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  1. Hi there. Thanks for testing. Please create a new topic in the main Homecoming Launcher forum here with the details about the bug report. I'd say to help visually distinguish it from topics like this one, start the subject line with [Bug Report]. This is not a requirement just a recommendation.
  2. Both of these are unrelated to the launcher. Details about both are listed on the Patch Notes for October 6th
  3. We, both the community and the GM team, have lost a valuable member. I don’t really have the words to express why but, we all know it by the work he put in to help members both as a player and as a GM. RIP Cyclone.
  4. The pattern seems to be the game being installed on a root directly D:\ for example rather than something like D:\Games\COH.
  5. First thing to try here would be to close and reopen Tequila. If that does not resolve it, re-validate the files through Options.
  6. Ok. Ruled that out. Hmmm, let me see if anyone has any other ideas.
  7. Just want to make sure that tick - ' at the end is just a typo on the forums and not in your manifest URL within game? I'm sure it is the former but, you never know. Can you also try in your browser of choice going to the URL? This will not fix anything. I just want to rule out possibilities. I want to make sure you can see something which starts with: This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. <manifest> <label>Homecoming</label> <profiles> <launch version="20201006_2439" exec="hc-bin64\cityofheroes.exe" order="0" params="-auth -legacylayout -assetpath piggs -assetpath homecoming" architecture="x64">Homecoming (64-Bit)</launch> <launch version="20201006_2439" exec="hc-bin32\cityofheroes.exe" order="1" params="-auth -legacylayout -assetpath piggs -assetpath homecoming">Homecoming (32-Bit)</launch> <devlaunch exec="homecoming.exe" order="2" params="-auth -legacylayout -assetpath piggs -assetpath homecoming">Homecoming (Safe Mode)</devlaunch> <launch exec="paragonchat.exe" order="3" params="">Paragon Chat</launch> <launch exec="icon.exe" order="4" params="">Titan Icon v1.71</launch> </profiles>
  8. Could you try deleting tequilia.xml (make sure this is not the one with the shot glass icon), tequilialog.xml, and TequiliaActivityLog.txt in the directory where you have COH installed? Then revalidate. Don't know if this will work but, worth a shot.
  9. It is most likely the Documents folder. That is one of Window's special folders and that can cause issues. You would not be the first to have it work for awhile and then have it break unexpectedly. We do recommend installing into C:\Games\COH. You may need to create those two folders (Games\COH) but that will eliminate the possibility of running afoul of Windows.
  10. Go into Options and clear the Launch Parameters field. This will that error right up. @freedan48
  11. Go into Options and clear anything that is in Launch Parameters. I'm betting you will see http://patch.savecoh.com/manifest.xml in that line. Since that is not a valid launch parameter, it is giving that message.
  12. Thank you for posting this! I’m happy we were able to help create something special for something that was already going to make some pretty special memories to begin with. It’s awesome that you are already sharing this great game with your “sidekicks”! It was fun to hang out with all of you.
  13. When the new launcher is released Soon™️, the servers statuses will be right upfront on the launcher. Until then, Tahquitz’s post is a great suggestion!
  14. Luckily, Menders can fix time... right? 😉
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