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  1. Quoted for emphasis. Those scroll bars showing the alternate recipes are not nearly overt enough. I know they're there and still forget them.
  2. There is a larger thread about this in the Suggestions forum. I think it'd be a good idea to add your thoughts to that thread, like it, and bump it.
  3. My experience playing a bunch on Excelsior has been almost all positive, with no wildly negative experiences. I tend to just watch LFG for the most part chat-wise, and that's usually fine. Groups have been excellent, with only an ITF that went pretty sour, but even in that case no one freaked or got angry in chat we just wound up saying "let's be done". I send tells all the time complimenting people on their costumes and names.
  4. Honestly, I love collision detection and very much dislike when it's not present. It makes far more sense to me that a hero (in whatever game) can plant themselves in a doorway and keep foes from coming through it. Collision detection is one of the things I've always held up as something CoH does very right. And if that means that I have to fight demons to get through a doorway every once in a while, I have zero problem with that. If MM pets can be made pass through I'd be fine with that. But I'd be very sad if collision detection were removed completely.
  5. Not sure I have a lot to offer other than Ice Armor thoughts, certainly nothing huge: Ice Armor looks well done. Skipping Hibernate is (seriously) a good idea. And Ice Armor gets along fine without Icicles. I guess I sort of miss more defense coming from Glacial and Frozen, but you're making up for that elsewhere. I'd replace the KB protection in Super Speed with Celerity: Stealth. Having an invisibility option (not just Stealth, but invisibility due to stacking) is really nice. Unless you can run Sprint at the same time as SS, in that case no worries cause you're set up to stack (didn't notice Sprint til after I had typed out the first part of this bullet :)). Nine toggles. Whew. That's a LOT of endurance. But with Ice/Dark I think you're in a great position to do that, what with EA and Dark Consumption. And with Chilling Embrace you'll still be maintaining taunt most likely. All that endurance recovery (and thus all those toggles) may be the defining ability of this primary/secondary combo. Really cool. Not a big fan of Ice Blast and Block of Ice, but it could be SO worth it to get to Ice Storm. Stacking -recharge could be crazy good. EDIT: You could take out the two Impervium Armors in Permafrost and do Steadfast Protection (+3% Def) and the Gladiator's Armor (+3% Defense as well maybe)? Not sure the little bit of Recovery you're getting from the Impervium is worth it. That might free up slots in other places where you've worked toward DEF set bonuses. Heck, just one of those two enhancements would allow you to drop Maneuvers (which is only giving you 3.51% Defense), saving more endurance than Impervium is giving you and freeing up a power and two slots. Maybe you could then replace Maneuvers with Combat Jumping. Way cheaper endurance-wise and still 2.5% defense. Leave the three slots there and do Kismet +Accuracy, Reactive Defenses Resist Damage, and the LotG recharge you want in there. Swap Assault in at 24, swap the 34 slot in Glacial out for the 25 slot that was in Maneuvers, then add Combat Jumping in at 30 and give it slots at 30, 34, 34. You wind up with better defense (and keep in mind the Totals in Pine's are only showing one foe hit by Energy Absorption), less endurance burned, more accuracy and more resists. Then, since you've swapped out the Steadfast from Tough, insert five slots (everything except End/Rech) of Titanium Coating maybe? That would bolster your Smash/Lethal resist even more. Reactive Armor is not giving you as much Smash/Lethal resist as Titanium Coating will (and TC gives a bit of Energy Resist and Regeneration too), and RA's defense additions just aren't needed. OR take one slot out of Tough (still using Titanium Coating) and move that slot down to Health and then add the Panacea +HP/END proc. Great for Tankers.
  6. Yep, it's a great way to get incarnate salvage, though you can't pick the rarity level of the incarnate salvage reward choice. If you set the missions to low difficulty you can run the whole arc in 10-15 minutes (I never seem to go that fast but I know other people do). If you plan out what salvage you're going to need for all your incarnate slots you'd have a pretty good chance of getting something useful every time.
  7. Been using this a bunch, thanks so much! It's a gorgeous base; perhaps a little intimidating when you first zone in but I've been able to find everything I've been looking for quickly and efficiently. Well done!
  8. I flew over him one day, but I don't really recall anything more. A quick query here returns several threads that sure make it sound like he's not popping the way he maybe should. I did see this thread on reddit which has some video of a Scrapyard encounter, so he's out there at least occasionally: https://www.reddit.com/r/Cityofheroes/comments/cnv7b7/my_friends_and_i_encountered_a_boss_wed_never/
  9. I think that would be a fair price. Great addition jmj211, that was a limitation I don't remember. To be honest though the stealth toggles aren't a deal breaker for me, I'd rather get the costumes even if the toggle thing is too much work or can't be solved. I still think it's a bit odd these costumes aren't available somewhere/how. Maybe they're saving them for a Halloween event?
  10. I'm all in favor. Maybe post in and bump the largest (that I know of) thread on this.
  11. Happy to help! I headed for ICON at full speed once I heard that goofy ghostly aura could be removed. 🙂
  12. So much +1 to this. Happens to me all the time.
  13. I've never updated Pines, so my SA is blank. 🙂 I think for resist and defense the priority tends to be: smash/lethal, energy/negative energy, fire/cold, psionic, toxic. Something like that, with fire and cold together in the list because (as you point out) they usually are, but there's a lot more fire than cold in the game so if they were separate I'd choose fire. Because my Tanker is Ice Armor/Electric I don't need that defense from the sixth slot in Obliteration. Plus my Ice Armor defense is by type, not by position, so the larger value in melee defense wouldn't do me a lot of good. Plus I really like having a bit more range. I'm a big fan of Lightning Rod. So freakin' cool. I'm working on an Invulnerable/Street Justice Tanker now, I bet a lot of what you're hitting will apply to that build since it has resist too.
  14. Hmmmm. Maybe they're going for maxing out defense on the most common types: smashing/lethal? That's all I can think of. You'd be within a small purple insp of the defense cap on those three types. Still, I don't know that I'd do it that way. I think I'd try and get all of my resists as high as they could be and then try to get smash/lethal defense since that's by far the most common type of damage. So if you had a way to get more Negative resist, or fire resist (there's almost no cold damage in the game), or psionic resist, I'd probably do that. But I'm far from an expert on Electric Armor. There could be other considerations too I suppose. There just might not be good options for adding to those resists, or they might be in purples that were left off for budgetary reasons. Certainly if there's not a better option building toward smash/lethal defense is always going to be a good idea. Wow, that's a nice Psionic resist score. Not used to seeing anything there. Slotting on Lightning Rod looks like what I had figured, except I was going to leave off one of the set and put a range in there. But Ice doesn't need the Defense from that sixth slot, that's probably the difference. Thanks for posting that, I'm going to use that layout for some ideas for the Elec attacks on my Ice/Elec.
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