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  1. Thanks to you, new heroes rise in this city; with your voice and guides to show them the way. Thanks to you, Paragon is in good hands. Your time on patrol has come to an end; rest well, friend. Thank you.
  2. Recommended Powerset: Boot Heel *squishes spiders*
  3. The technical aspect of pulling that off is rather tricky as well. The way a map works is its already completely pre-built. So when you're clicking on a door inside a Mission, that room/area the door takes you to is already placed somewhere on the map (usually way below the surface). To do something like this would require loading an entirely new map when you clicked on the door. May be a little tricky to pull that off. I've suggested this and some other NPC options I've seen everyone recommending. The only hesitation with Red Widow is that the costume was from "Manticore's Wedding" and typically specialized costumes are reserved for events. However, we'll just have to see what the Devs decide! Keep up the ideas, everyone! I love seeing them all!
  4. This can sometimes happen. Its a known issue we're looking into. There is a weekly server restart tomorrow with the maintenance - if you try again after that it should work properly. Feel free to submit a ticket or send me a PM if you continue to have problems!
  5. Congrats, everyone! I've look at several of these, well deserved! I'll have to checkout the others!
  6. Thank you everyone for continuing to submit them! The team and I have a fantastic time playing through these arcs! Thanks for keeping us entertained with your wonderful stories, keep it up!
  7. *cough cough* Thermal Radiation Shields need it too *cough cough*
  8. Hi @ProPain Tank, Welcome home! Glad you found your way back to Paragon City (unless you're one of those dastardly Villains we work hard to thwart!). Either way, glad you found your way! 😁
  9. Fret not! Per some responses from last year the night cycle will only be during the first week and the last week! The other weeks it will be the standard day sky.
  10. It's true - October 6 - November 3. Let spooky season, commence!
  11. Hi everyone! First of all, as always, I thoroughly enjoy all of the content you guys are creating! We really enjoy playing through all of them and seeing all the creative stories you guys come up with. Having said that, we've selected some more story arcs for Dev's Choice that we really enjoyed! The author(s) will receive 1,000 Reward Merits and a Golden Title. I will be in contact with you shortly regarding your rewards! Please keep in mind if you have previously submitted an arc it is still a potential Dev's contender, we have not yet been able to review them all and are working on an active list. We will continue to update you on selected arcs, so check back often! Any previously awarded "Dev's Choice" arcs, will be moved to "Hall of Fame". After testing the current selection, be sure to filter for these to checkout some other great arcs! Help out Turndown Girl! Arc ID: 25717 Created by: @thunderforce Number of Missions: 3 Level Range: 1-54 Description: "Azuria has become aware of the plight of Turndown Girl, endlessly rejecting Desperate Guy. Help her resolve the situation...while occasionally breaking the fourth wall and punching Fifth Column." Dev Review: "A light hearted and humorous adventure through a dark secret in the halls of Pocket D. What is going on with Turndown Girl? Well....you won't get any spoilers out of me! You'll have to play this arc to find out!" 35ccdd22d80fcc48d22a062d5ed0c0fc.mp4 The Paper Mirror Arc ID: 28570 Created by: @12twelveletter Number of Missions: 4 Level Range: 45 - 54 Description: "You're always picking up clues and souvenirs that remind you of past adventures. One such souvenir, a book, details an adventure, before you've even had it!" Dev Review: "This was an incredibly fun and unique mission experience! We're not just saying that because of the excellent choice in contact NPCs; the mystery and intrigue of diving through the stories of this book made it a real page-turner!" cb15868c5f25e5947139dc0373369ef8 (1).mp4 Check out these arcs and let us know what you think! Special thank you to all the GMs and Admins that help us test out each of these arcs! Your time is incredibly appreciated. Additionally, if you have any arcs to review for Dev's Choice fell free to message them to myself or @GM Sparky via Forum Message or Discord. You can also post any recommended arcs for us to review here:
  12. Sister Solaris's Belt *sighs* Also, I'd love to see some more custom weapon options someday (specifically some arrows....)
  13. There are a few changes I'd like to see, personally. Mass Confusion is obviously one, given the decline to XP you get when using it. Thematically I understand the reasoning but the practicum missed the mark in my opinion. The NPC pet control was a nifty idea I saw suggested, though I'm not unsure of the technical aspects in making that work. Another concept might be a pet similar to Phantasm/Decoys - a sort of Astral Form of yourself? Just ideas! I would also like to see some pet adjustments (specifically Jack Frost, but a few of the other pets could do with a onceover as well).
  14. You guys are incredible! If anyone's ever looking for more ways to get involved, check out Jimmy's post here! There are various things we're looking for; including volunteers to join the GM team! 😄
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