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  1. Thank for all the good information. I am currently trying a TW/Bio Scrapper. I may use him for farming or just general scrapper mayhem (or both). I will say, I see where some players find TW to be clunky at the early levels. The animation & recharge times seem to really make going through the early levels a little frustrating when you are used to a faster power set...but what nice damage when you do hit. It really starts opening up at level 10, as Jaegernault mentioned, when you can develop a chain with momentum. I haven't tried *8 yet, but I am running at *3 since I'm still getting an idea of how this works. I'm looking forward to leveling this. I may try a DFB to get thru my teens and then run missions and a little custom AE to get to the AOE. I've played Bio on a Brute before, so I'm not unfamiliar, but I like the advise you have in your guide, Jaegernault, so I'll want to run through AE to practice those strategies. Again, thanks to all of you for the advise in this thread and all your other contributions. I have haunted these forums for advise and guides since the day of Live, and these kind of contributions are invaluable to casual players like me.
  2. Awesome! Your play style is similar to mine I think. Thanks again! Great guide as well. Much appreciated.
  3. Color me very impressed. Looking at your build makes me realize that there are more options than what seems to be the popular fully capped fire defense farm build. 90% resists in s/l/f probably help a lot with that. How does the aggro handle in a fire farm? I noticed that taunt was not slotted and you actually slotted consume with an End Mod set - I HATE runners. Do you have to hit Healing Flames often (I hardly use it now and wondering if I could find a different option for a power selection and slots)? Looks like the build is also not dependent on perma hasten. I prefer a more active style of play, so these types of builds interest me. I am currently trying a Savage/Fire brute, and while it seems active, it just seems to take longer chew through the mobs than what I have seen on my Rad/Fire. Granted, it's not fully slotted and still T1 in incarnates, but the DOT damage aspect seems anemic (no matter what my fury is). But I could be wrong. I'm not the speed farmer in other posts, but I like to wade through crowds of mobs and just watch them fall quickly. It's relaxing. Do you have a build for that posted somewhere? I would be interested in seeing that. I enjoy Bio and I love seeing big orange numbers. I would love trying/creating other maps besides fire farms if it can work that way. Thanks again.
  4. Jaegernault, - I know that this an older thread, but can you post your build? I would really like to see how you have everything built out that you can run a farm like that. I'm still figuring out a farmer to match my style and would like to try this combo, Thanks. Frostweaver - You been an amazing resource for some of my other builds. Just wanted to say thanks for all your posts and give you a nod of appreciation.
  5. Ok that answer should have been obvious to me. But then again, I'm the guy who chose a cheesy 80's cartoon character for an avatar. It worked, if not for a little bit of choppiness when I do it, perfectly. Thanks.
  6. This is probably a stupid question to the tech minded out there. I very occasionally duo box (following CoC) but with my current set up, I can only have the game display on my main monitor. I cannot move the second window to the other monitor. I can alt tab between them just fine, but I would like to see if I can have each account displayed on it's own monitor at the same time. Is this something that can be done? If so, please let me know how. Thanks in advance.
  7. Anyone? The best I can tell from playing Bads is that the primary powers that are being used are from Titan Weapons - Throwing Knives & Build up. The secondary, which seems to be hardly used, is a flame heal. I cannot seem to find the right combination to duplicate this myself. On top of this, I believe that the slide for these EB's must be 100% at 50 since every level gets max payout even when I gain a level in the mission. Is there a piece to this puzzle that I am missing (some other function of mission construction, something related to having an Ally)? I have attempted to contact the author of Bads with no luck (email was full) as well as an author of a clone mission that looked to be the same (no response). Please - does anyone out there know what I need to do? Hopefully I am not trying to get state secrets or breaking etiquette by asking, I just want to understand and build some good missions.
  8. Resurrecting this thread. First off...love the humor in Bads. Love the solo friendly farms. It has really opened me up to trying different archetypes. My question...how do you make those custom enemies? I figured out that they are Elite bosses. That they use throwing knives as a primary power and, I believe, what looks like Thermal for secondary. But when I try to duplicate something on my own, I cannot figure out how to get to 100% on the slider at level 1. Are there additional powers that are selected but not visible? I tried to add a few to get to the 100% but the bosses used them and actually made it harder to defeat them in comparison to what is used in Bads. I want to try my hand at authoring AR missions, but first I am trying to understand how these most popular authors do it. Thanks.
  9. I know that there are numerous farms out there, but they are all set to run by level 50+. I am up and climbing there, but also like to earn the inf and experience content, so I wanted to create my own S/L farm based on my current level -1 for when I want to exemp, earn some $, and practice play techniques and powers. Right now @ lvl 40, I'm running +0/+8 using custom enemies and pulling maybe 80-90K inf/minute before drops/sales. This I'm sure is low by normal optimized farms, but well my main toon is not a farm build and probably will not be given that I run content as well. Just want to have some fun, but also run efficiently with my time. What is the best mix of enemies that will net the best gain? I am primarily seeing an average group of 2 bosses, 3-4 Lt's, and the rest minions. I have three ambushes set at medium difficulty and no EB's yet. My map is the unique collapsed tunnel. I like this map for pacing and cover to control mob swarms when I need it. Should I add EB's? Should I go like @ Brigg's $ farm and set up almost all EB's? More/less bosses? Are there nerfs that I need to be aware of? I am just getting into AE now and did not do much with it even in the Live days, so I am really need some insight from people here. As always, I appreciate this community for all the support and advice I see in game and on the forum. Thanks.
  10. If possible, get enough inf to her via email to buy the Pocket D transporter from a P2W (or whatever the Praetorian equivalent is), then just jump safely right to Pocket D.
  11. It was worth the ask. I was hoping that there may have been something similar to /savebuild or the chat logs that could pull the data out. I'll be using KeyboardKitsune's tracker in the future, but for now, I am in the process of re-visiting all the plaques and re-swimming the rivers of Praetoria. Thanks to all of your for your advice. COX has a great community and is one of the many reasons I was so excited to discover that it was back.
  12. Thank you for the reply. However, I was thinking more along the lines of a way to extract the specific information from the specific character. Something that would list either the plaques that are counted or the one that is not. No big deal, just was hoping for a way that I wouldn't have to visit in this example all six zones and click each plaque again. Was trying to see if this existed for use in my current main and future alts.
  13. First time post after coming back to COX after a decade. Not sure if it is possible, but is there a tool or a easy way to find out what requirements are specifically missing on my character to get a badge. This applies primarily to the History badges. For example: I am one short for the 20 Rebellion lessons. I was wondering if there was a way I can find out via the character's data which one is missing or if I just need to go and visit each one again. Thanks for the help.
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