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  1. Welcome home Antarcticaa, the City is glad to have you back! 🙂
  2. Would HeroStats work for this?
  3. Just as a sample: Ice Armor resists -recharge and -movement in Permafrost, Energy Absorption, and Wet Ice, and defense debuffs in Frozen Armor, Glacial Armor, and Wet Ice. A quick look at Invulnerability also shows resistances to defense debuffs, endurance debuffs, recovery debuffs, -recharge, and -movement. If you load up a character in MIDS and take all of their armor powers you should be able to then click "View Totals" and then go to the bottom part of the Status tab to see debuffs that the armor set is providing resistance to.
  4. One thing about Permafrost: if you remove it you can't cap slow resistance. Ice has the potential, with Permafrost and Winter's Gift, to 100% resist recharge and movement speed debuffs. I love not worrying about those two things.
  5. I didn't remember about the "Lock Powers in Tray" in the General Options, so I've already gotten something out of this thread. But even yesterday during our weekly SG adventuring session we were talking about being able to lock the trays so the arrows weren't active. I'm still all in favor. 🙂
  6. It might be mob dependent, but I see my END drain having an effect fairly often. END drain as mitigation is not something I'd want to depend on, and anything over EB isn't going to fall for it, but it's a good tool for a character's toolbox. It seems like all of the mobs' attacks cost one END, so even one tick of recovery allows them to attack with any of their attacks (it really should be that their attacks cost what they would cost for a character). But if you can drain them and then debuff their recovery it can work. I think recovery ticks once every four seconds, so it can also be that you drain, they tick, and then your attack with the recovery debuff goes off. So they'll get at least one attack just from unlucky timing. There's another piece to this too I think, that I'm having trouble putting into words, but it's something like that there's no way to completely eliminate recovery on a mob. You can FLOOR recovery, but not eliminate it, if that makes sense. At least that's what I think. The best thing I can think of to test is to get a Boss or EB solo and drain them down and then note how it changes their attack patterns. That poor minotaur at the end of the Alpha slot unlock quest chain got drained so fast I don't think he attacked me much more than four times as my Ice/Elec tanker whittled him down. EDIT: another thing where you can see your END drain doing stuff is with Tsoo Sorcerers (for example). If they put up Hurricane and you drain them it'll shut off immediately. It's an obvious detoggle due to END drain, but I would guess there are other not so obvious things like that as well. I know you can at least delay Paragon Protectors from popping MoG too. Also keep in mind that there are Incarnate pieces that you can try that can enhance your END drain build.
  7. As far as I know Taunt has a -75% range debuff built in, and has for a good long time. I don't think it's PvP only, I'm pretty sure it's PvE as well.
  8. Sura

    Herding MSR

    I like the 35+ requirement. In the zone MSR's I've been in some where I felt like 75% of the participants were 30 or below and just flailing around. It wasn't as much fun.
  9. I've not seen another Ice/Elec either. I would guess there's not many around. I love the symmetry of the END drain from Energy Absorption on Ice and all the END drain in Elec.
  10. SuppressCloseFx and SuppressCloseFxDist will remove the vast majority of effects on your character on your client. Fire shields, Ice shields, all that kind of stuff. It won't do anything to characters other than yours, but give it a try if you haven't already. Also, I think if the distance is set too closely you can lose even weapon effects and some effects are too close to eliminate.
  11. The only thing I can think of is that (AFAIK) turning on SuppressCloseFX won't do anything unless you've set a distance with SuppressCloseFXDist. When I set it I just got my Tanker out, turned powers on, turned on SuppressCloseFX, and then worked with the distance until the power fx suppressed. But as you say, those settings will only apply to the player's avatar, not to teammates, so it wouldn't be a solution to your dilemma by any means. Needless to say, I agree with an option to reduce/eliminate the FX for ice. I think the hurdle perhaps is the idea that one player shouldn't be somehow altering how another player's powers appear to everyone. I would be better with a client side suppression or change for example (like SuppressCloseFX), rather than something that defines not only for myself, but for teammates, how a teammate's powers appear. Does that make sense?
  12. I have an Ice/Elec tanker and I just turn on "Suppress Close FX" and "SuppressCloseFXdist" and all of my annoying Ice armor stuff goes away on my client. Nothing but costume, just the way I like it. Won't do anything to other avatars, but it cleans mine right up. That might get you part of the way there and it'll apply to anything: Fire Shields, Ice Shields, etc. Once the distance is set (I think I did 35) the setting stays at that distance and I can use the Suppress Close FX option in Options - Graphics to turn on and off the FX. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/SuppressCloseFxDist_(Slash_Command)
  13. Good grief yes. Within the first levels of Sonic I found myself thinking the same thing. There's just not a lot of room for intangibility powers in the game, and the set could really benefit from a hold.
  14. Good point. It's still something I'd sacrifice to get the recharge down, if a sacrifice were needed. I'd rather just have the recharge down to 150 or 200 or something, without losing anything.
  15. I can see that. Maybe take out the 3% chance for knockback(down) (is .67 knockdown? I think so) and then use that as an excuse to lower the recharge. Not really sure why a 3% chance of ANYTHING is worth putting into a power. Honestly, you could halve the recharge down to 150s and I think it'd be fine.
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