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  1. I’m playing my EM/EA brute tonight, and I notice “discharge” popping up along side some attacks. Anyone know what this function is? Can’t find any info online.
  2. Hi all - been hearing really good things about rad/rad, but wondering which AT would be the best for it? Brute for the fury +dmg? Tank for the survivability? honestly looking for a DPS build, but wanted to be sure I wasn’t totally off with the power combo
  3. Is snowstorm not a great power to take? I wanted to focus on the debuff powers in the set, so i dropped the shields and thought snowstorm would be good to drop on AVs.
  4. Its true what they say...dark armor IS an end hog 😲 Looking at starting an ice/ice for next week. Will try to run through some DFB's to get to at least 15 🙂 See you then tanks!
  5. Agree with what Infinitum says...great time, and thanks for getting it going on the new servers. Looking forward to making a few other tanks for other server shards 🙂
  6. Not sure if this is a taboo topic...but just to be sure i'm not missing anything, access to our characters from the previous official servers is definitely gone, correct? I kind of like the idea of a fresh start, but wouldn't mind having my one & only 50 back 🙂
  7. Interesting read Redlynne, i'll definitely have to check that out. I may see how Rad/rad fares without either and get a sense of end usage & survivability before i go for one. And depending if I want to min/max defenses. To me, it started to feel like the fitness pool, everyone went for it because it was that good. But glad to know there's still options with these. Thanks all!
  8. Hi all - coming back to the game from pre-shutdown, so i'm a little rusty on builds. But i'm seeing alot of tank builds with both tough and weave taken - is this necessary to be considered a "good" tank? I'm all for extra defense or whatever they provide, but wondering if you could still tank without them, and still get that "unkillable" vibe. Specifically i'm playing a rad/rad...but my previous was a stone/stone tank, and he was def unkillable. Couldn't kill much himself, but tough as nails. Thoughts?
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