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  1. Important thing to note: interior rooms of outdoor zones where you can't see outside through the windows (enhancements stores, the tailor, police stations) have no lighting. This is because the rooms are located under the map. They're functionally always night time rooms. Interiors where you can see out of the windows, like AE and Wentworths, are affected by the day/night cycle. They do not have true interior light sources. Both look like they have lights, but they don't have lights that interact with your character model, and you can see that when you go inside. They are lights of lies. I
  2. There’s a lot of things I find frustrating about sentinels individually (their modifiers are sad, the inherent was designed based on theory and not on play, their funky position in team content, how ranged IO set bonuses really don’t want you to build for the various defence/res types sentinel secondaries need,) but probably the main dealbreaker for me is that their ball taoes have a weirdly pathetic range. 40ft instead of the standard 60, that all of their other attacks follow. Plenty of enemies can jump 40ft high. At that point, you’re basically in melee. Which, melee has ranged aoe attacks
  3. I’ve had this happen to me in that WWD too. Sometimes I’ve even see it be intermittent inside of one mission, sometimes protecting, sometimes not. This is not because of entering the bubble too late. I spent an entire cycle in the bubble just to test that. Unfortunately it’s a hard thing to test because it can kill even a well equipped tank, and the window in between each blast is so small you can’t realistically use an awaken, shake off the stun, and move onto your next idea before it fires again.
  4. The merit reward vs work+difficulty ratio on redside is horrible all around, but Barracuda takes the cake. Especially with that x4 escort in the last mission. It definitely deserves a merit reward boost.
  5. Cold's good, and Sorcery's Spirit Ward fills in the healing hole nicely. The next best ST DPS for pets are ninjas and beasts. I'd favour beasts over ninjas because they're more tanky, and the difference there is negligible compared to the time saved that you would otherwise spend resummoning. I recommend going deep into the speed pool to pick up burnout so you can doublestack sleet, benumb, and heat loss. The issue with rad as a (solo) AV killer for MMs is that you don't have anything to really keep your pets alive. The debuff toggles fall off when you're mezzed and you can't use your heali
  6. Can confirm. This happens in many missions where you’re made to look like a different character - to me it looks like an animation reset, that the character model’s animation goes back to neutral for an instant.
  7. Avast is also doing this to me on chrome, and the only workaround I found is the same one Flea mentioned.
  8. It wasn't phased out of all AOE immobilise, and intentionally not. I imagine it was left in WAWG because soldiers do a lot of knockback natively, and people dislike having to slot converters in every KB power. If you stick with that character to ancillary pool levels, mace mastery's web envelope doesn't do -kb. That might be a viable alternative for you, if you'd like to retain your KD.
  9. I play sonic, and honestly it's not going to suffer from other sets borrowing from Disruption Field's design. It has bigger problems to be worried about. (Honestly, did someone roll sonic solely on the basis that Disruption Field has interesting targeting options? Was that a reason someone rolled sonic?) This is a good suggestion that would make a variety of support sets more playable in a number of ways. It'd allow relevant support sets to be more useful in casual speedrunning content. It would prop up struggling teams better, say, teams lacking a tank and someone still needs to take the alph
  10. It feels like this is another strong argument for giving controllers the MM pet commands.
  11. God yes. Please. This is such a creative set idea and fits into an under-serviced niche so nicely! Finally, a defence set that grants s/l def in its set bonuses... Of course, that would mean the event should be available year round so everyone can access the reward. Which would also be great. God knows the game needs more content tailored to small teams.
  12. Nah, you’re right Zork. I noticed the 150% thing myself on the beta server. But when you’re in a drought, you’ll be grateful for even a trickle. Not sure why city of data says the pseudopets for both last only for 15 seconds. I’ve actually timed it before and both pseudopets last for 30, and mids agrees with me. They’re easily perma-able. (I’m going to double check this in the morning and eat crow, just watch) Only the MM version lasts for 15. Anyway, .33 per tick over 30 seconds is comparable to the AOE immobilises if much slower, and AOE immobilises both generate and benefit from c
  13. Sleet from Cold Domination and Freezing Rain from Storm Summoning don't appear to benefit from the controller inherent and don't seem to apply double damage when hitting targets that are held, immobilised, stunned, or asleep, according to COD. I thought this might be a technical limitation of AOE pseudopets until I saw that Ice Storm in the Ice Mastery ancillary does do containment damage, doubling the cold damage portion of ice storm, which is visible in combat logs. Power pool AOE attacks that create pseudopets also don't apply containment damage to qualifying targets, either, significant
  14. Update: mission doesn't complete until all Byrons are dead. Also, the Byrons all have dominate, which means they can all stack holds. Not sure how high the mag got total, but it was at least above 4, which was my protection at the time.
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