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  1. Defender Sword Whomp 1. Hack 2. Taunt 3. ? Armor (S/L/Energy Resists) 4. Sword based hold (Foot Stab?) 5. Disembowel Numbers would be Tank attacks and Scrapper armor I guess.
  2. It can also be set as a short cape option.
  3. ^ Reading through the thread trying to figure out what annoyed me, that's the one. People see one or two targets left and move on to the next mob, but the ones left behind are the bosses.
  4. ^ Petrifying Gaze and the hold in Blaster's Temporal Manipulation. If you went /dark instead of empath you'd have more controls/debuffs to help get away with not doing damage on a team.
  5. My crab is the only 50 I start paper/radio teams with, they can solo 4/8 so other people are just there to make it go faster/get xp. If I'm leveling via radios it's usually +2/5 minimum, 3/8 on my tanker. I only bump it to +4 if someone asks. Task Forces I figure most people don't want to speed through, but also not have it be a slog. Unless the team wants to do it at higher levels, I run those at +0 except for certain missions. 1st misson on Moonfire, 3rd mission on Yin, and the defeat all after the hunts on Numina are good ones to bump up to +2.
  6. Do you have Chance for Hold procs in your powers? Those seem to only show up as the electric ball.
  7. ^ Did you have a 30 Numina: H/A in your tray before converting? I get the level of one I already have instead of the new one all the time when converting a duplicate.
  8. The marker is supposed to eventually lead you back to the mission entrance. That burning elevator one is misleading, but there is a door to the stairs just before those elevators. When you say fail the mission, do you mean it doesn't let you go on to the next one or just boots you out when the timer is up and harken is dead? Aslong as you get the orange dot to lead him out you should be able to progress with the contact.
  9. I usually stockpile the ones I get from super packs to spam on the Synapse TF.
  10. Dark/Psi Defender In online games, I like having a lot of tools to help the team. It's my only character where I don't think I'm "missing something" other than the sword I'd be using if there was an Epic Pool that offered one.
  11. Click the costume with the correct scales in the load costume screen, but back out instead of loading, then click Scales. It should set them to the ones from the costume you almost loaded without changing your current costume.
  12. You can use threads to get inspirations from Luna in Ouroboros.
  13. Bump I don't know if would be "easy" to add, but with so many Arachnos pets already summonable there's something to work with.
  14. The following powers Soul Noir theme of this power was executing the wrong animation and missing FX. This has been fixed: Sentinel > Dark Blast > Abyssal Gaze Defender >Dark Blast > Petrifying Gaze Scrapper > Epic > Darkness Mastery > Petrifying Gaze Stalker > Epic > Darkness Mastery > Petrifying Gaze Defender > Dark Miasma > Petrifying Gaze no longer has the "lasso" animation because of this right? I hadn't been on my 1st costume and thought it was just
  15. Crimson has a mission that releases Kronos in Founder's Falls. I want to say what spawns from having a Kheldian on the team is something this server changed about the game.
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