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  1. Do the changes either remove the full benefit of Fury or buff tankers to realize the same damage benefits of a constant near full Fury bar? I don’t see enough on paper changes to close the damage gap enough that tankers will become better inf/min farmers than top brute builds
  2. I really enjoy the faultine arcs, the croatia arcs, the pi tina/unai/maria arcs, and post-50 I hang around DA sweeping moth cemetery since it’s the only incarnate zone in game. kings row, perez, boomtown, steel, skyway, bricks, creys, eden, founders, independence port i generally visit only for task forces or occasional level appropriate radio teams. They are just either bland or inconvenient (looking at you IP)
  3. I think I only have ~12-13 seconds hasten downtime if the FF proc never hits (i whirling smash whenever its up though since I had to sacrifice crushing blow and titan sweep for defensive powers). I find there are few chain gaps just obviously I end up using WS and AoC against single targets a lot. Momentum kinda forces gaps and the 'slow' rend armors/AoCs to gain momentum give everything else plenty of time to recharge. Also throw in a second or so for taunt when momentum expires. My end bar doesnt move now but was a concern well in the 40s before all the accolades, physical perfection, etc. Plus in 8+ man TF/Trial content, ageless is being cast so regularly that I dont even feel the need to slot it and am currently running barrier as an 'oh shit' button. I was pretty close to rolling this guy as a Dark/TW tank, but the end issue definitely dissuaded me lol
  4. No offense guys, I think the dick measuring context of which unkillable endgame tanker build/set is less killable is fairly silly 😇. I personally chose invulnerability over shield for 3 reasons: 1) I dont like click mez protection on a tanker, hell I dont really like click defensive powers in general 2) Dull pain is great, i feel more comfortable with a self heal even if i never have to use it (i generally use it practively if at all) 3) Shield is incompatible with, in my opinion, the best tanker secondary in the game titan weapons (don't @ me). With Melee and Invincibility set to 1 enemy which seems like a good baseline (Also tough is toggled off, since it only nets an effective .3% S/L resistance). My favorite part of this character isn't the fact that it's basically unkillable unless I go afk while fighting battle maiden or something. It's that if a second tanker joins a TF/Trial, say a granite tanker who by definition will hit like a wet noodle, I can let them take point and still contribute because Titan Weapons is just that good. Sure I can't dps like a stalker/scrapper, but I'm better than a brute without fury 😛 mcdoogss.mxd
  5. Mace Mastery is pretty good for a Bane Spider, Shatter Armor is another big ST hitter that adds -res, and the aoe blast is better than the bane version if you dont like cones. Most importantly, no redraw for any of the Mace Mastery powers. I like Leviathan for an aoe monster crab build. Bile spray hits harder than all other aoes after venom grenade’s toxic debuff. For a crabbermind, the one of the pets is essential
  6. Plant/Storm is a blast, with very respectable damage for a controller.
  7. I think just buffing lvl 54 mobs would go a ways towards providing some more challenge on the original, non-incarnate endgame story arcs/TFs/Trials, without the HC devs having to develop too much 'new' content. Even with 4-5 lvl 50s pre-inc x4/x8 is trivial, and becomes a face roll once they get their alpha level shift. Maybe giving all 54s a buff across the board (or even make all 54s whatever the few incarnate mobs are with their extra to-hit/etc) will introduce a little more fun to the endgame.
  8. That makes a lot of sense for us people with self control. Sounds like that is not the situation OP is in.
  9. You are replying a lot for someone who isn't defensive. Were you 'just joking' bruh? 'Relax it was just a joke' right?
  10. Also, to the OPs point if AE didn't exist people would farm portal missions like the old days. Removing AE or AE farm maps will never remove farming.
  11. You asserted that people responding are defensive. I countered that claim. You are wrong, and you just did it again doubling down on your assertion that people are now violently defensive. No one is over reacting but you are still constructing straw men.
  12. It's not defensive to point out that the existence of AE only affects OP because he/she can't control his/her compulsion to level as fast as possible. There are always teams forming for radios/arcs/tf/trials plus access to all arcs via ouro, there is no impediment to 'normal' leveling created by the existence of AE.
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