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  1. If you're going to run ahead, Then you leave a trail of dead. Just saying, that's proper etiquette in the realm of being "that guy." If you're going to do it, do it well, and make the team envious, don't do it poorly, and end up angering people. I've had plenty of scenarios playing my Scrapper where I'm pushing the team forward as politely as I can at encouraging speeds, even racing to the next spawn as the last body is dying in the previous one. I've even had Tanks defer to me on alpha because waiting for them was slowing us (sic: me) down. But never leave the team hanging, and don't leave a littered field of living between you, that's just unprofessional.
  2. Took a walk tonight with the weakest Controller Primary on the block. Earth/Dark/Stone, Standard Rules of Engagement T4 Intuition Radial and Ageless Core No Interface, No Hybrid, I'm a monster! A Proc Monster! 4:58 (256 DPS) The sick part is that time can technically be improved. And this wasn't a specialized ST build; I was using Fissure in my attack chain! Fossilize, Seismic Smash, Hurl Boulder, Fissure, Volcanic Gasses (when up). Keep Stony Alive and drop Howling, Tar Patch, an occasional Soul Absorption, Fade, Ageless, and Hasten.
  3. Test #2: Earth Control/Dark Miasma/Stone Mastery Alright folks, its been a few days since the last test I dropped, so here we go. First I want you all to answer a question in your mind before I get into this: Do you think Earth Control is weak from a damage aspect? Yes or No. Hold on to that thought. I talked about the different aspects I'd be targeting in the preliminary post, and I've finally had time to roll around into testing out what Earth and Stone would provide as potential proc fodder. I've come back with some interesting things to talk about, some unexpected results, and some rather amusing ones as well. Stalagmites This was kind of just a 'proof of concept' for this power. I hadn't actually said "Yeah, I tested procs in [that] power." All the sets have very similar long-range fired targeted AoE, figured I should make sure it didn't have any quirks. I didn't. And honestly, I was rather pleased with it being a decent burst damage opener with just the ATO Proc and Posi in it. Earthquake Bad news bears are about to walk in on this one. I ran this power on loop over and over for five minutes and I only got to see one trigger of Achilles Heel, and it did what Rain powers do, disappeared within a flash of its existence. I have no idea why, and the game didn't feedback any other recordings of it ticking off. I also didn't get any damage procs off on it. I did, however, get pretty consistent procs off of FF+Rech, which was pretty awesome. So great there. Gets to save some slots! Fun note: The game reports this in the combat log as "Ice Slick." Hmm. 🤔 Hurl Boulder I took this more as filler, but also to mildly test it as well, and I was actually pretty surprised. With a base recharge of 10/s, and an animation 2.5/s long, this thing gets close to the cap of probability and fired off its procs pretty regularly. Super awesome and would probably be worth a couple more slots in a situation of lacking ST attacks with fun flair. I kinda feel like the 2x+Dam and the FF+Rech make up for its long animation. Heck, who am I kidding, take the power! Volcanic Gasses This power, this power, this power. Kinda like Poison Trap if you can keep the mobs in the patch. Something a little different here is that I tossed in the -Res proc, and just like Earthquake, it was a ghost in the machine. I saw this one pop up twice in total, and both times they flashed and disappeared. Damage wise, however, the procs seemed to be fairly consistent, so I absolutely don't have an explanation there other than "do I need a larger sample test? Or does this proc in certain powers just not 'work' right?" Volcanic does okay damage on its own. If the procs didn't go off at all, then I probably wouldn't even consider relying on VG otherwise, but for an AoE effect, they followed expected protocol. With there being four in the power, and having a 60/s duration (6 ticks), it was worth dropping for the 1.32/s animation time. Even if I only got 4 or 5 hits, that (and its own damage) were enough to make it a valid attack choice even in ST focus. Fun note: The game reports this as Voltaic Sentinel, and then also occasionally Voltaic Geyser. Has me curious how this power is coded and if that explains why the -Res proc doesn't 'work'. 🤔 Fissure I forgot to pull a sample clip of this things routine kick-back, but I have nothing but good things to say about this power. The Annihilation proc did seem to be a bit hard-core about a 10/s duration, I couldn't seem to get it to extend the duration, just kept cutting off at 10/s regardless if the proc notified it went off. I know this because I saw the trigger, and then a second later the effect wore off, which was 10/s from when it originally triggered. I've never noticed Achilles doing this, and this is the first power I've dropped Annihilation -Res into that's been able to recharge fast enough to reapply with considerable speed. I had a FF+Rech in the power, which proc'd pretty consistently, and between that and Ageless (depending on which stage I was in), this thing was bouncing back in >5/s. Pretty much if FF+Rech went off, its 5/s duration was long enough to carry Fissure to recycle (5.6/s under +!00%). I want to point out that this is technically a T-AoE, and I got really good returns on impact despite that. So much so that I still included using it as an attack in my Pylon attempt. I'm curious if this power is actually a ST attack with a splash caused by a Pseudo Pet. Not speculating on effect in the game, mostly just curious how the devs set up powers like this to work, and if their overall effect changed how they applied it. Not every swing of this power resulted in a proc, but I feel like it definitely averaged out to be 2 of the 4 on the regular. Plus I had FF+Rech dropped in there which gave me the occasional spike too. Seismic Smash Alright, lets all admit we came here for this attack. It hits hard on its own, it takes a bucket load of procs, it gets containment, and Controllers get the chance to really feel that crunchy smash! I think this will kind of speak for itself as a random sample: 526.58 Damage?! And we thought Dominate hit hard! That was performed against a Pylon with no active debuffs. Toss a double Tar Patch and an Annihilation proc in there, and that one single attack is crushing. Absolutely crushing. Originally Tested Build Since there came about things that warranted being changed due to the results I got back testing these powers, here is what the original build was, and I'll also add a modified build that corrects the things that didn't come back positive. And the updated build post-test: Yeah the only primary goal was to get Dark Servant back into the build, I kinda missed his ugly mug. So why did I ask you to think about Earth's damage potential? For years everyone always had complaints about Ice and Earth as being sub-par for damage compared to the other sets. I wanted everyone to hone in on that fact before going into the obvious that I did, of course, try and take this against a Pylon. The biggest thing about being a Proc Monster is whether procs take a mediocre or lack-luster set and give it impact, or even a good set and pushes it over the edge. Did you answer no? Would you change your mind if I told you I took down a Pylon under the 'Standard Rules of Engagement'? T4 Intuition Radial and Ageless Core. I forgot to actually slot in Interface before hand because its procing interferes with my normal testing and I hadn't put it in before I so hurriedly bashed on a Pylon. Given that, this time quite definitely can be improved. Further enhance Hurl Boulder, or determine how much impact Fissure fully had, as I know I was favoring it when I probably shouldn't have, and add Dark Servant back into the mix. Fluffy may not be a lot of damage, but he's better than not having him. The video starts exactly when Stony tosses a rock at the Pylon, which was before I got to toss down Darkest Night or really much of anything else, but did have Fade/Hasten/Ageless popped before we came around the corner. The Pylon pops at 4:58. I think that's pretty good for being "the worst damaging set." Some other Responses (Consolidating Replies) I wouldn't say that in the slightest. Toggles run on a 10/s activation period which isn't any different that patches dropped from T-AoE or L-AoE effects with durations. They still cycle on a given time window, and can still do really good for what they are. Some better than others, but it really comes down to a playstyle choice on whether you were running the power anyway, and what value it ultimately has. Nerve might help a small focus area of things, but the bigger impact of something like Intuition isn't just in Damage, but also Range, and in some cases -ToHit increases, there's a lot that Alpha actually does for a wide spread of relevant builds. But the biggest is making it so all those other abilities that were only getting 2-3 slots to shove in Acc/Dam/End were still able to get a reasonable value in on Damage before they fell short of even their most basic abilities. Tactics and a Kismet IO easily fix a lot of other accuracy woes, so if you really wanted to push your luck, there's probably the best way to do it.
  4. People keep asking me about Poison, "Why no Poison" and I decided I'd just "put a build on file" at this point, and I knew going in when I did the Defenders Proc thread that Poison just... Kind of poor for a lot of things (imo) other than pure target debuff. Definitely not my playstyle personally, and really isn't suited to proc builds because you can't find a path to help keep it alive. For Controllers they can flex a lot of mez abilities to that effect, but still. Anyway, the whole thing I was getting to is the fact that with the damage sets available to Poison's version of the trap, that thing has a hypothetical damage output greater than Blackstar (on Defenders), on a 20-25/s potential recharge (purely just looking at global, and that's half the cooldown of the reduced Blackstar cooldown) for just the initial cast alone, never mind the fact that it just sits there for a while, still going off. Now, that's not enough to make me role a Poison set, but that's very scary.
  5. Suppressive Fire (4x+Dam Proc, 2 Acc/End IO's), Executioner's Shot (-Res, 2x+Dam, fill last 3 w/ Acc/Dam/End mixtures only), and Piercing Rounds (-Res, 2x+Dam, Sup Frozen Blast Acc/Dam/End options) wrapped around Dominate (4-5x+Dam Procs and Acc/End) and Mind Probe (3x Acc/Dam/End mixture, fill Procs) will give you a really hard hitting chain if you put the right procs in it. Suppressive Fire, with Procs, will average a hit value nearly the same as Executioner's Shot (~20 pt difference). Global Recharge effects have no impact on the Proc Formula, only recharge enhancement in the power itself. Small amounts can sometimes still be okay for powers with a base rech greater than 15/s, but anything less, stick to global only (which should be sufficient anyway). So Ageless is safe to use, Alpha's like Spiritual or Agility however will impact as it "slots" into those powers like an enhancement.
  6. There's a ton of AoE and ST going on, adding another Dark or TA power is up to you, but what I'd suggest would probably be to actually at the Disruptor into the mix from the Epic. In general combat missions when dealing with large spawns, Tenebrous and Torrent are going to keep them pretty occupied and slowly whittle them down, but having that Arachnid climb into the mix while they're incapacitated would be a nice way to speed up your damage. TT can be cycled fairly quickly with Torrent, especially when Torrent procs the FF+Rech and recycles itself faster. When your fights boil down to just you and one or two enemies, between Flash Arrow and the -ToHit components of the dark attacks, you should be able to stay 30-40% -ToHit which is going to be a pretty significant amount. AV's can resist some of that, but it might be enough to give some reasonable level of survival to the Arachnid when you're fighting a singular hard target, and the added damage--again--would be nice. Going this route does put a trash Mace power into the build, but honestly just about anything that got added was going to be an excess un-needed power anyway. If you would prefer to do something like one of the Dark abilities, then I'd suggest maybe going Glue Arrow (base slot with a proc) and Dark Pit as a little extra "oh crap" power to disorient a group on occasion. I don't see either of those seeing a ton of use though, so that's why I think going with the pet is a better choice since it can stay active and around as much as possible, and be of some benefit.
  7. Your experience is the same as what I got with Poison Trap from the Traps set when I tested it on Defenders. I would assume that the abilities are the same (code wise) in the game. Yes, procs in that powers are pretty crazy. Sadly it's the "only" thing Poison really gets to play with.
  8. So I've given this concept a lot of thought since Homecoming went live and I rolled over and over on whether I wanted to recreate my Fire/FF Controller. I've spent thousands of hours with Force Fields, so this isn't coming out of left field when I say: I get how to use and abuse it, but we are all supers of action, lies do not become us. Half the set sucks. Rumor had it that Force Fields was one of a couple sets on the review block to be spring-boarded into the "current" environment, and I spent a lot of time trying to come up with what the might envision. Lets talk about a few ideas here: Absorb Barrier mechanic, think like how Energy Shields work in Sci Fi space shows, or Sue Storm's powers (at one point, depending on the writer) could weaken and break, letting things through. Absorb acts like that "untouchable, but not unbreakable" aspect. We acknowledge that a bad implementation of this would potentially over-power Force Fields into that realm of "holy cow, we just can't be killed!" Absorb is just flat out not enough to balance Force Fields into relevancy. Debuffs When it comes to being violently impacts with an invisible wall of [whatever], it makes sense a target could take impact damage, or suffer a crack in their armor, or whatever, so at the minimum -Def has always made sense, and should be in there in certain places (Force Bolt, Repulsion Bomb, Repulsion Field). Could we thematically find a place to add -Res? Wearing an opponent out, weakening them? That's a tricky one. -Damage. To extend into the idea of the Absorb concept, -Dam could apply the same way, and there might be a path for this, possibly one that could include -To-Hit. Utility Detention Field is probably one of the most skipped powers in the game. That needs corrected. There's an excessive amount of Knockback effects in this set. I'm not bashing its functionality, but there's just an unwarranted amount of it. At least half of us can agree on that. I'm not saying we should take it out though, Sudden Acceleration's KB/KD altering IO validates use for a lot of these powers. What they do lack is flexibility Force Field does great on the level-ramp, but in the 48-50 world of IO's, finds itself unloved, and then again gains some traction in Incarnate content because it helps all those folks who go to 45% suddenly find the iCap of 59% and move forward again, but that's not enough to keep them alive, they need DDR for that to be relevant. These are the thoughts I'm proposing be looked into as a way to validate, update, and enhance Force Field as a set, for all AT's it applies to, using currently available "resources" within the game: Deflection and Insulation Shield Add 15% DDR to each shield, combining total of 30% for both. Defense is the bread-and-butter of what Force Field is, it should have a way of tolerating a bad hit. Personal Force Field Allow for a non-combat status and a combat status like Superior Invisibility. While static, does everything that PFF does now. When combat is initiated by the player, suppress to 10% Defense and 5% Resistance, enhanceable so that a player can get those values to 15/10. That, in combination with Disperssion Bubble would get them around 28-30% Defense. Add 20% DDR, you're a master at these things for crying out loud! Force Bolt Add a -Def component Bump to 33 base damage Add KB/KD splash (ala Propel) Repulsion Bomb Reduce the cast time to 1.7/s to bring it in line with comparable tier 8 targeted AoE's Reduce the recharge to 16/s to bring it in line with comparable tier 8 targeted AoE's Add -Def component Detention Field Keep intangibility stasis effec, change power description to "You've contained a foe in your strongest impenetrable field, while trapped they cannot break out, but the intense pressure of the field will slowly begin to crush them, wearing them down. This ability is taxing and can't be held for long." Add -Def and -Res component with the following conditions: Detention Field becomes a toggle with a max duration of 30/s. Initial activation will apply a -10% Def and -20% Res with 50/s duration. At 10/s an additional -10% and -10% respectively for 45/s, and at 20/s another -10% and -10% for 40/s 1.0 EPS toggle cost with a 10/s -Recovery on Player (balance end cost on short kicks). Repulsion Field Option 1: Alter to match Disruption Field as a toggle AoE on target ally. Causes -5% Def and -20% Res. Primary KB, Sudden Acceleration allows it to become KD. "You warp your Force Fields around an ally, all foes that get too close will get pushed back and struggle to make contact. The field is so tiring to deal with and hits so hard, enemies will wear down quickly." Option 2: Turn the field into a "pet" similar to Singularity using existing models for the fields. Pet is a traveling KB/KD in the same nature as Singularity. Will chase down enemies. Has no attacks, and the aura has the same -5% Def and -20% Res attribute. (This option keeps the field stable for Solo FF users, but gives the ability more diversity, and keeps the support role out of Melee, and it would be a somewhat "unique" mechanic to just FF). Dispersion Bubble It's perfect except for one small thing: Grants 20% DDR to all residents in the field. Force Bubble Change power to "Influence Bubble" Grant player three toggle options that alter how the Influence Bubble acts: Force Bubble When toggled, Influence Bubble acts exactly as Force Bubble does now, no change for the purists. Oppressive Bubble "Your abilities are impressive, and in these fields you are the master of their effects. You use your Force Fields to slow your enemies and misguide their attacks." -Dam, -To-Hit, Slow within the field, adds secondary effect to Dispersion Bubble when active, creating layered effect. Dispersion Bubble gains +Absorb on all allies within Dispersion Bubble every 10/s. This value must be weighed and tested for what would quantify an appropriate amount, my initial guess would be something like 5% stacking up to five times. The power description would be something like "Simply oppressing your enemies movements allows you to focus on your allies, improving the shields around you and your team, giving them greater density against enemy attacks" Chaos Bubble Alternate field to Force Bubble, swaps to 50% chance to KD, 20% chance to Stun in the large field, 5 damage every 2/s. "Shifting your focus from your allies to your enemies you put all your energy into making tiny force pellets, pummeling those who enter your Chaos Bubble and knocking them down. The pellets move so fast they'll do minor smashing damage, and possibly hit hard enough to disorient an enemy." Gives Dispersion Bubble: "Dispersion Bubble is your ultimate domain, an enemy who manages to make it this close will feel the full force of what your fields can do." Force Bolt and Repulsion Bomb Doublehit. 100% chance to KD Collectively these changes would give Force Field a couple of debuff utilities, improve the damage of the set and stay more in line with a thematic use of what Force Fields should be capable of. Expand the T9 power into a more diverse and impactful tool representative of a T9 ability, and introduce a "new" mechanic to the set (borrowing from multi-layering ability effects used in Dual Pistols and Bio Armor, and then the Absorb mechanic itself). The alteration of PFF would give FF the ability to reach safer levels of defense without relying on pool/epic powers just as Time (and several other sets) can currently achieve within their own set. Adds relevant debuffs to the set, some thematically minor, but in a way that returns value to Force Field across all spectrums of the game. And lastly, introduces a new playstyle method with Detention Field by making it relevant to entrap an enemy by allowing a team to prep for the fight, and then unleash a collective assault, but also keep the "oh no, immediate danger!" response of the power and tossing it on an unexpected threat. Thoughts?
  9. The reason Super Speed was in the build is two-fold: One, I absolutely hate having to siphon anything just to get jump-started traveling somewhere, and then it wears off, and I have to do it again, so Super Speed will always be in a Kin build (for me personally). Two, when creating a build that's going out for public use like this, having that intrinsic slot for a travel power is kind of a courtesy for others to trade out with their own preferred option. With CJ in there, that gives SJ, and the ability to take out CJ and replace it with Hover and take Flight as some prefer vertical mobility. As for what you did with the LotG sets, in the process of added mild +Acc (to fix what you stole), you also dropped HP in the process, and only the Unbreakable Unique is what brought you up again. Adding a slot to Stamina means nothing to a Kin (and honestly I haven't run a single build in a very long time with anything more than two slots in Stamina) with Transference. Of which, the reason Transference was slotted for End Mod was to increase its initial hit towards 100% (stops shy at ~96%). The relevant core of what you added: Unbreakable Guard's HP Unique, Tactics, and Reactive Defenses Resist Unique. To fit Tactics, upon kind of really considering it, Aim is kind of unnecessary here given all the floating damage buffs possible, and the fact that I pretty much C&P'd Ice Blast out of my Corruptor when I puzzled the build together. If I trade out Aim for Tactics, I only need to move one IO, and one slot to do all this. Now has more inherent accuracy across the entire build, without sacrificing any of the initial integrity. The reason the .3/.6% Defense being off in Energy/Ranged isn't a huge deal: Bitter Ice Blast. Against difficult single targets, BiB has a -15% (w/ Intuition) To-Hit Debuff and that way over compensates. Plus Repel is going to turn you into a canon ball, so it matters even less. All-in-all, worthwhile adds that don't take much to slide into the build, so good catch, just didn't need to chop-suey so much to do it 🙂 And the hidden-build trick is done through the spoiler tagging option. If you're in browser, it's the little eye icon in the reply options. On mobile you can use the BB spoiler code [spoiler][/spoiler]
  10. Can confirm, Disruption Arrow will stack on itself, and you can have multiple Oil Slicks out, but that power has a lengthy recharge, and isn't likely to get down to 30/s to even have it perma. If you were to Burnout, then it'd be possible, but that's a rare option. Acid Arrow will not stack the debuff, but the damage aspect will still apply accordingly. Based on my own video run of a Pylon with TA/A, Acid refreshes its debuff duration when it hits. If you want to maximize debuff potential, put the -Res procs into it (Annihilation and Achilles Heel), they'll go off fairly reliably and give you an additional -32.5% Res. Flash does not stack.
  11. Globally speaking it was determined that whatever step the devs took to stop rain effects from being insanely broken, basically just broke the powers collectively. I tested these way back when I did my Ice/Storm Corruptor and talked about those tests in the Storm Summoning (Defender) thread. The rate that the procs go off is abysmal in the rain abilities, making the effort to slot those extra pieces a bit of a waste. In the event of things like the -Res procs, I only ever got two triggers over (I don't even remember how many minutes of just re-dropping Freezing Rain and Ice Storm), and in both cases it was literally a blip on the Pylon. It showed up for less than a full second, just enough for me to go "crap, did that hit?" For whatever reason the debuff was pushed off the moment it applied. I've been over FR, Sleet, Blizzard, and Ice Storm, all feedback the same way: "Don't bother."
  12. Looking at it, no, I can't say there was something obvious to put there, so probably something in error. Very possible I unintentionally pulled a slot from somewhere, but nothing else looked out of place. I did notice a different path to get Energy defense closer to 45% and give Ranged a padding closer to 32% though:
  13. Begs the question of whether that combination of mechanics might make Force Field too strong. It does make a lot of comic-lore sense to have something that "breaks down" and softens incoming damage, maybe eventually allowing some things in as the shields "fail" (burn out Absorb), like you see in a lot of Sci-Fi Space shows involving "Shields." But in CoH terms, Defense applies first, then what comes through hits the absorb field, then HP. How much Absorb do you give? How quickly do we get to stack it? What gives it? How many times can I stack it? Can I give a player 100% absorb by just firing my bubbles over and over? It has the potential of making a player unkillable. As an example, see Bio Armor.
  14. I dunno, I mean, I get where you're coming from on Dimension Shift, but at the same time I feel the fault of not enough people knowing about the power is more the issue than the power itself. From a design standpoint, that power is brilliant. Wait, hear me out! Over in Warframe there's a character called Limbo who has an ability very much the same as Dimension Shift, but it works on a larger scale, and that scale can be enlarged even further (almost to the point of absurdity). I used it like mad because it causes damage, and it also isolates. I can toss a couple of damage procs into Dimension Shift and use it quite literally the same way. Turn on, spike damage, temporarily isolate a mob, turn it off. Or I can leave it running... For Melee, DS has no transitional difference to them, they're heading into the zone regardless, and they're honestly perfectly fine being in there, potentially alone, more so than, say, a Blaster. What the shift allows you to do is not only separate and control a mob, but also very abruptly, and very efficiently, protect any number of the people on your team from taking any damage from the mobs within that field while also giving them the opportunity to prepare, and then go in and take care of business. Yes an AoE hold, or tentative sleep, or stun could do similar, but stun will wander; hold won't hit everything (possibly lieuts, probably not bosses, definitely not EB/AV), but Dimension Shift will grab that spawn and put them in isolated time-out. Your team can still act, they just have to be cognizant of the ability. By comparison, it's really no different than Force Bubble, just in reverse effect (and... well, Force Bubble is ginormous) and points all the attention at you instead. Definitely doesn't fit everyone's play-style, but not all powers will. As it stands though, Dimension Shift--in my opinion--is a pretty sweet deal.
  15. 'Time Manipulation > Distortion Field' is what 'Gravity Control > Gravity Distortion Field' should've been from the get-go. Change my mind.
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