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  1. For me I'd likely end up playing this build very much the way I play Storm/Energy, which is to say right in the thick of things, but this one doesn't have the same benefit of end balance to be constantly spamming abilities so it kind of has to take Ageless to be consistent, unfortunately. Grabbing some extra damage out of Reactive or Degenerative to help boost performance are going to be a boon for a Controller here too, so I'd consider one of those, but don't be afraid of taking one of the other Interfaces that tosses out random effects because you'll be spamming a lot of pets and abilities t
  2. For the record it would've been far better served to have just been up front about this from the get go instead of beating around the bush 😉 As such I understand the sentiment you're (now) expressing and that's something that tends to get self-edited out as far as the typical hive-mind of the Pylon thread is concerned. An impractical approach is oft considered just that, impractical. Pretty much every Mastermind run is erroneous from the get-go sadly because pets scale up against the Pylon in combat unlike how they would against an actual AV so the conditions of the figh
  3. I don’t follow your rationalization of this statement. A build would need to be able to survive the pylon itself which isn’t exactly a casual task for most non-melee characters. The build I posted also takes most of its reasonable choices for AoE abilities and attempts to turn even its typically non-damaging ones into more useful effects as Controllers are typically an AoE-lite AT. I already stated I tested that build not only at taking down the Pylon, but also in performance against normal gameplay at +4/x8 and did fine, so unless you had something more specific you’d like to disc
  4. Traditional Pylon Rules are No Insp, No Temps, No Lores, and if Judgement gets used call it out but typically most don't use Judgements. Back when I did the proc testing I actually ran Earth through paired with Dark Miasma and part of my field runs were how it performed running content/field operations and also how it performed (same build) against a Pylon to best simulate a full run of content. This is the video from back then, it does use Ageless but that's simply because of endurance. I typically ran a lot of the builds with Ageless active to wash out endurance concerns to get m
  5. Don't forget your build is backed by Farsight which is going to grant you 10% bonus To-Hit (22% once you get Power Boost), and your posted final build has 30% Global Accuracy. With just one level 50 Acc/End/Rech Analyze Weakness slotted it tips its rech to pretty close ED cap of 28/s, 12 End, and ~93% Acc against +4.
  6. The great thing is that this stuff hasn't really changed so all the info is still relevant and functional. Your build looks like it checks all the right boxes too. Chrono Shift will be perma with a trigger of a FF+Rech proc, and you've got the right balance in your attacks. Only thing I'm seeing off the bat I could suggest is pulling a slot from Slowed Response to add the Reactive 3% Res IO since you don't need any Acc adjustment in that power with how high it starts.
  7. I don't follow, I'm a visual person, help me out here... 🤣
  8. Your desire for a trans mutational capable aspect is the part that makes that quintet a bit odd, but I think the appropriate path for the character would be best done as a Defender. I mocked this up, just powers no slots: I know a Defender can work and fight with just the Fighting Pool and nothing else active besides a couple of Traps supporting it, so it'd be very easy for you to pick and choose how and when parts of the character played out, but this borrows into each aspect pretty tidy. Traps to focus on being able to manifest objects, Fire Blast for the Demon, Sorcery
  9. bzzt Nope! Any combination of sets in the game can be designed to work at ridiculous levels, it just takes the right kind of designer to get the build there. Not to say there aren't some just stinkers out there that the effort just shouldn't be considered, but it can be done! 😉 Based on what you've responded with so far I get the impression you're more of a mid to ranged type of player that'd prefer to cast and entrap things then get into the fray which leaves me a couple of suggestions for you. Defenders What gets classified as a support set in this game can conta
  10. Please tell me you have one e-mail at the very beginning of all that with just one solitary inf in it as your "First Inf Earned."
  11. All Defender builds are capable of traversing the City-Verse solo, but there isn't necessarily a "top" performer because each will have small pot holes that take experience to fill. However, some are better suited to solo work or have abilities centralized to benefit the caster, which (in no specific order) would be: Storm, Dark Miasma, Nature Affinity, Poison, Time Manipulation, Traps, Trick Arrow. Storm is the most aggressive option, and if I had to blanket pick just one Defender, period, it would be a Storm/Energy. I can also get NAff/Energy setup to play similarly w
  12. Your overall build goals will determine what you ultimate stick in your attacks. While leveling using procs are an effective way to add burst value without investing yourself to a specific set if you get the random proc recipe dropped on you as they will sell easily later on if you choose not to continue using them. If an attack you're looking at slotting is one that you don't need to rely on a particularly effective set for its bonuses, then adding two or three (or sometimes four) procs to the power's slotting are a much better trade off damage wise. It's something you have to det
  13. I meant to get a reply into this sooner but I've been swamped looking for a new job and sort of slipped my mind. On a one to one scale Gravity Control (with Singularity) has the ability to take down an even level AV, but it is a slow process. When I tested I used a Gravity/Time and Time Manipulation isn't exactly loaded with debuffs. I did use Propel during the fight, and it does create a trash pile that--while amusing--is tedious to deal with after a while; Arcane Bolt wouldn't be a bad choice to swap out for as it'd perform comparably. For those curious:
  14. I could be wrong on this having made it to live because I know it was tested but I’m foggy on when it (may have) went live: Fade is no longer impacted by Power Boost. This isn’t necessarily a deal breaker in building however since Darkest Night is a ver comprehensive cover for making up defense values with its -ToHit value. On the topic of Grav taking down an AV though, totally possible, especially with Dark backing it up with Tar Patch’s -Res and Howling Twilight’s -Regen. Only thing I’d advise against is probably Propel, and not because of damage but because the fights will still
  15. Bingo. This right here is exactly why I don't play Redside. It quite literally depresses the crap out of me to be on that side of the game and it is directly connected with the overall environment/weather/sky of the zones. If they replaced the sky box with a standard sunny day I'd probably be fine, but I have a hard time spending more than five or ten minutes running around before I start to feel like the sky is falling in on me.
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