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  1. Reactive and Degenerative will produce similar results solo, but Degen is technically the slightly better choice against big targets. You are correct that there are a lot of players who do go for Degen, and also Reactive because they are the best choices. If you have a concern about maximizing your team contribution than I’d suggest grabbing a random different one with a good DoT. Of which, the DoTs for Interfaces were fixed if I recall correctly several months ago and should be working correctly. As for Lore, Longbow are often chosen because the biggun’ has -Regen I top of just being a strong choice. Banished Pantheon are another popular go-to because they’re heavy hitters and reasonably stout. Cimerorians, Clocks (the Praetorian robot versions) are also good for damage but not as resilient. The Storm Lores are solid for AoE. Past that it’s really conceptually up to you, those are just the common choices because so many of the others are kind of “meh.”
  2. I should probably add this for clarity: to get the extra bonus you only have to have chosen the appropriate powers in your build, they don’t have to be used (mainly looking at Kick as it’s not that great compared to Boxing or Cross Punch which I would use as previously mentioned). Cross Punch also gives a short duration recharge bonus (10% for ~5/s), I forgot to mention that before and it does really add to the reasons to use it. For Cardiac, I wouldn’t say you have to use it, but without using something like the Tanker ATO proc or Barrier you’ll find it much harder to round out all of your Resistances to reach cap. It’ll become a personal choice to make. I can also add that you won’t be lacking for power at 50. I was more than capable of soloing the ITF set to +4/8 within under a few hours, and all I had supporting my damage was essentially Interface and Judgement, and Assault Hybrid to use on Nictus Romulus. Musculature will give you a push, but it won’t be a ton of difference in this particular situation (Double Rage).
  3. Some points on the Fighting Pool, once you take Boxing, Kick, and Cross Punch they collectively get a damage bump, and with that boost Boxing is close to Punch, and Cross Punch is a near swap for Haymaker; in both cases we’re talking within like 10pts of each other. With Cross Punch being a cone and being able to slot a -Res proc it ends up becoming the superior option, and even though it is a cone I wouldn’t treat it any differently than a ST attack and just soak up the occasional bonus damage when you catch it. And I’m on mobile so I can’t open Mids, but looking at the posted info, assuming it’s the build I think it is, that one has Cardiac to pull in the last ~5-6% of Res for several stats that round most of the build to 90% cap. Yes Jab is in there with the ATO set and proc, but I really only slotted it for the set bonuses, Jab is a terribly anemic (worthless) attack and I personally find relying on the proc to be irksome at best to which there was no intention of that being a used ability. Cardiac is also there to shore up endurance use in the build which makes it possible to pass on Ageless and pick up Barrier (for more Defense) or Rebirth for more aggressive Regen/Healing. Once you have double stacked Rage going the damage won’t feel off any longer, and if you weren’t doubling it, you should be. Prior to Rage, and especially prior to Foot Stomp spawn clearing ability does considerably suck, but after that Rad/SS/Soul is a MONSTER.
  4. I think you may have missed an element about the runs folks have been attempting are including buffed enemies which changes the dynamic of the run by a considerable amount.
  5. Yes. Side note about commands, I too tend to keep my bar void of a lot of complicated macros and such, but the two things I personally found the most useful was having just “Defensive” mode and then a macro specifically telling my pets to attack my specific target, and only that target while staying in Defensive mode. A third option would be one that puts the T3 into Aggressive and lets them “loose”. Having the specific-targeting method might be a tad tedious, the ultimate goal is to get a spawn initiated, and then let natural aggro fuel the AI’s functionality in Defensive mode.
  6. There's a decent amount of discussion on Rad/SS in this thread already, as well as a Proc Monster minded variant here (and a Tanker version) that you may find helpful. Several of those builds also do reach 90% Res to many stats (if not "all").
  7. The following is the revised PROC build and is best suited for non-Incarnate based content, but with proper support to boost up defense it can work just fine in any of the iTrials as well (if desired). Truthfully Rend Armor and Crushing Blow are the only two abilities really proc-focused as Follow Through and Arc have to be more heavily slotted to get to their (current) optimal cooldowns. Toss in Maneuvers and grab Barrier and call it day for Incarnate stuff. Assuming constant surroundings you're likely to get similar results, but with less control over the result. Invincibility will function similarly to the way Gaussian's does in Tactics with a slew of team members wrapped around you, once every 10/s, based on body count at the trigger check. Unless you have a timer next to you pinging every 10/s after zone load, you have no idea of knowing when this check will occur which means you have the chance of missing it, or failing to get a strong enough body count to ensure the proc when it checks. If there was no other option for the proc, then sure, go wild. Others have tossed it in there and made sure to constantly be surrounded by 10+ mobs to keep up the probability on check and can get good results, it just depends on play style and how driven/fast you want to keep the character focused. Personally I'd probably keep it in Power Siphon as I would have more control over its effect and I can use the opening dirge of PS with Burst instead of having to ramp a few attacks first before using AoE. Overall it nets a more consistent arc of power for a longer period of time (strong boost, very little dip for 5/s, consistent high for 10/s, then dwindle/decay for 10/s, then repeat). In a Build Up centered build however I'd be more inclined to use Gaussian's in Invincibility because of shorter duration, and an opportunity to have better spikes throughout combat rather than just one massive (potentially over kill) burst that dies quickly. It kind of becomes a mileage varies thing. Per minute, full saturation constantly then Invincibility has the better odds (six chances per minute), but the realism of that is more likely 2-3 opportunities for sure, with maybe a 4th or 5th on good luck timing if the team/you are moving very quickly (or otherwise staying in a semi-saturated state) every 10/s. It definitely increases odds on clearing power (AoE performance) over ST capability, and I say this in regards to the fact that Invulnerability is available to more than just Tankers (where it'd matter). Some sets I'd say "put it in Invincibility" when paired with Invuln: Dark Melee Dual Blades/Claws These two are arguable, having the proc in BF/FU can net higher chances to proc and be less reliant of body count giving better odds for ST, also less disruptive to combos for Dual if Feint doesn't have to get cycled in at the wrong time to "keep it up." Radiation Melee Savage Melee Spines Titan Weapons Super Strength All the other sets are pretty "dealers choice" as I see it, which is totally subjective to the level of control a player wants over the proc.
  8. Some points: Tactics on MMs does have a pretty solid fire-off rate with Gaussian, but unless there is intentional focus on attacking the added boost has very little value and is unlikely to support DPS effectively given the random nature of the proc v. combat. Given this, I’d personally say slotting the Gaussian proc on the MM itself is a waste. Any pet that can take the proc and can be slotted towards an ability with an effective trigger chance, then this is acceptable. Enforcers get the same benefit triggers out of Tactics multiplying against all the other summoned pets and are going to be actively cycling in other attacks actively giving them the most benefit for a Thugs MM. To boot there are two of them which is even better. For those talking about “Pylon Times” with their MMs, take those assaults with a grain of salt. Pylons are classed objects and anything attacking them is considered equivalent level meaning pet levels shifts are negated, thus damage scaling isn’t active meaning it’s not exactly a fair scale to compare against an AV for MMS. Towards the original topic, Thugs do make the most obvious practical choice, but the secondary could easily be waived to any number of things. As a consideration of the character being someone who “worked their way up” is there a connected “original” version of the character and do any of those power sets have carry over as a MM secondary, even stretched? Back on retail I had a series of characters that were the same person as they evolved through their encounters. Started out as a weapon smith (BR/Traps Corr), following the Incarnate storylines they got consumed by Mot and became imbued with the lingering darkness that overwhelmed them (became a Dark/Sonic Cont), eventually regained control of their mind and learned to harness the darkness and retooled their weapons to Melee combat (Night Widow/Fort). Eventually the character found a way to purify the darkness and turn the power into world-altering energy (Beast/Nature MM), there’s still machinery involved in each detailed explanation of each form, but it was transitionally the same character, keeping color toning and appearance at each stage. Just about anything can be written to make sense
  9. @Rand118 Didn’t see your post, I’m on mobile right now I’ll try and remember to send it your way. It is posted somewhere in this discussion in a spoiler block, just harder to hunt down on my phone. @SableShrike Procs in toggles will only have a chance to fire off every 10/s and follow a similar algorithm to AoEs meaning you’ve got to be pretty surrounded to see anything go off which makes them poor choices unless you have extra slots to spare, and I wouldn’t do just one as it’s not really worth it unless—again—unless it’s a free floating slot. Spring Attack can definitely serve as a decent proc bomb if a build is lacking AoE. The only downside is the longer cooldown.
  10. I used to moderately RP on Retail with a group and an SG I lead with a storyline and everything, and only casually stayed in character when a PUG was fully on board (no OOC). When coming back here I didn’t know what to expect (and moved to Everlasting when it opened out of pure coincidence before it became the “RP server”). I decided to start an SG which I’d planned on turning into more than just my own collective hub and determined it would be a place for characters who’ve become self aware. Called it the “Cult of the Leaked Code” a home for characters who praise and worship the “source code” that gives them life and see their players as benevolent beings. In a sense I play each character to their design, but their knowledge of being “piloted” means they may occasionally say something out of their control (ooc) which allows me to be lazy, oddly break dimensional barriers, and still have fun with each character without caring about “rules.” 😉 Im basically playing a stable full of Deadpool/BugsBunny who reverse fourth wall break themselves all the time!
  11. If I recall the source correctly there was commentary in Netflix’s Jessica Jones about this. Jones had the ability to “leap tall buildings” yet chose not to because it tended to end badly for specifically the quoted reasons.
  12. What happens when an immovable object meets an unstoppable force? It surrenders. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
  13. Okay, being the glutton for punishment I am I skipped over to Croatoa with my TW/Regen Scrapper and loaded up ye-ol'ITF and struck up a conversation with the patrons within. They kicked me out. Repeatedly. It was so rude. I knew going in I needed to get a different rhythm down for my attack cycle so a couple of forays (repeats) into the ancient caves was expected, but even after I got myself mentally refocused on keeping up SM > MoG > SM > IH with Defensive Sweep mixed in, all it took was one side way glance from an angry drunkard (Boss) to ruin the good time and bring a bar-room's worth of angry Cims bearing down on me. I know in a one to one match with Requiem or Romulus I'm good, I've pulled each of them separate from a team during different ITF's and can take either down in a swift and judicial hurry, but the waves of angry men in skirts ... even just the single tick delay of Defensive Sweep not immediately syncing after the attack connected was enough of a window to suddenly find myself -30% and dead in the dirt. After a dozen tries and getting nearly out of M1's caves and into the light above, one server tick hang up had me face planted. Their bonus damage handily out paced 177 HP/s. I decided, at that point (and a small break) I was going to try something wildly different and loaded back to my character select screen and loaded up one particular character that has a tendency to lean a bit on the Mad side of things. As a sample of what is to come. I'll be revisiting this one as my first run got short changed by an unexpected turn of events. Flew up the back side of the altar and sniped the Minotaur (and gang) to the back. After a tad bit the Minotaur was all that was left but it kept running around like a headless chicken up and down the mountain, falling off and then running back up the front way. Eventually it took a rogue Tornado with it which waltzed right into a spawn of Cimmies and brought them marching back to me unplanned. I fell off the back of the mountain myself at this point and misclicked my base port macro which yanked me out of the mission. When I reloaded and ran through to get outside again the entire horde of Kheldian Nightmares sat waiting for me. Yay. I didn't even invite them to the party. It had taken me nearly 45 minutes to get to that point and just didn't have the time to revisit it, but knowing that it's doable has my encouraged to try it again, but it is a super-tentative process that is very chaotic. I took a few minutes of footage to pull the clip-gif above just to show that unlike many others, this particular lunatic is taking on the entire map at once. For those who might be unfamiliar, that is Mission 1 at the junction which includes a few Sybils to rescue and just after that bend it has another cross junction that leads up (and out, left), into a dead-end (right), and on to the remaining Sybils (forward). I was getting aggro from both the spawns just inside that passage, as well as the left and right rooms. I have two Scrappers who can't handle one single spawn of this Buffed ITF, yet my Mad King (Storm/En) can handily punch the whole thing in the face and laugh about it. Go figure. I also want to point out (for the record) that this character is only equipped with T3 Interface, Judgement, and Clarion, T1 Lore, and a T1 Support Hybrid (which was just to see if the passive would be worth any additional end management). Oh, and the Alpha is a T4 Musculature. Other than the convenience of the single level shift, I'm not really reliant on my Incarnate abilities (and they're not entirely adding much to the fight). My only concern when I revisit this will be getting Rommy to sit in one spot and suffer my wrath.
  14. First I have to ask what you’re pairing it with, just to clear the possibility of additional benefits. I want to point out that Kinetic Melee doesn’t have the utility to add procs like Achilles’ that many other sets find a way to sneak in. Folks tend to forget that the real raw DPS of a set, and the enhanced values attributed from debuffs are two different things. There are not many sets that can walk up to something like a Pylon/AV and obliterate it from pure damage at speed. Get someone to toss a 20-40% -Res debuff on the pylon to simulate a couple of slotted -Res procs and see what happens.
  15. For the record Kinetic Melee falls lower on standardized testing because Burst is a long animation with subpar damage, and the Cone has to be corrected for KB. From a ST perspective it shines tremendously which is why it excels on Stalkers (and the ability to critical Burst out of Hide). KM is capable* of stripping aggro off a Tanker with DPS alone. Back when I had a KM/SR I used to make it a point to try and output as much damage as possible to pull aggro for pure threat by DPS. I could easily jump into a BAF and go full red ring within a few seconds of fighting Siege despite any number of engaged Tankers or Brutes. *The Gauntlet improvements may have reduced the ease of that task, I don’t really have a ludicrous DPS character anymore to test that on that isn’t a Tanker. Particularly looking at BAF.
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