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  1. Im staying out of this one 😅
  2. For what it’s worth, for a Sentinel to start off at an even playing field with a Blaster they have to begin with a ~30% Damage Buff at base, however most Blaster abilities are going to scale slightly higher with their AT’s modifiers so a fully enhanced Blaster at 50 versus a fully enhanced Sentinel is unfortunately a lot more than just “20%” off. There’s also the fact that Blaster inherent instantly starts ramping that damage with each consecutive attack far more consistently than any benefit from Opportunity. And I apologize that I don’t remember the math off the top of my head si
  3. My phone’s auto correct does not understand what you mean 😄
  4. You'll be happy to find that what's in-game and what's in-Mid's are two different things. You can actually slot the regular Def Debuff sets in several of those powers unlike how Mid's is coded, my biggest point of contention for this is Negatron Slam of which I have an Achilles proc slotted in-game, but Mid's does not allow for. I would dare argue that Atomic is a case of secondaries where having S/L/E is probably going to be favored over Ranged since you'll find yourself far more often actually up-front and personal with enemies due to things like Beta Decay and Atom Smasher.
  5. A heartfelt experience from someone who went into playing a Sentinel with zero expectations early on into Homecoming's life: A long time before, back in the days of yore, I had a character concept that I really wanted to try and get off the ground which only worked as a Blaster as being the only high-yield Ranged class in the game. My goal was a long-ranged canon, truly using the concept of "range" as my actual "defense", but to my dismay Blasters still just didn't really fit the bill and I often found it faceplanted more than I'd ever felt comfortable with. There's just too much s
  6. Just for clarity: having -Regen is definitely beneficial in a battle against an AV, but it isn’t a necessity. The biggest thing to overcome in a battle with an AV is their Regen, and than can be done by raw damage, or debuffs, of which just flooring their -Res can be enough for a Defender to do the work they need to no different than how melee builds can leverage small additions of -20 to -32.5% from a couple of procs to wildly swing their “DPS”. Both Poison and Time are capable of supporting a set in taking down an AV, although Poison leverages a lot more -Res in the process.
  7. Definitely check out the Proc Monster thread (link in signature) for help with procs on Defenders. As far as AV killing is concerned, at least even con setting you should be able to handle quite a few of them regardless of the choice in power sets. Some of the biggest components to taking down hard targets aren’t just damage but debuffs, so things like -Resistance, -Regeneration will play a big part. Certain sets provide bigger impact and debuffs like Radiation, Cold, Traps, whereas some others don’t have any like Force Fields which make the struggle more difficult. For
  8. To be fair shortly after Homecoming came online I spent a lot of time testing mechanics and procs with a lot of powers, so I might have an unfair advantage. Adding to that the theory crafting process for me isn't just one build, but variations, rebuilds, sometimes I'll even end up with alt forms for different purposes/goals before I pick one I might play myself. Once a character hits the road I rarely find my expectations to have been wrong in how it plays from last build to end 50.
  9. The only respecs I’ve done have been the result of power changes (Tankers, Trick Arrow). All of my builds are planned and crunched before a character ever hits level one.
  10. Definitely not suggesting you entirely give up your build for mine, in fact you could easily trade out Shadow Maul and/or Touch of Fear for one of (or either) of those picks, but I would highly encourage the inclusion of Smite over something like Shadow Punch for filler. Obviously Punch has to be taken, but there's enough headway in the build to flip around two power picks, and if you'd rather trade out for Gloom and Dark Obliteration I could respect that. I will say however that Dark Consumption is likely going to be a power you find sitting unused in your power tray. I have plent
  11. You could easily do either one and be good either way. Ice Armor having slows also incorporated will add into keeping things in contaminate range. Bio Armor is a generally beastly secondary either way.
  12. Want to point out a specific thing being mentioned in this thread: The Force Feedback +Recharge proc does actually have a natural limitation, albeit not an actual "hard coded" limitation. There are only a handful of abilities in the game that can be chained together with a high probability that would generate even just three stacks of the proc fast enough. The tightest proc-inclusive attack chain I personally managed was two, with an occasionally fleeting third stack. To be clear, with the current proc algorithm set in the game the proc cannot be infinitely stacked, there is a natu
  13. Alpha: Musculature Judgement: Soul Drain will force you into Melee, having a powerful ranged (AoE) tool can be useful as a Tanker so either Pyronic or Ion Interface: Go off the beaten path and pick up something that's not common in teams like Cognitive or Spectral, still contain a damage component but have a slightly different debuff flair. Destiny: Rebirth Radial will prove a worthwhile heal and passive regen for a Super Reflex character, well worth having on tap. Hybrid: Melee Core for added +Res. Between that and passive effects in SR, your "panic" moments won't be much
  14. RadMelee/DA was one of my first characters rolled on Homecoming and it proved to be quite the beast. Most of Radiation is focused on ST performance, but you gain a lot of mileage out of the contaminate effect and the AoE drop patch. If you pair it with an armor that also has an AoE aura you'll find you do surprisingly well in the AoE department in passive damage. This factor alone is likely a strong reason it may appear to do well in that Trapdoor test as Atom Smasher in conjunction with Irradiated Ground and something like Death Shroud and a few hits of contaminated damage will wipe out all o
  15. Personally I see that as too counter-intuitive to the intention of the Seekers. They are either getting summoned directly into a spawn in order to take advantage of that small window of buff opportunity, or the player is breaking the Alpha, voiding the given argument about why using the Seekers is relevant in the first place. In either case, both tend to go against how most casually place Traps (setup, draw in). Traps just isn't an active (fast) enough set (IMO) to validate the idea of that proc in one power as the major reason for taking it. EB/AV/GMs are about the only thing i
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