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  1. I just fired up ESO for the first time in at least 4 or 5 years, man I do not remember a thing about this game. I have 4 level 50s and I quit fairly soonafter the Champoin Point things was implemented (190CP, I think they are account-wide?) but I don't remember a damn thing. I might stick with it and level a necormancer or warden though, why not? EDIT: nvm, I can't commit to un-learning what I remember and re-learning the whole game, it's just too different (I quit well before they removed veteran ranks, its been that long)
  2. Well then why not leave granite for the people who do want to chase even more survivability even at a cost
  3. I agree, also suppression is great for applying soft control via either knockdown procs or the terrorize SoA proc (or both). And sure the DPA isn't great but it does hit a LOT of targets, recharges relatively quickly, and applies -DEF. After Venom (and maybe even arctic breath) suppression is still worth activating imo
  4. 'Need' is a bit too absolute, and we all know only sith deal in absolutes. Personally I think Tough/Weave are highly valuable for most builds and crab spiders are no exception. If nothing else, defense and resist IO sets have some of the best uniques and set bonuses in the game. Here's my current 'crabbermind', perma hasten/serum, seamless ST and AOE rotations as well as 6 pets and softcapped positionals (obv including tough and weave). At the moment experimenting with a little extra damage via procs at the cost of psi resist. It's ranged AOE tank-mage...plus dps pets |
  5. Well situationally good for ATs that can crit, but it’s DoT used to crit (and crit real big). And stalkers being able to crit on demand meant you could drop big numbers on a single target
  6. Hemorrage is pretty terrible now after it was nerfed. Savage leap is dope though. As for OP, melee fortunata is really fun, powerful and durable.
  7. Hopefully new 50+/incarnate content(maybe even a new enemy), i dont care if it takes all year lol
  8. Don't know if we are still posting 'unstoppable' tanker build in this thread or we've moved on, but here's my stone/em completed build. I sacrificed a few slots on granite QoL (run speed uniques) and ended up faster than base run speed in granite. With that and the glory that is combat teleport + fold space, the movement drawbacks of granite are easily compensated for. Honestly, a simple combat teleport to target bind is easy and might be more fun than running/flying around. I have no ranged attacks, because I am the ranged attack (also i have no slots for it lol. the ranged dmg purple se
  9. That answers my question, thank you for the link!
  10. I’m still waiting on confirmation if the winter pack price is 10M permanently
  11. I actually think you should be aiming for over soft cap with fortunatas (softcapped positionals before mind link). with our low base resists, low base hp, low DDR, and no native healing we are very susceptible to defense debuff cascades and having a cushion to react before starting to take multiple big hits is very helpful (especially for us melee fortunatas)
  12. This thread has some numbers: I used to always slot health: panacea, miracle, numina stamina: perf shifter proc + ps end mod but I’ve since the new power transfer health proc came out i’ve dropped numina and added the hp proc to stamina as that is effectively much much more regeneration and i dont miss the minor recovery bonus numina gives. Also if you can spare the slots the +absorb proc from preventative is also much more effective than the numina unique
  13. More foot stomps! MOAR FOOT STOMPZ!
  14. Is there a single power more viscerally fun in all tanker sets than foot stomp? its probably top 5 in the whole game actually, its just great.
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