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  1. From a simple mathematics basis, they could, but no there's nothing (in public knowledge as I know) in the game that buffs the buff values of Damage specifically. From a numeric stand point though, that integer value should/could be manipulated no differently than how Power Boost manipulates Status values (or in fact the way the entirety of the rest of Amp Up itself works). To implement it it would probably result in needing to add a new unit into the code base and make sure it doesn't conflict with anything that creates the buff value, and targets the value that abilities like BU interact with (assuming, again, that all of those are using the same $code structure... yeah, anyway, complicated short answer is: no, doesn't knowingly exist, but it could if thy wanted to and we could do a quick test of it (although there's a lot of powers to fact check it works correctly with).
  2. Talking about Amp Up, I'm not saying I particularly am lining up to take this power, but I feel that some of the intention behind this power's utility might be getting missed under one massive misconception that it is designed to drop on another support toon. What if I drop it on a Blaster who has two holds in their attack chain, a stun AoE, and slow fields with -Def on their attacks? What if I drop it on a Energy Melee Tanker who has a stun packed into over half of its attacks? What if they just so happen to be a Bio Armor who uses Absorption-building abilities? What if I use it on my Galvanic Sentinel? No, really, what if? Here is Galvanic with Amp Up juicing its Endurance Modification: Here is without: Within two minutes without Amp Up, G.S. can do this to a spawn entirely on its own: Doing the same test with Amp Up, completed it within 45/s. Then someone will say "Well I can just kill the spawn in that time" Sure, you probably could, but I'd also more likely run in with a static-boosted Defibrillate and hit the AoE -Rec/-End, and let Galvanic quickly finish the job within 5-10/s and that leaves me all the time in the world. Did go about testing the other aspects of the power out of curiosity and it does ramp up effects like Farsight's +ToHit effect, which is nice. I feel like the ability should have a +Dam boosting component though to really round out the effect and warrant it being a T9 power. Not give +Dam, but boost the effect of +Dam granting abilities like Build Up, if that's possible. Have it self-contained to the impacted character's natural abilities being "supercharged." I would love to see that team coordination of an Electric Affinity Amping a Nature user and them popping Overgrowth to turn the team into wild Rage Fueled Berserkers. If a Kin can do it with one power, why can't [we] vicariously? Pre Amp Post Amp Then had my crash-test Corruptor who happened to be Electric Blast go sling some electricity at some Nemesis in the comfort and safety of a Galvanic Discharge. Since the secondary effects were one thing that hadn't necessarily been fully invested in testing, there we go. The KU effect triggered, and also got the boosted end reduction. The fact that it started as Electric was a plus because that too bumped up 7 additional points. I'm actually somewhat curious to how a duo of Elec/Elec Defenders would turn out on a high-scale build.
  3. I had some initial concerns with this as well because, visually, it felt pretty tiny, but the radius lists 25' and that is in line with all the other protection bubbles. I wanted to demonstrate that, and double check something else. Since I'm personally not sure who to point towards this specific request, I'll just page @Jimmy on this one because we need an adjustment to the graphic visual of Faraday Cage. I dropped a thumbtack on the map and set myself exactly on the marker 0', popped Faraday Cage, then moved 25 from that center point. Pointing out that the area of effect exceeds the actual visual animation for the cage. This explains why I felt it was too small after having played all three sets of Force Fields, Sonic, and Traps. There's 2 feet between where the buff stops, and when I'm actually "inside" (half inside, half outside) the Cage electrical swirl. So we're talking a visual difference of 4 total feet in its diameter. We could probably loose a bit of the glow as well to help define "in" and "out" more clearly. I hadn't thought to more specifically verify this when I brought it up last week, so here we are. validation with the attribute window, outside the visual cage: and one to validate it does stop at 26':
  4. Supporting Wavicle on this, if the power were too good, it's not on the pretense that we can click it to get the protection, but in the value of what it's providing. Right now the thing that makes it a "weak point" is in the constant re-application of the ability as the team moves around. We're talking a likely 20-40/s constant re-upping of Faraday, that can get pretty tedious, and also something easy to forget. If any questions were going to get brought up about what would be unfair would exist in what benefits are gained while inside the cage. As it stands currently, Faraday Cage is giving a pretty high blanket coverage to everything but Terrorize (Fear) compared to the other bubble effects that only hit on Hold, Immobilize, and Disorient. Faraday is also giving some additional debuff resistances while in its effects, which is adding to that gravy. I'm personally accepting of it at least sharing Hold and Disorient, as they play into the theme of what a Faraday Cage actually is; I'll even toss in the debuff resists to -End/Recov. The things that I personally find out of place are Immobilize and Knockback effects, and to an extent possible Confuse. Immob and KB are more physical impairments that make less logical sense. I build up my resistance/tolerance in the field, but if something hits me with enough force, it could still blast me out of the cage. Having no Immob protection would also be a disadvantage to the team, something that would have to be considered or built around as well. The player being stuck in the Cage is perfectly fine, but if the team moves on without them, they loose the benefits. But in all of that potential argument, those are all things that can very easily be built around in a basic IO build (not even a fancy-pants expensive one). So... do we force build around it, or just say "heck with it, here"? In my opinion, it probably shouldn't be so blanket covering that only Fear is the hole. I'd argue that Confuse and Knockback should be stripped out as well so that the player has to make conscious decisions about their cast-actions. Could you imagine getting confused and then dropping a Faraday Cage for the enemy benefit of four minutes?! I'll say this now though, if Faraday Cage stays as-is, then it would be a call to balance Dispersion Bubble, Sonic Dispersion, and Force Field Generator to be more inclusive/in-line with the respective sets. And the four minute timer on Faraday Cage is fine.
  5. Scrappers already have Demon Summoning, it's called "Invite more Scrappers to the team."
  6. Not one I intentionally seek out, I generally just play whatever background music I'm in the mood for, but this one is pretty solid considering the anime it was set with:
  7. I have another one for you that I just stumbled across today. I popped into Steel Canyon to head over to Positron thinking about starting a Posi 1 & 2 when I saw a building on fire. Being Ice, I was like "Eh, why not." Put the building out, got my Volunteer badge, and then noticed this strange little Jaeger named Helden sitting right next to the building, and I was like "Wut?!" I talk to the little bugger and he tells me this crazy Nemesis plot, and I'm like, "Dude, I gotta tell Positron about this!" Of course I'm like "Let's do this at +4/8, right? Totally." First mission, bit hectic, decide to just knock out the core tasks and GTFO, amirite? Get into the next mission and it's filled with Nemesis Automatons. I'm like "..." I zip through, find the task, activate a computer, and an alarm raises. No big, I'm stealth, yeah? Nope. Ambush, ambush, ambush, they don't stop! They're just rolling down the hallways like a TRAIN for miles. I'm dead. Deader than dead. But I can't complete the mission until the timer expires, and I reactivate the machine! I Hit the med-porter and come back in, and they come after me! They're at the door like, "Hey, have you found Statesman?!" I drop a Blizzard, toss some Judgement, and the Vengeance lights up like a Star Wars Christmas Special, the horror! I died, again. What was I thinking?! It's the SSA2 Episode 5 with the contact HeldenJaeger who sits in the Northeast corner of Steel Canyon. Arc is only a few missions long, and the last one has a scaled-difficulty final ending based on whether you decide to collect some extra abilities. Nothing quite like giving 60 Nemesis mobs 8 stacks of Vengeance.
  8. Sees link, knows it's going to link to "Thunder Struck" but clicks anyway. Gets lost in a Youtube void for 20 35 38 minutes resulting in the re-discovery of Irish Bagpipers who cover Rock songs. Obscurity is more like starting with a classic song from AC/DC, and ending up on something massively disconnected like this, and that's not even where the rabbit hole ended.
  9. Just because it wasn't all specific to just Defibrillate, I'll cross-link to it here, but messed around with Discharge through Galvanic Sentinel and not sold on it being 100% in the best place The overshadowing effects of Defibrillate made it easy to overlook before, but taking a closer inspection of what it was doing has me raising a few red flags. Just on its own merits alone it's able to lock down an even-con enemy pretty effectively from attacking so long as the mob doesn't run outside of Galvanic Sentinel's reach. Something to consider when the AI's response is either panic, or "wait it out," the later of which could be abused. Defibrillate's -End wouldn't even really be a major concern for whether that'd matter either, there's enough other powers in the game that the utility of sapping the enemy endurance low enough could be consumed and locked down with Discharge's effect.
  10. @Bopper, given a comment made by Number Six, did you double check any testing with LoS in the configuration? Went back with the new client update and checked into some pre-standing issues, as Tex posted, the endurance reduction has shot through the roof now. Targetted a patch of 41 Nemesis with an 18 Stacked Defib and produced this return: Of course it floored them. They were also effectively knocked out of combat for four minutes. Also, stack cool down should probably be revisited. I tabbed away to start this post and tabbed back, activated Defib thinking I'd be cleared and realized it still consumed three stacks and it was after a full three minutes between. Of which, this is the Defib values I returned on the same spawn: I'd say we probably put a decimal in the wrong place. This would make a lot more sense if it were meant to be 50.99~ and not 5099~, which would translate the previous value of 19500 down to 195, still end-bar reducing, but not nearly as extreme. It would pair down the effect of Defib substantially into a "normal" range. With even a few stacks it'd clear out some end, but not all of it, it'd take the time-investment to get more. Now with no stacks, even lower, and the Nem Units snapped back to attention within just 20/s: Also, what's the debuff duration of the -Recovery effect from Defib currently? It seemed like ~5/s? With zero stacks, Defib with Galvanic out, the Nem Units sat for four minutes before finally recovering a small blip of endurance, at which point they finally decided to actually run compared to just sitting there (not asleep, just sitting there). Discharge I know is listed as a 10/s -Recovery for 50%, but Discharge alone is keeping an even-con enemy locked down. The AI seems to be giving two very different approaches to responding to a lack of endurance. Indifference, or complete panic, and it hasn't been consistent. I also tested against even-con 50 CoT Scientists who just sat there ... going on five minutes now, no endurance. Scientists after eight minutes: I let Galvanic fade and gave the Scientists a chance to recoup some end so they could fire off an attack or two, get engaged, get some blue, and then re-summoned Galvanic back, and Discharge had them shut back down within a matter of three hits. Is the -Recovery in Discharge stacking? Should it? I would presume it shouldn't be, but it seems like it might be. Dug up some monkeys to keep testing on different targets: I caught this when Galvanic dispersed at the end of its duration: This popped quite often that the -3% End was putting the Rikti Monkey into the negative. And this I caught in blips where it'd show -.78% for a fraction of a second in the analyzer, and then jump back to -1.55% Also saw similar oddities with the Regen rate: And at dispersion of the Sentinel: I'd also see just -.1% (-.16) on occasion. If the Monkey baseline is 1%, and the -Recovery is 50%, and I'm not a mathematician, far from it, but to me not one of those screen clips makes sense. Is the game translating a sub-1% value as null, or are the values doubling backwards and resulting in a rounded null value? Cause it's showing a base value of .6% after Discharge, and -.78% as the debuff, shouldn't it be 1% base still with a debuff of -.5%? Mag check on the Monkeys was Mag 3, duration on a 13 stack Static ended up being roughly 90-105/s. Hitting a full 20 stacks of Static bumped up to ~3:00. Also, about the last thing anyone every expects to see happen to a Pylon, first hit took it down to about 800 End, every follow up Defib with at least 6 stacks of Static dropped it to 0: Last thing I went back to test was Jousting and can confirm that it is working both with my character moving into a static target, the target moving with me static, and with both of us moving. All occurrences activated around the target as far as the Debuff and Sleep were concerned. There wasn't anyone on Test I could drag over to try a death/rez with, leave that more in-depth analysis to Bopper and friends 🙂
  11. While it wasn't necessarily explicitly stated, I'm taking a leap from @Jimmy's last comment that the power is activating off the target, and not from the caster, but he also said there were other components not working as intended (paraphrased). Nice to see the ability is (mostly) working, now we just need a bit more clarification, and see how it turns out in the next patch.
  12. For such a tiny box [question] it sure packed a lot of opinion in it. Turns Zamboni on and starts smoothing over the ice. Perspective is going to matter for you, personally. As you can see there's a lot of... consideration for play style when it comes to the choices you make in this game. If you build to a set's strengths, many of its weaknesses are easy to deal with, or flat out ignore. In some cases some of those weaknesses can even be altered or corrected with its paired set. Ultimately you've got to play what interests you the most because not every build fits all personalities, even if it's "the best of the best, with honors, sir!" Plant has some good AoE built into it, and Carrion Creepers is a monster ability that just keeps chugging throughout its duration, even when you move to the next spawn. Storm has a lot of crowd-impacting abilities and if you play to that strength you can do some pretty amazing things. I've played Storm/Energy Defender for a considerable amount of time not too long ago and it is a Monster on the battlefield, and has absolutely zero immobilize in its toolkit, but has absolutely no issue dusting any spawn that stands in its way. Get a couple of KB > KD covnersion IO's, build in some good proc utility, an Achille's Heel, and back it up with Gale (KD Converted), and you'll be dropping enemies on their backs all day long. Is it the "Best" for the choice of damage? Honestly, the value indicator there is so infinitesimally tiny, that it doesn't really matter. We're talking about the differences of seconds from one spawn to the next. Then when it comes to AV's, well, I mean, if they're going to run, they're going to run, but in my experience just don't use Snow Storm (it'll pretty much guarantee they run, plus it's kinda bleh anyway <-- Opinion, YMMV), and just let loose on it. I've tagged a fair few AV's, and Storm does a tremendous amount of damage all on its wee-lonesome, plus you'll be stacking in some of your own ST and Carrion Creepers. You'll be VERY busy. In the end, if you don't like it, well, okay, see all of the above posts for suggestions on alternative options!
  13. What's interesting about this idea is that, to a degree I understand and even sympathize with that thought, but I'm more inclined to say we just need a wider range of more "difficult" content that adapts to our improved skills. The reason I'm saying that is significantly influenced by having been doing some exemplar content on two characters now that have a high-spec IO build that works down to level 15 (mostly) and level 20 at a minimum for its bonuses, and even though I loose all Incarnate functions down there, IO Bonuses tend to compensate, on top of having better slotted abilities compared to leveling up. Considering the level shifts only matter in that upper-level stuff, and a build can perform equally ridiculously at lower levels, we realistically just need tougher content options. To a degree, isn't the core idea behind being an Incarnate transitioning our character into that idea of Statesman, an individual that has a level of power vast enough to tackle what multiple heroes otherwise might struggle with? And to imagine, there was supposed to be content coming down the pipeline that would've been challenging in that state.
  14. What's interesting about this case is that, in some circumstances, you only need ONE capable player to tackle that entire scenario. A scenario that once required attentive action planning that can now be handled by a single Blaster. Now that I'm getting more of the Incarnates fleshed out on my current project, things have progressed to the point where I see a room with multiple spawns packed together and my only thought is "Oooh Yeaah." BU+Blizzard+Atom Smasher on the first spawn, Pyronic Judgement on the second, and then move into the third with Ice Storm and another Atom Smasher, and anything that didn't insta-wipe from the first two (usually just a couple of Bosses) chase after me; then it just becomes a quick game of whack-a-mole. I have definitely--mind unintentionally--altered the perspective of a couple of Tankers in the last two weeks about crowd control, and their purpose on the team. When I nuke out a spawn, and am whittling away a Boss in short order of the remnants, and they start for the next spawn and I Judgement it into non-existence. More than once I've watched a player stop and just go "Well then..." And I feel a little bad about it, seeing it from their perspective. The truth of the matter is that I'm not invalidating their existence, in fact I'm absolutely abusing their existence on the fact that just walking around and punching things taunts and keeps enemies focused on them, and not me. The fact that there's builds out there (especially once Incarnates get involved) that are walking Nuclear Bombs on tap, it can totally feel like a Tanker lacks purpose. So to those Tanks I say: Just keep punching, please, it does more than it may seem. And if I land in the middle of a spawn looking drugged and wobblin' about the place, punch harder! *I did a cut quote with removed notification prompt since I wasn't speaking to you (Gulbasaur) directly, but to the scenario itself.
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