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  1. You didn't take Phalanx Fighting? It's a better choice for you over something like Combat Jumping or Maneuvers for an ability that gives a base value of 3% that grows with additional team mates that also doesn't cost you anything to have. You're definitely heavily relying on Rage for your accuracy correction which isn't a terrible thing, but as-is if you try and level with/into this build I'd bet you're going to struggle on the accuracy front from time to time, just keep that in mind pre-50 for some of your abilities.. You also have absolutely no endurance (and in several cases no Damage) enhancement in many of your attacks and that is definitely going to hurt you long-term. Foot Stomp alone sucks up 17 endurance per use, and if you've got a good cycle of FF+Rech going, you'll be able to use that nearly every 6/s. Your build barely has 3 EPS in recovery, that one attack alone already puts you in the negative for gain, and every/any other ability you use between cycles of that AoE is going to bury your endurance in a hurry. You need some balance on your Dam/End in the remainder of your attacks. It's still worth it to have some enhancement for both of those. Reserve a slot or two (minimum) to this purpose before loading up on the Procs. Yes you have access to Rage for all that it can do to improve DPS, but you don't want to start off 20 feet behind the starting line out of spite.
  2. Chilling Embrace: One or two End Redux, that's all it needs. Icicles: Accuracy is important as the attack needs to hit. Whether slotted with it, or a portion resourced from set bonuses, if the attack doesn't hit, it's not doing you any favors for its constant endurance cost. You want at least four slots invested into this power for Acc/Dam/End, you can usually tap out each of those with just four by frankenslotting whatever needs to be enhanced. Procs can go into this ability, but they'll be running at the toggle trigger of every 10/s, which isn't a great cycle frame to invest in them in all situations. If you're starved for slots, they wont be nearly as beneficial here for the slot investment.
  3. Sir Myshkin

    Kinetic melee

    Oh yeah, I forgot to post a note about this Friday: The T1, 2, and 3 attacks (QS, BB, SB) will do nearly as much damage over the same time window as Concentrated Strike does on its own, not accounting for Criticals. CS is so dramatically detrimental to Kinetic Melee that it's actually better to NOT run the attack at all because if it misses, it ends up tanking the overall ST performance of the set long term due to its long animation time. In regards to the "critical" refresh of Siphon, in my experience with a high-recharge build if Siphon can get dropped to a 30/s cooldown, you have 10/s ramp up, 10/s high yield, 10/s ramp down, reapply. By using the Gaussian's proc in the power (even with some recharge enhancement in the ability) it still carries a high chance to proc, which is vastly transforming the ramp up period and easily over-compensates the odds of getting Siphon to refresh from Concentrated. To put some perspective on that: In the BAF Trial with my KM Scrapper, if I popped Hybrid Assault Core ontop of the Siphon, I was pretty much guaranteed to get sequestered by Siege/Nightstar within 20-30/s because of how much immediately damage I was doing as one player alone. Titan Weapons is about the only other thing I've experienced that with.
  4. If you're a Defender, Controller, or (maybe) Dominator: Radial. If you're anything else: Core. If you're a MM: Neither (there's better choices for them). In most cases the speed at which your attacks run is less relevant than to the damage bonus you ultimately receive (or totally deal). Sets like Scrappers/Stalkers/Blaster are going to be high-yield and have a stronger multiplier off +Dam effects that are multiplicative across the board comparative to a percentage chance of just doubling an initial hit once and a while. Sets that don't have strong modifiers for damage (Defenders) will see more advantageous use of a doubling mechanic since they get less benefit from a +Dam mechanic. This would mostly hold true for Corrs too, but they get Scourge which, in the realm of longer fights, will result in better Scourge values if they're +Dam versus duplicative (which wont involve or benefit Scourge). Generally speaking, Assault Radial is... kind of underwhelming in general, and probably not worth taking anyway. If you're playing a set that doesn't significantly benefit from +Dam in meaningful way, skip the Assault Hybrid altogether (basically if you're playing support that isn't Solo).
  5. I love how most people are just repeating the same response, but in different ways. The diversity of our players 🤣 I remember my first character origin being Mutant, running around and playing for a bit, then rolling another one and deciding to do Magic, and noticing (eventually in the 20's) that there were very specific looks for each of the SO's. My second character I ended up (apparently) experiencing a lot of Magic-oriented enemy groups as I ended up with a lot of Magic SO's. What's interesting about that fact, for me--and why it stuck--is those ones are (imo) the simplest to identify and clearly see their color (yellow=accuracy, etc). Going forward I decided to make all of my characters, no matter what, into Magic Origin because I wanted their SO's to be simply identifiable. Fast forward to Homecoming I made a Robotics/Kin MM as... /em drumroll Magic Origin! I got a /tell a week in to someone going "Interesting Bio, how does that whole tech thing turn into Magic? Like Magic granted or...?" I was like, "What? ...Ooooooh. About that..." So these days it's really about thematic choice, and the illusion that it gives towards the meaning and idea behind the characters more than anything. And easy SO colors.
  6. Yes, you have a ton of easy-to-slot choices for things like the LotG 7.5%, but, again, there's nothing really inherently in the 'Force Field' set that benefits from 200-300% global recharge unlike Cold, Thermal, Time, Empathy, Nature, Traps, Storm (above all else). This concept is really about making dramatic use of that potential up time, and you wont get that from Repulsion Bomb and Force Blast. Bomb just wont cycle enough (once every 10-15/s) and Blast would have to be seriously spammed to get enough chance-triggers to have it go off. You definitely could put FF+Rech procs into those powers and use them for the chance to get those boosts in recharge, for sure, but it doesn't latch on to the idea of having a cycle of main-line abilities constantly grinding out that effect so you virtually live under their benefit. Since it can't really be maintained with just FF alone, I don't see that is really being a "Mad King." Supplementally nice add-ins, but not something you can try and get into a permanent cycle.
  7. There's nothing in Force Fields that benefits from the idea of accelerated amounts of global recharge, so... it'd work, but it wouldn't ultimately be providing anything beneficial. You could still use the tools to focus on getting something like Force of Nature cycled at cap, but honestly a FF Defender can already get themselves to some pretty high positional defense values, so there's not a ton of need packed in there. Force Fields and Sonic Dispersion don't really have a "horse in this race" as the saying goes.
  8. Only when you throw Taunt into the mix, and if it were reduced to a 1 v 1 comparison against any given target and just look at SR's performance (ie Crimson Prototype), the two are going to come out equivalent. I had been so confidant in my KM/SR Scrapper that I intentionally took Confront to pull one-off targets attention and to force-taunt on AV's when a Tank wasn't present on a team. I was also typically the first person to taunt AV's on iTrials like the BAF. Defense, unlike Resistances, don't have any special target values for individual AT's, so everyone plays at the same table.
  9. There are a handful of unique cases where SR, because of being a one-trick-pony, isn't necessarily best suited, but don't discount your abilities across the board. I played a KM/SR Scrapper pretty heavily pre-sunset alongside a Night Widow that I swapped between. I built my defense up to 61% to each positional and I did just fine in Incarnate content. I packed Rebirth Radial as a support heal that'd give me that Regen boost as follow-up and it more than covered me for most scenarios I experienced. There will be an occasional "oops, dead" in there, but it really wasn't that often. Carry a pack of T3 Oranges to super-boost your Resistances in the off situations where your defense is a wet paper bag to an enemy and you'll be fine. Since you're a Tanker it'll be easy to get to 60% Positional, and leave you with room to dig up some S/L Resistance bonuses. Run those with Tough and you should be able to get 40-50% there (at least). The Tanker +Res proc in an attack... the PvP +5%... Also, the scaling resist IO double-dips for you in combination with your natural scaling in SR. Not necessarily something to full rely on, but you get more mileage out of them together, compared to not. The Crimson Prototype is strangely an AV with an attack concept that specifically neuters Defense and Regen focused characters pretty hardcore.
  10. Maybe it's just me, but I don't bother with any of the Prestige (now P2W) attacks on new characters. Given how quickly we can progress to 20 through DFB/DiB with the 2XP I just pull all my attacks as they become available. By the time I'm moving on to other content, the next few levels still go pretty fast and will have the majority of that early core >26 stuff figured out. Plus, DFB's go by so quickly (like, what, ten minutes tops per run?) I don't need to be cycling constant attacks, I'm probably wasting one here or there anyway! Use Brawl! It wont hurt! I kind of find it more of a hassle to claim those extra abilities just for ten levels of over-simplification, just to never use them again. All I grab at his point is: Flight Pack Reveal Inner Inspiration 2XP Even before sunset the only reason I ever claimed the prestige powers was to show off that I'd been in the game long enough to have a Nemesis Staff AND a Blackwand at the same time. Which, honestly, didn't require much (12 and 18 mos wasn't it?). I do miss logging in and getting that instant-stack of badges for "You've been here FOREVER."
  11. FINALLY! I've been waiting like... over a month for this to get fixed and testable! These can be rolled now right? RIGHT?! I'm afraid to check.
  12. I can already hear the gears grinding on those All MM iTrials and MSR's
  13. As others have mentioned, if you're not running/double stacking Rage, you'll definitely feel under powered as the set truly needs that ability to really stand function. You also want to get an additional AoE out of your Epic/Patron options (I highly recommend Gloom and Dark Obliteration as key components to a stronger-feeling attack cycle). Next to Titan Weapons, Super Strength is the second strongest attack set Tankers have access to from a raw-output (ST) perspective, but lacks some 'oompf' in the AoE side of things. If you really want those raw orange numbers to fly around, stick with a set that maximizes PBAoE/AoE/Cones to get that. There's plenty of sets that can offer you that utility, and if/when the Beta changes hit the Live, you'll find your general function as a Tanker go way up in performance on those abilities too.
  14. This makes me think of things like Force Bubble with the Terra Volta trial. There are quite a few cases in the game where an isolation tool is actually pretty beneficial. Force Bubble became such an overpowered tool in TV that when folks figured out how to teleport under the reactor and avoid line of sight for attacks, they could indefinitely keep Freakshow off the reactor without penalty, and that prompted the GM's/Devs to get involved and monitor the trials and kick/prevent players from "cheating" through it. Not sure if it would appropriately cover the entire thing, but Shifting the reactor could potentially isolate it from everything but immediate Melee and shut down a lot of Ranged hits. Interesting consideration. There's also the usual tactic of fleeing into the outer room in an overrun event, Shift would easily shut off that route from enemy follow-through for a short period of time but still allow players in/out. Just interesting things it can be used for.
  15. I have to say, Radiation Siphon is probably a far better Swiss Knife than Siphon Life is when paired with the Containment mechanic. Playing Rad paired with DA, I... I don't think I can honestly recall the last time I played where I had to hit Dark Regen for a serious heal. DPS wise Radiation isn't necessarily winning in ST ground fights, but it does really well on clearing a room in a quick hurry. Definitely a solid Solo choice for being pretty decent at both aspects of ST and AoE. I agree that "Solo" should be explicitly one character, alone performing the task at hand, but I don't think you have much to worry about with declarations made so far. Only a few folks have explicitly said if/when/how/why they may have dual//multi-boxed (used another account at the same time).
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