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  1. I like when they release info like that. Turns out both my tanks are unintentionally uncommon: Ice/Elec - 12 and Willpower/Ice - 10.
  2. I love my Ice/Elec and feel she does very well across the board. Great to have 100% slow resist, holds aggro excellently, and the End drain on Energy Absorption combines nicely with the Elec stuff. Plus Lightning Rod is amazing.
  3. I have a character that's in both comic series. The last "Looking for group" panel of the first series, and the background of the middle panel on page 17 of the one you linked. Unfortunately I just didn't 'get it' and I submitted my main (at the time) for both, and his costume was so bland that the color beige wouldn't even look at it. I really wish I'd have put some thought into what was going to happen and submitted someone with an even halfways decent costume. *sigh*
  4. Had a good run on a Recluse TF (sorry, don't remember what it's actually called) with seven other tankers. It's been a while since I've done Tanker Tuesday, but I was sure glad I jumped in last night!
  5. This is great advice, it works well, if only on your client. I've been using it forever on my Ice Tanker. You can also switch the SuppressCloseFX on and off in Options - Video. You'd still need to set the Distance though the first time you try it.
  6. Nothing ever says how much ice. If I define my character as armored in a eighth inch thick super hard magical armor of ice, that still fits your description but doesn't fit the clunky graphics at all. But honestly, if someone wants to take ice armor and define the armor as an invisible super cooled aura that slows attacks to the point where they don't do damage, or a subcutaneous layer of glacial protection, they should be able to do it and have the visual options to back that up. Regardless of "supposed to cover you in ice".
  7. You have to macro it, it won't stick past a log out and log on. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Emotes#Costume_Change_Emotes Costume slots are numbered starting at zero, so if you want to create a button that changes you to the first costume slot and emotes a lightning bolt it would look like this: /macro CC0 cce 0 CCLightning CC0 = label of button (can be anything short) cce = costume change emote command 0 = costume slot to change to CCLightning = costume change emote to use So each costume then can have a different emote that's associated with changing to it.
  8. I have a short older gentleman who travels between missions and transforms into a large lightning wielding minotaur inside missions. I like the giant robot idea too, that would be fun! 🙂
  9. It's awesome. My characters mostly tend to have an "avatar state" where they go from normal size to max size, usually accompanied by a costume change (and costume change emote).
  10. Sura

    ATO Placement

    You're awesome, as usual. Thanks!
  11. Sura

    ATO Placement

    Single target, or would a cone be OK? I've got mine in Frost. Dang, between this and the Power Transfer not stacking I'm running out of respecs. 🙂
  12. I one slot usually, and with a Taunt/Rech/Range. There are times when I don't want to do even that little bit of damage, just taunt, so I've left the damage proc out.
  13. If you compare it to the T9's from almost every Tanker primary it looks fantastic. Getting to level 32 on a Tanker is monumentally anti-climactic.
  14. I so really want a Poison character, but I just haven't been able to figure out what I want to do. This will help a lot, thank you!
  15. Completely agree, it's way too long.
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