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  1. Hello, I'm Succubus Half. I've been playing CoH since 2009, and joined the Dawn Patrol in June of 2020.
  2. I'm with this, too. I'll sign up in a heartbeat if I can make it automatic so I never miss the chance to donate.
  3. Wow. It took me way too long to discover CoH was back. Virtue was home for... well, let's see... Blueshift Girl Succubus Half Dr. MacManus Project 13 Hertz Aki the Eye Unit 23 Skidoo Volkoff's Limit Willow Shadowspawn Yuki Yoroi And a bunch of other alts who I wasn't able to extract before the game went down.
  4. Thanks for your suggestion. As soon asI disabled my AV, the download went smoothly. Now to see if adding an exception will make the next update work.
  5. Oh, ouch. Thanks for the suggestion. I had another game that had that problem...
  6. Doing some investigating, I discovered that every time it crashes, it's when it's trying to download the 64-bit version of cityofheroes.exe, and it always fails on the permissions stage. For some reason, when it creates the hc-bin64 folder, it gives it permissions that prevent it from writing to it with that specific file. Oh yes, and deleting the entire folder and re-downloading doesn't fix it any more. TequilaActivityLog.txt
  7. I've noticed that every time Tequila tries to download an update, it crashes in mid-download, and the only way to fix it is to erase Tequila and the COH .exes and download new. Is there some reason the update routine fails so routinely?
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