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  1. Excelsior Winner! c5d6515df3b411845f82b619265e3cc7.mp4 Excelsior Group Photo! 9947fa458564ad6b9cbf554887210e58.mp4 Excelsior Candids! 01447a4c067abd5bc330efb0d1b58a4c.mp4 cc06a74b9a2dd2afcd326dd07d1c4b28.mp4 b5c9fa8ba6be0d91a885bc2721d69490.mp4 d561fe3648e6df3ac33c43b04694c4d0.mp4 01447a4c067abd5bc330efb0d1b58a4c.mp4
  2. I chose this for my screenshot! My greatest joy since Homecoming was getting to meet these incredible people I get to work with everyday. People who work so tirelessly to keep the game fun and running smoothly for everyone! I'm glad to call them my friends and look forward to everything the next year has to offer! 🙂 ebbd49963c658c13bb96b9d50a4ae11e (1).mp4
  3. It can be quite - dismal - over there, I agree. I personally really enjoy doing the "Red Side" content and would love to see a little life put back into it! ^_^
  4. Thanks @Bilious Slick - I'll go through that too! These ideas are pretty great, everyone! I'm glad to see so many of you invested in AE content & creation. Be sure to send me any suggested arcs for Dev's choice if you haven't already! I've really enjoyed some of the arcs I've gotten so far!
  5. These are all excellent suggestions so far, everyone! I would definitely like to see one or two of these take place myself. Keep the ideas rolling! 😄
  6. Hi everyone! Over the past week or so, many of you have reached out with ideas to help improve the Architect Entertainment system! You've all had some really great ideas, that I personally would love to see implemented some day. I thought I'd create a space for you to all share these ideas so the devs have a place to review all the content recommendations and suggestions you may have! Possible Topics: NPCs you'd like available Map Location/Ideas Enemy Groups you'd like access to Custom Content Ideas UI Enhancement Ideas I'm sure you guys will think of many more! *Let me be clear, I do not guarantee anything discussed below being added into AE. Having a place for the devs to review it help streamline the possibility when they're able to review the AE content* Additionally, please keep conversations friendly! Its okay to disagree or recommend a compromise based on someone's idea, however, keep the conversation productive! Okay, let's hear those thoughts!
  7. Posting a thread in the Bug Reports channel is sufficient! The dev team is constantly reviewing this channel for any reports listed!
  8. Salut et bienvenue @SangokuDBS!
  9. Glad it worked out! What was the problem out of curiosity in case it helps another player?
  10. They are not currently available in the Freebies menu. You can purchase catalysts from the market though, for the time being, by providing yourself influence! Sorry for a delay there. I just verified, if it didn't have it before Aeon should have it now. Brainstorm/Aeon are running the same patch so they should be identical! ^_^
  11. So many creative pictures so far! Keep it going, everyone! ^_^
  12. Thanks everyone! I'll add these in! Keep them coming! 😄
  13. Hi everyone! I'm excited to announce we're going to be bringing the AE Dev's Choice back into circulation! If you would like to submit an AE Arc to be considered (either your own arc, or another player's), either send me a DM or post on the thread below. Please include the following information: The Arc ID# The Arc Name The global of the player that created it (i.e. @GM Arcanum) Any arcs submitted will be reviewed by a team of GMs to determine an overall best to be selected for the Dev's Choice for that month. Guidelines: We're looking for quality content, arcs designed for farming are unlikely to be be picked. Contents of the Arc must fall within the guidelines of the Homecoming Code of Conduct found here: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/code-of-conduct/ Prizes: Dev's Choice: If your arc is selected for the Dev's Choice, you will receive 1,000 Reward Merits and a Golden Title for one character. Any time a new arc is selected; it will be announced in our next community update. Please let me know if anyone has any questions or concerns! I can't wait to see what you all come up with!
  14. INDOMITABLE EXTRAS! 69e5e993766ce3bb8c85de9ac6e48c3f.mp4 36646f4033b98dcb941b5ff40fd70b13.mp4 07b536a79e7c229030eb8d210d64e8dc.mp4
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