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  1. In my opinion branching is a very good idea. It would allow drastic changes to existing powersets while allowing people who have already rolled their toons to keep them in the way they like. I wanna share my personal view on the whole OP/Subpar/unplayable powerset discussion. I believe the most important thing in CoH is being able to build a character according to your fantasy. In order for this to be possible, all power sets must be equally powerful and enjoyable. Of course you cannot achieve complete equality, so better risk a powerset to be OP, rather than be subpar, since it is not a compe
  2. If T9 has to be an”emergency button” , I was thinking some kind of “super hand clap” power, stunning every enemy around you while replenishing both health and stamina (maybe recharging all you powers also?) with a very long cooldown, of course.
  3. Regarding T9 armor power my idea would be to replace them with some kind of damage buff based on the element of the armor set. For example, if you have fiery aura, you may get some kind of fire damage. This damage may be an auto bonus on all the attacks of your melee set or a PBAoE attack or a damaging aura, depending on what the set already has. Another idea that I already read on this forum, would be a power (auto?) damaging the enemies every time they land a hit on you
  4. I saw a few posts lately about completing the incarnate system up to the omega power. Many pointed out that with the current incarnates, most game content is already trivial. I was thinking, rather than building up on the incarnate system, what if we increase the level cap to allow more powers and slots in a build? This would allow more flexibility and RP opportunities without too much power creep. I think that getting an extra couple of regular powers would have less impact than a brand new incarnate power.
  5. My idea is to allow to create alternate builds of a toon replacing the primary or secondary power set (maybe not both at the same time) within the same AT. The idea is mainly for RP reasons. Think how many characters have changed/acquired/lost powers in the comic books (superman, black canary, wolverine, green lantern). It would also allow to try out a few slight different version of the same toon without building each time a different character.
  6. In my opinion, since it is possible to transfer enhancements and salvage from an alt to another using the SG base, it would make sense to just create an account vault system to make things easier. Maybe you can just use the vault in pocket D having all alts of the same account access to the same space.
  7. I managed to get the badge in First ward. Striga Island does not work for me even if Day Job Icon appears
  8. Thank you for your help. I think full softcap defense would be better than just cap SL resistance. What is your opinion?
  9. Hi. Does anyone have an endgame build for a fire/spines tanker? I was building one just to farm but I am quite enjoing it and I would like to use it also in PVE for incarnate contents. Thank you.
  10. Hello. I am currently playing a water blast/regen sentinel and I was curious about PvP. Since I have absolutelly no clue on how to build for PVP, could somebody share a decent build to start? Thank you.
  11. Your proposal is very interesting but it is more close to mastermind than to melee. This is something I was thinking for a new powerset category : pets defense. My idea was that a mastermind could replace the secondary powerset with a defensive set based on their own pets making them actual tanker. So you could have a thugs/thugs defense mastermind with tank durability. Then you could make the pets defense sets available to sentinels too having for examble a dark blast/ necromancy defense sentinel.
  12. I am parking in Striga Island. The day job icon appears but with 2 different toons I cannot get higher than 18%.
  13. I would like to see atentacles costume part like Doctor Octopus in several materials: robotic, metals, energy, ooze, octopus. Then you may creat a tentacle melee set focused on AoE (providing an alternative to spines) and also a tentacle defense set on the concept thattentacles deflect and assorb blows direct to you. As secondary effect for the melee you may have stun or hold while for defense you may have a mix of defense and resistence.
  14. Mortician badge is stuck on both my toon at 18% and do not move anymore after days
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