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  1. I have a character (with an embarassingly crummy costume) in both series. In the first his appearance was Mike Wasowski-esqe, I think at least part of him was obscured by a another character (it's that last "looking for group" panel). In the second he's part of the backup squad that's helping to defeat bad guys while the main characters do their thing (issue 12). Fun that he made it into both series, but dang I wish I'd have had a better costume (like Firebrandi, who looks great).
  2. Ice Armor gets a self heal (and +HP boost) in Hoarfrost, which is available at level one I think.
  3. Welcome back to the city! 🙂
  4. Maybe a Slow Resist in Super Jump rather than Jumping? Might keep you out of a bit of -recharge heck. That's about the only thing that occurs to me.
  5. That's pretty much how I figured it too. I'm using those two as often as they're up. I'm not sure there are really any other even halfway decent options for Ice Melee if you don't get a damage aura in your primary.
  6. I think the Might of the Tanker is best in a damage aura, though I'm not totally sure Shield has one. I think Gauntleted Fist is best in an oft-used AoE attack. I actually split GF into two sets of three in one of my builds to get the three set bonus twice. That's the way that I understand it. With my WP/Ice I don't have a damage aura so I have MotT in Frost and GF in Frozen Aura. Not sure if that's optimal.
  7. Teleport Foe with range enhancers can get all sorts of baddies up to the rooftops.
  8. Yep, I ran into that last night as well. Ice patch was throwing clocks backward for sure.
  9. Thanks! Excellent information here!
  10. What level of Regen is necessary, approximately, does anyone know? I've been working on a regen focused WIllpower tanker and it might give me some goals. 🙂
  11. I ran it on my Bruiser in Thugs and he handled it OK. I wouldn't put it on any pet other than that, though I've really only tried Thugs and Undead. Couldn't agree more on adding choice of where to put it. If VG was a toggle (like Disruption Field) and both VG and Disruption Field could be self targeted or teammate targeted that would be amazing.
  12. I'd even be happier if it acted like the Mastermind version, where it's the same power but you put it on a teammate rather than yourself.
  13. Sorry, it sounded to me like you were using powerexec_location but still winding up with a targeting reticule, which you don't when using the target option. I didn't get the "under the hood" part until now. Just trying to help.
  14. I use power_exec location to do this with Lightning Rod and Savage Leap. Target a bad guy and then hit the button or key with the macro. powexec_location target Lightning Rod
  15. Dang. I thought I read at some point on these boards that they weren't exactly toggles, but that they were setting a flag like you described, and that made them act like toggles. If that was the case I was holding it up as an existing example of how your number three could work. There's probably not a chance in the world I'll find that post again though. 🙂 Oh, I've definitely seen it work. I sapped that poor minotaur at the end of the Alpha slot arc so bad I'm not sure he attacked more than twice. It'd just be interesting to somehow see how much mitigation I'm getting. And if measurement was possible it'd be easier to gauge sapping's effectiveness. That said, I think if they were to make more stringent rules for END usage by NPC's they'd have to reduce the effectiveness of sapping somewhat. I think sapping is at a pretty good place right now.
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