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  1. I did Elec and I really like how it's turned out. I'm a sucker for screenshaker knocker downer powers and Elec has three, including Lightning Rod which is an amazing opener. I think Elec pairs at least somewhat well with Ice because the (significant) END drain in Energy Absorption combines well with all the END drain in Elec. I know END draining isn't the super coolest, but it's been a fun angle, if that makes sense. I was Ice/Axe back in Live, and that was good. Kind of epic/legendary in a way, like Thor. I tried Ice/Staff and never made it to 50. There was just no thrill to it for me.
  2. I'm not positive, but I think Rad allows Irradiated Ground to continue to work while you sit safely in Hibernate. So I think I'd be tempted more by Rad.
  3. I have an AR/Ninja blaster that's 50 and did more solo on that character than almost any other that I've leveled. I guess it depends on what level of missions you're talking about too, I usually do +2 or so. I just snipe one, damage and stun another, hold and kill the third, then finish the second and move on. It's always felt good to me; more tactical. Ninja was very good I thought, though Shinobi's damage bonus seems baffling and unpredictable. I haven't had endurance issues since Kuji-Rin (or whatever it's called), I can't remember the last time END became a non-issue so early.
  4. The (sort of) unfortunate thing to keep in mind here is that there's a maximum recharge rate penalty of -75%, so there's not a lot of reason to stack more than two Chilling Embraces (-32 each for a -64 total). You could add a third, but most of its -recharge will be lost. It's fun to think about fully stacking three, but I can see why they didn't allow that to happen. Now -damage, that you could stack. Each CE is -15% to damage, and the damage floor is (I believe) 10%. So if you had six Chilling Embraces hitting the same foe or foes their damage would be reduced down to 10% of what they're supposed to be doing. The REALLY interesting thing is that -damage is not on the ParagonWiki list of debuffs that ArchVillains resist, so if indeed -damage is an exception to those resists, you could stack your Ice Armors around an AV and bring them down to doing only 10% of their damage as well. I'm guessing that -damage is also resisted, but it's not in the list that I see.
  5. I'm sure I don't do the the MSR nearly as much as most here, but the last three I did that were non-LFG had people getting disconnected left and right. It was a near constant stream of "reinvite please" and whatever leaders were left frantically trying to get level 50's into the leader slots of the team. On one we had to, while in the bowl, dissolve the entire League and then reform it under a different leader because the original leader had crashed and the person the star fell to was completely unresponsive. If I remember correctly there was even a thread on disconnect issues in the MSR in the bug forum. Probably both methods need some looking at.
  6. You say "How are they seeing through my stealth?" and then realize you left your damage/taunt aura on.
  7. Sura

    'Fear' Tank Concept?

    I always thought fear would be a fun experiment for a Tanker. Get something that just does AoE knockdown, then once they're knocked down, start stacking fear. A non-damage taunt aura would make sure you kept aggro, but if you got enough fear going you wouldn't even need to attack.
  8. Well that's much better then! 🙂 I remember now you mentioned having the raid leader invite, but I still think LFG would be the better way to do it, if possible. What I'd really like to see is people just putting themselves into the LFG queue while they work the market or do solo missions and then having it pop when you or another leader starts one up, or when 48 people are queued. Can it do that? I haven't used LFG much. Plus the "join in progress" would be good to be able to use.
  9. I did a LFG one last week, and the experience was good. The only hurdle we hit was the badge requirement; eventually the team leaders had to go one by one through the people on their team until we found the one player who didn't have the badge (and wasn't apparently paying any attention to the League chat). Honestly, I think if it were me I'd just have the LFG method award the badge if a player doesn't have it. It's not like it's hard to get, and the level requirement means that no one ineligible would be getting it. It'd be like getting the Midnighter badge by going to Night Ward. The performance was a lot better I thought. Really smooth. Very nice to have everyone auto-leveled to 50. My two suggestions for LFG would be to do something with the badge requirement (at least maybe ID the player(s) that don't have it) and to use LFG tech more. Make it so that you can queue up for the MSR no matter where you are, and join an instanced MSR in progress. For non LFG I think it'd be better to set the level limit on RWZ back to 35+. I don't see any reason to not have both methods, but right now both have their drawbacks and benefits.
  10. I have an NVidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti and with multiple monitors the only way I can find to adjust my Gamma in CoH is to change the gamma setting in the NVIDIA control panel, which changes the gamma for the monitor, not the game.
  11. Same thing here, as soon as I plug in a second monitor, no matter the port on the video card I use (for primary or secondary), I lose Gamma control and everything tends to dark.
  12. Hmmm, I've been running in to this too, and I've got multiple monitors running. I wonder what would happen if I took one off...
  13. Thanks App! I thought that went well other than the badge thing. I felt like the instance had much better performance. And that was by FAR the smoothest bomb setting I've ever seen. Competing with ToT is difficult right now. 🙂
  14. Also I think when you use the LFG everyone is upped to 50, so if a team leader crashes you don't all of a sudden have a team in the league that's level 43 or something. Like Apparition, I never got the impression that there was supposed to be any added rewards.
  15. Endurance drain can matter, absolutely. Not always, but it can. Electric Melee is absolutely worth playing with or without Electric Armor IMO. My Ice/Elec is awsome. Near full END drain (PBAoE) in two power executions, and as a tank I'm the first one in so the drain happens and helps. Lightning Rod, Lightning Clap, and Thunderstrike are all knockdowny screen shaky fun. Elec pairs naturally with Mu Mastery. END drain absolutely can matter. Not all the time, but it's another tool that's nice to have. I can go into a group with Lightning Rod (knocking everything down), do PBAoE Energy Absorption (75%+ END drained, my END filled, my DEF buffed), and then follow up with Eletrifying Fences (AoE immob and 20+% END drain) or Ball Lightning or Thunderstrike or Chain Induction, or Lightning Clap. That's a lot of multi-target damage, END drain, Recovery debuff, and knockdown. The poor minotaur at the end of the Alpha slot unlock quest chain only attacked me twice, he was just sitting waiting for even one endurance to come back. Honestly, that was a character I leveled as an experiment. If you've got an idea, go for it, it just might work out really well.
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