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  1. One approach that might make those who are incapable of breaching the top 10 happier with the system would be to perform a point-based lottery, at least for selecting some of the random winners. This might sound difficult, but if you can dump the per-person point values to a file (or a stream) it would be a cakewalk to create a program or script to generate a random number in the range 1-<team total minus top ten> and walk down the points list to determine who was picked. My major point with this suggestion is that you tend to get the behavior you incentivize. If people are
  2. Sadly could be a zillion things, computers being the little bastards that they are. First thing to check might be Event Viewer (assuming Windows) to see if the OS captured something about the problem. But that is rarely the case. One possible culprit is heat. Pushing the CPUs and GPUs to the max generates a lot of it. I use HWMonitor (can just google that) to monitor fan speeds and internal temperatures when I suspect a problem of that nature.
  3. Fantastic work! In entering my character's badges, I noted a few badge data discrepancies: The exploration (and accolade) badges for The Abyss can be earned by a hero, using the sub in PI These Praetorian badges can be earned by a hero via Ouroboros: Moral High Ground, Resistance Member, Loyalist Bloody Hands can be earned by a hero (not exactly sure how, but my hero-only character has it, I think there was an old bug report about this) The Repairman badge is Repairwoman for a female character The Newsman badge is Newsgirl (not Newswoman) for a female
  4. This is fascinating data, thanks! -- I would really be interested in seeing the same stats across just level 50s. I am quite surprised to see the "meta" combinations that I encounter all the time merely strongly represented rather than overwhelmingly represented. I suspect that if you were only looking at "mains" you would see more of the combos that I can't throw a rock in Ouroboros without hitting (fortunately they're too smug to consider rocks a threat).
  5. We have an on-fire bird tail. It would be nice to have a not-on-fire bird tail. I mean, we have all of the other bird parts. Be kind to the poor birds!
  6. To easily reproduce the problem: (1) create a new character, choose female (2) select Clear so you've got the basic setup (3) select Lower Body = Monstrous, and Feet = Cat Claws - observation: your character is now 2/3 legs (and even more so, were your legs fully extended) - this can be somewhat mitigated by lowering Legs scale to minimum, but it's still silly (4) increase Physique slider to max, because we're a buff female monstrous character (5) rotate character to side view, scream in horror at the body proportions Seriously, this combination looks terrible. The male mo
  7. +1 If you're playing a beast-type character, and you use other powers like Combat Jumping, then you can't also have Beast Run on, which is sad because mostly I just want the animation. Agree that the best solution, and a great general improvement, would be to allow characters to choose their idle animation. Several options in the emote list would be reasonable choices (though several would not be). But "does nothing but pose" versions of Beast Run and Ninja Run (that don't cost endurance or turn off other powers) could indeed be a simple-to-implement solution for people who specifi
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