, but aren't ancillary pools supposed to be complimentary to an AT's intended function? Anyway, I'd love to see more defence toggles and LOTG mules added to the other ancillary power sets for domis. I mentioned tanks earlier, want to come back to that. The tank ancillary pools are great, but they're very hard to take because tanks are, in similar ways to domis, encouraged to go into the power pools fairly heavily to fulfil their intended functions. Specifically to hit def softcaps and res hard caps. Accepting that the rule of thumb for most tanks is to get boxing/tough/weave, hasten, manoeuvres or assault and tactics, and combat jumping - plus, usually, a travel power - there's not much room power-wise or slot-wise to go into an ancillary pool anyway. And because of all the toggles, most tanks are incentivised to hit energy mastery in the rare case they do have a power pick or two. I think Arcanaville posted Back In The Day on the matter of tank endurance issues, and I'm pretty sure that analysis still applies. So, tankers are another AT where, no matter how good the patron pools are (and they ARE good) they're very hard to justify taking for most powerset combos and most builds. I'd love to see tanker ancillaries get more endurance tools, to widen the options. Or, at the very least, just make the tanker focused accuracy cost less endurance, so that it's a good alternative to leadership. I think corruptor, blaster, defender, and controller ancillaries are in good places. A good mix of different kinds of attacks, defences, and utilities, almost all of which can find synergy depending on your AT powersets. I'd tweak corruptor and defender ancillaries to have more taoe immobilises, especially instead of the dumb single target immobilises they currently get. I definitely think corrs and defenders should get electrifying fences in Mu Mastery. Similarly, I like the state of ancillaries for masterminds! The state of ancillary pools for the rest of the ATs is just, well, fine. And I don't think this post needs to be any longer than it is, so I'll leave it at that.
  13. This asset is used in the Draw Wailers to Paragon City mission from Hardcase. It's very neat and I haven't seen it before. The top, bottom, and middle all spin in different directions. Would love to have this in my base.
  14. Sorry I'm late to the discussion, and extra sorry that I'm definitely going to say a few things people have definitely said, but there's persuasive power to reiteration, yeah? I made a pretty good (katanna) regen scrapper build and took it to the test server, thinking that it'd be the best way for me to understand regen's situation as it stands. I decided to lean hard into regen's shtick instead of trying to make it do things it didn't seem intended to do - that is to say, I prioritised recharge, max hit points, and regen in that order. In service to these goals, I did take spiritual core, though not other incarnates, for my alpha. More on that later. I think I came out looking pretty good with 196.3% global recharge, 1670 hp before dull pain and 2409, the hp cap, with dull pain, and an idle 689% regen. With those numbers, reconstruction was at a 14 second cooldown for 55% health, dull pain was at an 87 sec cooldown for 88% health, instant healing was at a 157 second cooldown for 604% regen, moment of glory was at 56 seconds, and shadow meld (not part of regen, but again, more on this later) was at 23 seconds. In any given fight, I would have most of my survivability tools available to me, and even if I used them in the fight, most of them would recharge before the fight was over. For a set with a minimum of toggles, I think creating an environment for the clickies to perform the best they can was the best way to understand regen's personality. The build was pretty expensive to be able to manage that! I don't think that's inherently a bad thing - bear with me, I'm going to repeat that a lot here - as long as, in exchange, I get high performance. Big investment in, big results out, yeah? That seems like something we should be able to reasonably expect from any activity. I can provide it upon request, but I don't think it was anything special or particularly notable as far as common regen consensus goes. I took it through +4x8 Council, Circle of Thorns, and Rikti with about the same level of difficulty. That's a nice thing for a set to be able to do, and plenty of completely good and fine defensive sets can't claim the same. Especially on a scrapper. That said, it face planted in 10 seconds against Arachnos. The tests took about an hour and a half, all said and done. I came out of it with weird feelings. In many regards, it didn't feel like a real set. I've played the defence sets pretty thoroughly on COH across a wide variety of ATs. I think, at this point, the only sets I haven't touched whatsoever are super reflexes and fiery aura, and I don't think they'd be useful in informing my perspective on regen. I'd come into the test after having a great deal of success with my savage/ice stalker and my bio/spines tanker, and the fun I had on them motivated my looking into regen, because along with willpower - as everyone points out - they're the closest analogues to regen we have. It didn't feel like either set. It didn't feel like any other set I've played. Right away, I had to unlearn habits and tactics which I'd picked up from previous playing. As I said before. Again. Not an inherently bad thing. It functionally doesn't feel like having a defence set at all. It felt more like playing a blaster which isn't built for defence but also doesn't do damage, constantly chugging inspirations (in this case, my clickies) to stay alive. I felt uncomfortably naked, even though I was coming out of fights with full health. I had to put a lot of conscious thought and active energy managing it, making it perform. I ended up feeling a lot that if I wasn't careful with my animations and thinking ahead about the timing of my clickies, I was going to die. Here, I was very well served with katana as a pairing, due to katana's short animation times, and due to being able to spam divine avalanche (another point of active management.) Also, katana has no redraw! I found, unlike other sets with dull pain, I needed to keep dull pain up constantly. It was not good enough to hit dull pain after absorbing an alpha - I needed the capped max hp from the start for a couple of reasons I'll go into later, but for the moment, just for the sake of absorbing alpha and being able to regen enough hp immediately so I could attack. *Again,* not inherently bad things. I'm getting to the part where I go into more detail about inherent badness, promise. In a lot of ways, regen is functionally a resist set in that I ate every status effect and debuff the game threw at me. Because the central conceit of regen is that you always get hit, but you always come back. Unlike other resist sets, I only had a way to counter two types, and I think most regen builds and characters would only be able to counter one. Regen debuffs could be, if not directly countered, then circumvented by pure heals. Defence debuffs - in my case, which is not broadly applicable to regen as a set - could be countered by stacking more defence. As mentioned earlier, shadow meld is not part of the regen set, but I don't think I could have succeeded in the tests I did succeed in without it. It fills in the holes where the clickies are still on cooldown, because those are some long friggin cooldowns, and gave me some much needed breathing room to actually get attacks off, because it's a clickie that applies its extra survivability over a longer duration. The other crutch mentioned earlier was divine avalanche, which is legitimately an incredible ability and I can't imagine ever skipping it. I don't think regen would have functioned without both. Also, regen's survivability doesn't depend on hitting enemies like warshades or dark regen does - technically - so tohit debuffs aren't direct counters to regen as much as they could be, though they're still pretty crippling. That said, only being able to work around one or two types of debuff in a game that has 9-10 is a serious problem, and makes regen much worse than just having a blaster secondary instead of a defence set. Let's look at the debuff effects for a second. We have, and correct me if I'm forgetting some, defence debuffs, resist debuffs, endurance debuffs, recovery debuffs, perception radius and tohit lumped together under 'blinds,' recharge and movement lumped together under 'slows,' regen and healing that get lumped together too, and max hp. Of these, perception radius and max hp debuffs are rare. The rest are common to frequent, even just levelling up on your normal +1x1 difficulty. Regen has no inherent protection from any of them. It has no inherent counter to them, not in the quantities they show up in. And regen *will* eat them in the face. Unlike its comparable sets (willpower, bioarmour, and ice) it doesn't even have the layer of not-getting-hit-to-begin with to at least make it so that regen lasts longer than 5 seconds against Mu electricity drain. Which was why the Arachnos test failed as soon as I walked in, by the by. These are the reasons why electric armour and dark armour both have endurance drain protection and elec has power sink. Because without them, resist sets are *objectively worse* than defence sets. This, out of everything, *is* inherently bad. The lack of end drain protection in regen is made especially egregious by the fact that all of its clickies need endurance. If you're bottomed out on endurance, you cannot click your T9 and buy yourself 15 seconds to figure out what to do next. If you try to anticipate the end drain and click it first, 15 seconds isn't enough time to clear a group of Mu, and even in my best case scenario, then you have to wait 41 seconds for it to come up again. Bleh. That's basically waiting for your nuke to recharge so you can use it as your opening move every time. I mentioned earlier that it felt a lot like playing a blaster which isn't built for defence but also doesn't do damage. I want to get back to that for a second and explain what I mean by that. The first thing I felt and noticed right away was that using regen the way it was intended is incredibly punishing on your dps. Every time you need to stop and smack a clickie, that's a second you're not doing damage to your enemies. And you need to be smacking those clickies all the time, because most of them only have instant benefit, rather than a prolonged duration that gives some breathing room. It also means that at the height of when you want to be doing damage - right when you run in - you have to be clickity clacketying your heal buttons instead, because it happens to be the height of when you're taking damage. You don't get the benefit of cutting down the incoming damage by killing the things around you. That felt uniquely bad for me playing and what made the experience not fun. Made playing a chore. Actually headache-inducing. Basically, like single-player empathy, but without the tasty buffs like fortitude. It's even uglier because I know that it's worse for most cases of regen play, because Shadow Meld and Divine Avalanche propped up regen by having a durational benefit. I'd often open with Shadow Meld so I could get a Lotus Drops in to cut down the trash, then spam Divine Avalanche so I'd have a little more breathing room after Shadow Meld fell off. In short: Shadow Meld is the best power regen never had. A smaller issue for the damage was that Spiritual Core tanks proc rates. Again, I don't see regen working without Spiritual Core, so I don't see a way to get around that. I didn't overly proc the build out, but it is standard practice in the general community to have one in a power. Like how you pick a purple proc over its pure damage IO. So, in the end: Yeah, actually, a set that can handle max settings Council, Rikti, and Circle of Thorns with equal effort is fairly strong. However... I might have said a great number of details weren't inherently bad, but we're not looking at the details. We're looking at the big picture. Regen is emergently bad at the one thing I want out of a set more than anything else: I didn't have fun playing it. ~~~ Q: Why didn't you just test it on a lower difficulty setting? A: I could, yeah, but the thing is that I can take for granted built right bioarmour, ice armour, and willpower can handle a large swath of content at +4x8, though they would struggle with some types more than others. We're comparing regen not to the content as much as we are comparing it to other sets and the ways they interact with content. Plus, +4x8 has the benefit of immediate results: I could get feedback about what worked, what didn't, and the in between within seconds. Q: Why didn't you aim to softcap? A: I could, yeah, but that wouldn't be playing the set the way it was intended to be played. Softcap defences on regen is more a test of how flexible the IO system is than it is a test of regen's merits and performance. The end result would be something that's worse than a defence set at defending. Plus, healing set IO bonuses are kind of just bad for stacking defence, so as far as I can tell, building regen to softcap would be an active detriment to the things regen are supposed to do. Q: How would you change regen to make it more fun? A: Awh, man. I don't know. Making something more fun is trickier than just making it good, you know? I think making elements of the set more proactive than reactive would help - looking at the durations of existing powers compared to their cooldowns, for example. I don't necessarily agree with the others here who advocate for making the rez apply its own benefits outside of death, because that would be just another clickie to make busywork, and having things you can skip in a set is good. The game's designed around an expectation you'll take a certain number of power pool powers. I would say that regen *needs* Shadow Meld, or something comparable to it. I really cannot imagine playing regen without it. Q: You just hate regen! Not all sets are all things to all people, and that's okay. A: Well, yeah, maybe that's it, but I really wanted to like it. If I had to say one good thing that I liked about the total experience, I'd say that it's neat and interesting and unique that regen had a certain level of custom-tailoured survivability. I could choose for myself how much I wanted and adjust my play accordingly. I felt the pay off for thoughtful play within seconds of taking an action. I additionally liked that, other than the exceptions listed above, it didn't feel like I was especially weak to anything. Regen had an internal rhythm that I could see being fun.
  15. Had issues with this about thirty minutes ago while running a Lady Grey during the Hamidon fight. Can we at least get a comment if this is a bug or working as intended?
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