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  1. Hmm, reminds me I had one of these builds worked up for a friend last year, interesting how close the end numbers ended up between yours and what I had. Wouldn't take more than a quick flip of a couple IO's to put the procs in either. I rarely poke into the Stalker forum so I never saw the previous iteration of what you were working towards, but to share a build that doesn't utilize the flight pool: Concentrated Strike was in there for style points if I remember correctly (they wanted it), but obviously could easily be flipped for Smashing Blow. I don't remember what the end ST performance was but it was geared towards taking down targets quick and the person didn't end up liking it because it wasn't "fast enough" for them (but it was still around like 2:00 I think? This was back in ... September '19).
  2. Cones and (T/P)AoE's factor in more than just recharge they also take into consideration range, radius, and how many targets are inside the effect zone. Essentially my simplest way of breaking those abilities down is: If there are less than 5, you've got a 40-ish% likelihood of proccing, if there's 10+ in the effect, it's almost gauranteed. Now that's not a mathematical rule of thumb, but when testing something so often the pattern starts to be more relevant and my experiences showed that so long as I caught at least 10 targets within any effect there was a pretty strong chance for it to go off, regardless of what the base values were (although in most of those cases I was also avoiding recharge enhancement as best possible) body count matters more than any of the other factors for those types of attacks. Also, just having one solid Cone/AoE with FF+Rech that can be fired off regularly will suffice, but can be very tedious to spam the same thing, and if body count drops there's lowered chances to proc, so being able to at least spam two back to back is more helpful, but not really necessary.
  3. Uh... nope, but doesn't take more than a few minutes to put it together. Aaand, done: So you'll have to make a personal call on this build, you can get Weave in there if you really really want to and have 40-ish% defense with one enemy in range for F/C/E/N, but as it stands the build pretty much softcaps to everything at full saturation, plus Darkest Night if you go Soul (I added Soul as it gives a better ranged ability and a nice second TAoE for Kinetics, and DN feeds the -Dam). You could also trade some global recharge for F/C/E/N Defense as well with a Winter Set in Gloom, and some franken-setting in Burst. Tactics is in there but it's not reaaally needed so if that got tossed out and Fighting was tossed in, this thing would be Incarnate Ready all-in: Power Siphon insta-fuels itself for To-Hit on the proc and builds up its own bulk, plus Invcincibility's +ToHit as well, you'll have enough clearance to take on things many levels above your weight class.
  4. You quoted the line, but I think you might have still really missed what it was very clearly stating. Long explanation: tl;dr I see very few folks running around with a Blaster build that's bent on extreme amounts of performance to pull out 60-100% constant damage buffs, usually most are just playing a defensive build that has BU, sometimes Aim too, and are using it as burst buff. In short essentially "basic play." The Sentinel build I posted is simple and functions just by playing it, it is tremendously user-friendly which makes this comment confusing: The build attacks and plays simply as any other build, and clicks one power every 60/s rotating between two different abilities. There's nothing dramatic about how it functions, and nothing major the player needs to be focused on. So long as the character is engaged in combat and actively attacking and getting those FF+Rech procs, it'll work just fine and spend at least 90% (if not a full 100%) of its time buffed by one of those two powers, one of which is also res-capping many of its categories. This only works in a vacuum of same-for-same though at their starting points, and does not translate into the buff percentages. The larger the buff, the wider the variance. It takes a 100% buff for a Sentinel to do what a Blaster can with 65%, and that's where the struggle comes from.
  5. Your "heavy hitters" aren't those abilities, they're your T1, 2, and 3 attacks, and even though they may "feel" slow (I've hear enough folks say this) they're actually animating very quickly; the animations are very deceptive. For all that Concentrated Strike is, you can accomplish the same amount of damage (with less chance of failure/miss) within the T1/2/3 chain of attacks, throw in an assortment of procs and you start overshadowing CS altogether. In regards to Focused Burst, with the KB>KD conversion IO's available I'd suggest taking Repulsing Torrent instead as it'll have the same range, same animation time, but gives you a second utility for "AoE" compared to FB which has a lower DPA than Quick Strike. If you're interested in taking Gloom, than there's definitely that option too. In regards to Power Siphon, you'll want the Gaussian's +BU in there, and also a couple of Force Feedback +Rech procs in places like Burst and Quick Strike to help mitigate its recharge as much as possible. Ideally you'll have 20/s of strong buff, and then 10/s of decay as it wears off, and hopefully have its recharge down to 30-33/s to help keep it cycling often enough. Kinetic Melee is one of the few sets in the game that delivers all of its mass power in its first three attacks, and the rest of the set is flair and filler (for the most part). It also is incredibly altered by play style, two different people can walk into a room with the same build and have a different experience based on how they use the attacks, and when. For a Tank, that can be dragged into the mud even further by not getting Burst until level 28 as that ability is the cornerstone of mob management for Kinetic Melee. Cycle through the spawn on the ST, whittle them down bit by bit, and then drop Burst each time it's up to clear the mobs out and knock them down.
  6. Don't have Empathy or Cold specifically, but things translate pretty easily since its only one piece of the puzzle that swaps in and out. I might suggest doing Nature over Empathy though, a lot of the same benefits will apply, but you'll be able to provide them to an entire team instead of just focusing on one character. For that, I do have a build: In that particular instance it's because Boxing is the faster animating ability over Kick, and the gap that needs to be filled isn't much. From a damage stand point, Boxing is also a bit stronger DPA, so there's that too.
  7. For what it's worth: From a solo stand point the power is less effective for most high-damage-capable AT's, but benefits support roles fairly well if it gets a full investment suite of procs and absolutely no recharge adjustment. If you get some accuracy into it, the Shield Breaker, Lady Gray, and Cloud Senses damage procs, and the Achilles' Heel backed by enough global recharge to reduce it down to 13-14/s (minimum effectiveness, 10/s would be ideal, but harder), then the ability will have a high (relatively close to its cap probability) chance to fire off the full assortment every time making it on-average a better "attack" than most support role early abilities. If I recall correctly its average in that circumstance is like 86 DPA and is self-improving by applying the -Res debuffs that boost proc performance. So awesome on Controllers, Defenders, Corruptors, and Masterminds, questionable on Dominators and Sentinels, negative value (solo) for everyone else.
  8. Unless I missed something changing that proc doesn't stack regardless of who uses it, just refreshes the duration. The debuff is triggered from a player attack, but the debuff source is the enemy itself because the -Res was coded to apply/cast onto the target from the target itself, and it is flagged as "non stack from same source." Thus, no stacking regardless of who slots and "uses" the proc. This same thing applies to all of the -Res procs.
  9. This thread needs an "ELI5": Meta is a Sandwich. No, really. Imagine a sandwich. I bet it's not the same sandwich I'm thinking about, because there are hundreds of options there, right? The core of sandwich is often the same though, some kind of top and bottom encasement (typically a bread) and then condiments of a variety (lettuce, tomato, pickles, etc), a topical sauce in some cases (mustard, mayo, etc), and a primary protein content. The entirety of the sandwich is any one given idea/topic/content (in this case: game, specifically "City of"). We can break that sandwich down to its individual layers, lets take something simple: A "BLT". Bacon Typically pork based, other varieties of protein-influenced bacon exist, those individual choices make an additional subsection Type of Bacon: Applewood, Pepper, Plain, etc Cook: Crisp, Fatty, Charred Lettuce Romaine, Iceberg, this list is ridiculously long Maybe no lettuce at all! Is it still a BLT?! Oh No! Tomato Massive variety of tomato based options, typical choices of Roma or a good Hothouse round one Maybe no tomato at all?! Panic! Fiends, who eats just a bacon sandwich! Bread Toasted, not toasted? White, wheat, pumpernickel? (you monster) Mayo (for some) Maybe you like mayo, whatever, a sauce condiment, but some don't even like that! Don't you dare say Miracle Whip. That is. not. mayo. This is a data set about what a "BLT" and the varieties of data under each subsection (types of protein, cook, seasoning) is called metadata, data about the data (and forgive me as I'm going to use the term a little loosely going forward to keep it simple*). This is what is "meta" the understanding the ideas within the entirety of the idea. How that relates to gaming, in our context, is when I say something like this: The best BLT is a Pepper Pork Bacon cooked to a nice crisp with iceberg lettuce on whole grain white sandwich bread that's been toasted with two fat slices of a hothouse tomato with a heaping slathering of mayonnaise on each inner-side of the bread. Now if I can prove that this flavor profile of "my" version of a BLT "build" is the best profile, more people will talk about it and it becomes many people's preferred flavor profile, or "build" for their BLT. This becomes the (more or less) slang-like adaptation of the term Meta, because now this particular type of BLT is seen as the optimal choice, it has now become "Meta" or "The Meta", which is kind of a crown to being "the best option to have, when having a BLT." So the BLT is my Sandwich (Meta), and each layer in the sandwich has different options (Metadata) and my choices within that metadata (bacon type, lettuce type, etc) as a singular whole version of a BLT, are A/The "Meta" of that which is a BLT. Like someone mentioned earlier, the idea of "game within the game", the breakdown of key important concepts about/within the game as a whole that change the dynamic of everything else around it. Or, in the extreme simplification: (of a creative work) referring to itself or to the conventions of its genre; self-referential. A "Meta" becomes diversified when multiple strong concepts rise and are equal to a small number of others, and clearly far 'better' than many others below them. In relation to City of Heroes, the game can be broken down by each AT as its own Sandwich type, with each type of sandwich having an optimal (or meta) "build" in their category, and in some cases two or three that the majority of players prefer. Like fire farming with SS/FA Brutes, there's literally over a thousand of them on Homecoming, all built pretty much identical to each other, that build is the "meta choice" for farming, and specifically for Brutes. They are the BLT in our sandwich meta, simple construction, target-specific purpose, limited build options, consistent expectation of taste. Side Edit: Further basic break down as the term loosely gets used here on Homecoming is the idea that when someone says "That build is the Meta" they're referring to "a lot of people are playing it (often/for X reason)" and that is a simplification of a current terminology based on the old term "FOTM" that used to exist in the early 2000's (Flavor of the Month) which was in principle the same exact thing, but far less confusing because it didn't have any esoteric idioms stacked on top of itself. As brought up within a few other posts, hopefully this makes more sense with the above. Second Side Edit: Meta is technically a self-reflective term, and when used in something like a forum or social media setting with commentary, when a comment is made on a post that refers to another comment under the same topic (but not in relation to the current comment tree), in response to a comment within that topic, is Meta. Example: How Sovera replied to Ukase's comment about the topic by referring to the other posts within the topic as reference material to Ukase's comment. And that's how we end up with a confusing term form an outside perspective. I promise this is my last edit. Okay, really, I hit a button on my mouse as I hit save and it added a 3 randomly, I couldn't leave it. Okay, now I'm done. Really.
  10. Hmm, this is unfortunate. Having at least two did provide marginally better odds, but I did not look into it further than that. I hadn't considered/realized that it wasn't stacking them up when I initially did a dry-run check. I feel I might've noticed this sooner but I haven't been in-game much in the last couple of weeks. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. Out of limited testing with it, I will say that having multiple auto powers slotted came off-the-bat as better long-term results. Even with having two abilities slotted with the PT+Heal proc, there were still activation triggers that failed to fire so it wasn't consistent, but better than just one. Now knowing that part of the problem is that they're eating each other is unfortunate and means that there could have been even greater potential than what we've ended up with. I'm not sure it feels like it'll be worth the extra slot now (when focused on auto's specifically) like I'd been expecting. I will say this does bring into consideration an interesting way to manage further proc development from the dev team. Of the talks about power interactions with procs going forward, having these limited-style trigger locks could give more focused control over proc use (and abuse) moving forward. I'm curious if the flag on the PT+Heal flag to be a one-time fire was intentional, or an unintended side effect of the coding process.
  12. My Mid's is set to base 39, if I don't see a 95% or greater on an attack, it isn't good enough! I've put up plenty of builds, and in general try and stick to a fundamental rule of "+4 or nothing" but sometimes certain circumstances have dictated passing at +3 with Incarnate shift or good teaming, or a slew of debuffs to accommodate. For the stuff I personally play, it's pretty much always +4 values so that I can safely exemp to any comfort zone, and know that in Incarnate content if I get hit with any kind of debuff or the target is better built defensively I have leeway. Even in the realm of heavy proc building, getting that +4 is still more than feasible whether through a bit of boosting, grabbing Tactics or Focused Accuracy, what have you, there are options. The whole "+3 cause of Incarnate shift" doesn't really sit well in my mind, it doesn't take much of an exemplar to loose the shift, and also still be capable of playing content at +4. I find in a lot of cases that I'm still never just "95" but "96.#" or "99" "100.3", there's always some small extra push, and even just one tiny 9% accuracy bonus suddenly pushes everything in the build a couple points.
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