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  1. Hope you dont mind a late entry. Here's the D/D tank I'm working on now. I tried to love Cloak of Fear but the end cost is too high, and Oppressive Gloom isn't super effective with Dark Melee because of the low magnitude. Basically soul drain -> shadow maul -> touch of fear has the minions on the floor. I'd imagine offensive sets that have baked in disorient as a secondary effect (energy melee/ss) would synergize better with Oppressive Gloom I don't chase defense, but I have Melee soft capped and S/L at 40 (so factor in the 5% base of Barrier and they are soft capped too)
  2. Just an endurance reduction unless you have spare slots and want a particular set bonus (adjusted targeting has a 3 slot energy res bonus iirc). On it’s own it gives something like 86% toHit debuff resistance, so it’s very useful to toggle on for those fights you know are -toHit heavy
  3. I think you are a bit over indexed on resistance. You are capped with only one +res proc in S/L/F/C/N/P which is a bit overkill. I also think you are chasing defense a little too much and so spreading it too thinly instead of focusing on S/L/M defense. Defense is great, but for Dark/ it's a tertiary layer of mitigation behind resistance and healing. Also only having 4 knockback protection will cause a problem. As you mention, the biggest dangers come from debuffs that make healing difficuly/impossible. So -toHit means dark regen can't hit anyone (and obv your damage plummets),
  4. Some really good looking pure Bane builds so far. I leveled one of my Soldiers as a pure Bane, and enjoyed him solo (less so on teams though). So I thought I'd offer a different take, a bane-based (so no backpack) Hunstman build which I switched my Bane to and havent looked back. Very respectable ranged AOE and ST rotations (heavy burst features in both) and even has Bayonet for opening criticals to delete sapper and the like. Also I thoroughly enjoy the melee animations of pummel and bayonet. A crab based version that swaps surveillance and the bane armors for serum and fort
  5. My issue, which is entirely personal, with shield is the click mez protection. If you can get over that, it’s a lovely set that is just about even overall with Invuln/ on tankers (since there are diminishing returns on survivability in this game)
  6. I'm leveling a D/D tank now, so far it's fun and powerful. It's definitely expensive as you pretty much have to slot the best IOs you can to reduce end costs, and enhance recharge/accuracy. On that note, don't fall into the defense trap with Dark/* (but especially with dark melee). The set craves global recharge and accuracy and while you can softcap all positionals doing so will absolutely force you to compromise both of those (and closing the energy resist hole). IMO defense is the tertiary mitigation layer for Dark/ after resistance and healz. I might even put soft control and damage (
  7. I thoroughly enjoyed leveling my Crab Spider. However they play differently than tankers or brutes. They do have available melee attacks, however they dont have a full melee attack chain (a single target attack w/ 4s cd, a melee cone 10s, pbaoe 20s). They don't have taunt so they can't really hold aggro. They can be easily built to have layered scrapper-level survivability though. Softcapped positionals with 50-70% resistances across the board is doable without sacrificing too much, plus a dull pain clone self heal and good status protection, not to mention toggles that buff th
  8. Both Banes and Crabs lack DDR. It makes more sense for Crabs to have that 'hole' in their defenses given that they are, generally, a ranged-focus branch and have Serum and Fortification for healing and higher resistances. Banes on the other hand, are a melee focused defense-first branch. They lose the Crab self heal and their resistance armor is significantly worse than Fotification. A reasonable amount of built-in DDR (say ~20-30%) would go a long way to stiffening up pure Bane survivability without making them overpowered imo. As it is, Banes are a bit of a melee eggshell.
  9. In this game? Poorly. Basically whacking a Rikti Pylon and estimating the DPS by how long it takes to break. It's the best method out there though, despite the myriad ways the results are not representative of real gameplay DPS.
  10. Recommend reading through the "Brunker" guide from @Sovera on the front page here too if you are looking for Fire/ synergies. I certainly disdained Fire/ tankers until I read that thread and started up a Fire/Ice.
  11. Welp the numbers don't lie: GIS is a turd. I'm experimenting dropping energy mastery for Soul, and using a procced out Gloom instead. We'll see how this goes, probably fine until it isn't (aka heavy -tohit debuff mobs)
  12. the new trick arrow is so good, my TA/A defender is so much more fun than most defenders I’ve played
  13. So I took my Fire/Ice through the Faultline arc, and by 21/22 was at +1/x6 with bosses which actually meant I outleveled the arc. Even at this difficulty versus Arachnos though I didn't have real problems, the aoe was just too strong. The only thing that was even annoying was the night widow blinds. However, there were definitely signs that this wouldn't be as smooth as any of my other tankers (since all my others have defense or hyrid sets like Inv and Stone). After finishing at 27 I went to croatoa and this time totally outleveled the Skipper part, so went straight from gordern brewer to
  14. Spring attack procced out can do decent burst
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