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  1. Winter Packs are my 401k.
  2. This is a somewhat ironic thread given that a year ago when the Tanker patch hit, many cried that Brutes would no longer be relevant. With the AoE improvements baked into their inherent, I personally would never consider rolling a Brute over a Tanker as the later has rock solid performance now, and the damage indifference just doesn't mean enough.
  3. Yes. In fact I added a post back in May about such a thing. I worked together a very special project build that primarily used the Fighting Pool as its attack set and it worked perfectly fine and was capable of taking down an even con AV solo. Since you mentioned MM, I’m certain the tactic would work on them as well. Take a look at the linked reply, the build there should easily translate to a MM. No. The proc chances do get pretty low, but when you saturate the attacks with 3-4 procs and constantly fire them off you’re bound to get an average performance of at least one proc each attack on average, and any damage is good damage.
  4. The Storm/Energy lives in my “Mad King” thread (although I’m sure it was posted somewhere in this one at some point, it’s hot linked in the other), which is in my Signature (or found in the Blaster AT section).
  5. You be the judge 🙂 Took a minute to find the last archive link, hopefully that works correctly.
  6. Something that’s not being mentioned: set bonuses that would award S/L also tie to Melee, which ever one is the primary given bonus you receive half that value for the alt option. This works for all the Positional versus Typed (Melee:S/L, Ranged:E/N, AoE:F/C). Because of this there’s really no difference in the effort involved, and since Scorpion Shield is focused on classes that don’t have inherent armors they’re usually adding things like Weave or Maneuvers which are +Def (All) in what they grant, so it doesn’t matter. Another unmentioned noted about Energy (the third component to Scorpion Shield) is that a surprising number of Mez attacks in the game have an Energy damage component, and nearly all Mez attacks (majority) are Ranged positional, so these tend to tie together well.
  7. A lot of what was talked about before is still relevant now. For reference I’m referring to Trick Arrow notes from the Defender version of this thread as they apply here (link in Sig). The two more core things that have changed are Acid Arrow and PGA (and a third slightly lower relevance in EMP Arrow). Acid Arrow (in my opinion) has lost its relevance now and isn’t nearly as worthwhile, and PGA now has a significant debuff worth using. EMP’s changes also make it useful for the altered duration of its debuff and bonus features. Flash Arrow is also worth slotting a bit to max out its -ToHit. None of these changes particularly cry out to the proc side of things however, and actually end up with a reduction of proc compatibility. Since you asked in the Controller edition: Dark or Earth Control. In general though? Storm/Energy Defender (and upon just know thinking of it, slightly curious about a Dark/Storm Controller all of a sudden).
  8. After a certain point you've gone from "not wanting" to "full dive" in that build. What I can tell you straight up is that you are not capped to resists. You have high resists sure, and the +Res Tanker Proc is pushing your E/N/Psi to 90% with one stack, but the rest of your stats aren't there. While some folks attest to its usefulness I personally don't choose to rely on the +Res proc to manage resistance gaps on a Tanker build because it doesn't cover Alpha, and in most cases that's the biggest area where having those capped resists matter the most. If you're going fresh into a spawn and not carrying over a +Res proc, you're going in 10% under and that can be a big enough difference in some content. Dark Armor is a strong setup, Dark Regen is a massive heal, but there is a world of difference between 70 and 90, and still yet between 80 and 90. It is doable to reach 90% to pretty much every stat without the aid of the +Res proc, Energy and Toxic being the two difficult ones (and Toxic isn't even a consideration, Energy would just barely be off). If you really are wanting to be "Unkillable" then getting that baseline of S/L/Melee 40% (minimum, ideally 45%, but that's a bit harder to pull off) defense, and get as many of your Resistances within the 85-90% range before the proc (ideally get to 90% without it) so it can otherwise cap you with one activation. Some other things I didn't really think too deeply about on first look: You don't need Tactics. Rage can easily be double stacked and provides a hefty +ToHit on each application, and Cloak of Darkness gives +Perception.
  9. On a 1 for 1 exchange, no they do not. At a minimum grabbing a purple Dam IO and +5 it, but I advise using the first two slots of any attack to buff Acc/Dam into reasonable levels. Ideally between a combination of enhancement and Musculature you can hit 95% on any given attack (as a minimum). If you've managed to get into the 80-90% range, an additional +Dam at that point is unlikely to continue adding more damage than a proc could, but remember that Procs are potential damage whereas enhancement is guaranteed damage; if the amount an enhancement would add is at least 50% what a proc might add then I'd consider the Dam over the proc, especially in an AoE of any form. If you haven't updated into a version of the Builder that includes the Homecoming updates to Tanker damage, then the values you're seeing for Tankers is considerably off and I would not trust any of the numbers you're seeing. There's also tweaks across many powers that you would be missing that isn't just damage values. Nothing really jumps out as egregious, you've got enough accuracy across the board, you've balanced your proc to enhancement ratio well enough. One bit I could suggest is just doing a revision of slot placement for certain sets. Unbreakable Guard gives 3.13% Melee at four pieces, and you're using three pieces of that set in four different powers which means you could potentially gain 12.5% Melee, and with Maneuvers providing a slight bit more to Tankers in-game than Mids reports, you'd be pretty close to 40% there. You have two slots in Jab, cannibalize those for sure because the power isn't worth using (I know you're stuck with it, but you don't/shouldn't have any need to use it).
  10. Rad and Fire armor have both been successfully taken through the challenge under Buffed Enemies (but I don’t think any of us went back on Debuffed Player), and Rad was one of the first sets to try. The trigger points come down to needing full cap resistances, and layering in some additional mitigation like KD’s, -Dam, and -ToHit. my first attempts with no self defense at all were a bit rough because the Cims would send me into the massive negatives for debuff. Going back at it with even just 30% massively changed things both from general avoidance (even at that value), and how having defenses padded against the debuffs taking it away. It’s a lot better to be at 0% Defense rather than -40%. Plus, if I tossed out Darkest Night I could stretch my defensive values further. I haven't bothered going back to do player debuffed (mostly because I’m trying to pull it off on a Storm Defender), but the -ToHit -Dam really wouldn’t have been a concern with Rage stacking on Rad/SS. I stripped out a good portion of my Rad/SS/Soul’s extra damage performance* when I did this way earlier in favor of some added survival and had absolutely no issues taking out the PC or Rommie and his Goon Squad in a reasonable time. *originally had Musculature and three procs minimum per attack, stripped that down to one for most, two on KO Blow and Foot Stomp due to chasing set bonuses. Double Stacked Rage is absurd, and having Hybrid Assault was added insult to injury.
  11. There are two stages to Oil Slick, the KD portion that packs -Def, and the ignited portion which deals damage. The second, ignited phase is what takes damage enhancements and don’t trigger until after it lights, so in that regard no it couldn’t self-ignite no matter which way you look at it. The slick itself is ignited from both fire and energy/negative sources, so anything carrying a proc of that nature has a chance for setting the slick off, but it has to be targeted directly, or fall within an AoE field’s effect to do so.
  12. I found that for me this sentiment is the exact opposite of addiction, but a realization that I probably need to step away and do something else because I've lost interest in the game and I'm sooner to burn out than enjoy continue playing. In fact I've personally been on sabbatical from the game since roughly the first week of October. The most I've done was to log in on a high-roller and drop some early Winter Pack bids so they'd be filled if a sale took place before I came back (it did). It all started from logging in one night and pulling up the Auction House to check bids and I just went "... Yeah, nope, time to do something else." On the positive side, somewhere in January or February I'll get to log in to a character and go "Look how rich I am!" with all those Winter Packs I bought at discount 😄
  13. I think I'm too late to the trend. I tried to get "Shiny McShiny Claw" and it was already taken.
  14. On Retail we also had several thousands more people playing throughout the day (albeit across more servers so it didn’t always feel so “busy”). The dislike of a dedicated healer was there, just not quite as profoundly as now, and that really comes down to the fact that there’s a lot more people capable of getting “Billion Inf Builds” here with a much more accessible market than before. Having said that, it really widens the divide of specialist focus builds when it comes to pretty much any support class, they can’t really just rest on using half their power sets. The struggle is real, but thankfully there’s a lot of resources at your disposal in the game right now that can make that trip faster. Keep in mind I’m only suggesting this, nothing more, it’s up to you to decide if you want to go through with it, but given that you’ve gone 50 levels with Ill/Emp, I think it would be a worthwhile experiment for you to take an Ill/Pain along the journey as well and see how different they are, how having not just a singular buff, but team buffs, plus AoE debuffs, dynamically shift your impact. You can obviously still keep the original and just roll this as a secondary version to try out. From an RP perspective maybe make it a possessed version of your original, an ancestral spirit getting angsty and wanting to get back out into the world or something. If you can get someone willing to help you PL into 20-something quickly to skip the dull drum of early levels, the important part where you should see the difference is in that 26-38 zone where the good powers reside for Pain on a Controller. And ultimately if you get to 45-50 and you still prefer the Empathy version, then you’ll know it’s still there available to you. 🙂
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