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  1. Thanks again for your input Croax. It's been awhile since I used Shadow Meld. For some reason I thought it had a duration of 30 secs and was therefore more foundational to a build. Now that I actually checked the power, you're right. My build wouldn't function at all lol. Thanks for sharing your build. I'll likely steal most of it. I'm excited to see how it performs!
  2. Hey Paragon, I'm building yet another stalker. Can't seem to get enough of them. I really wanted to try something with /rad. Heard good things about it. Couldn't quite decide which primary. I'd already done Sav, Psi, and StJ. Eventually I settled on Elec. Liking it so far, but I'm a little wary that it leans too heavily in favor of AOE and doesn't have a reliable ST chain. Anyone with experience with Elec or Rad, please chime in! They both seem like oddball sets, so I'm not super confident I nailed the slotting on my first try. Thanks ahead of time, everyone. I'd appreciate any constructive criticism about general or specifics. What I'm specifically unsure of: Is this a good pairing? Do I have too many AoEs, especially for the rad abilities? I've read that Ground Zero and Radiation Therapy can be great PBAoEs. Did I proc them out correctly? Are they even necessary since I have an AoE heavy primary? Is Particle Shielding underslotted? What does my ST rotation look like? How are my res/def numbers? Should I move things around to increase them a bit? If so, how? Is my accuracy good enough? I was mulling over losing a travel power for tactics. Dunno if thats necessary.
  3. Thanks, Croax. This was exactly the kind of feedback I was hoping for. I hadn't really considered my attack chain before. I figured I could drop it easily enough. But maybe not. I hadn't considered the -res proc at all. While leveling, I am using Sweeping Cross. However, it feels a little slow and it does not land particularly hard--especially as a crit finisher. The exception to this is when I happen to nab more than one target. For me, That feels more like luck than good positioning. I see your point about the really smooth chain maxing Focus Stacks and having a follow up crit. I guess I tried to out-think the game trying to find a non obvious answer to "good" damage when an easier option was staring me in the face. Playing a little more with energize, end really hasnt been an issue in recent levels. Body probably isnt necessary, especially with accolades in play. Mu feels like the way to go. I was kinda avoiding it because thats what I have on another toon. But if it works, it works. So I slotted Zapp out. Will use it as a finisher in place of CU when possible. I think the added damage is worth the loss in crit chance for AS. Haven't crunched numbers at all. I could be completely wrong. I forsee Ball Lightning more as crowd control-with the Ragnarok proc-and as a build up reset. Below is the revised build. Still not to 50, but plan to test it out soonish. Likely won't be able to get all of the purple IOs right away, but they'll come. Let me know if you see any areas that can be improved. Thanks again!
  4. Hi folks, I've made a few other stalkers, but this is my first soirée with either Street Justice or Energy Armor. These forums have been a good resource to point me in the right direction. I again put my faith in you. Below is the build I've put together. I've found a few other StJ/EA builds on here that I used as a framework. However, the builds that I found had defenses that seemed excessively high, like in the 60+ region. If there was a reason for that, please let me know why Energy should build for def way above the cap. If there isn't a reason other than a cascade buffer, I figured I'd try to reallocate resources to boost damage where I could. I'm only in the mid 30s on the toon currently, but marching to 50. I'm not married to anything in the build. One point I'm unsure of is which epic pool to choose for StJ. I feel like it might need an aoe to supplement it. I wondered if Fireball was worth investing in. Or perhaps another like Ball Lightning or Water Spout. Currently just have Body because it felt like a safe pick. Thanks in advance for your help! *Note* Energy drain is empty because I planned to slot it with Power Transfer. Is this a good spot for the PT proc? Should it go somewhere else like Physical Perfection?
  5. Still inching closer to 50 at this point. I've had some time to tinker with the build. Have some points that I'm still unsure about. The list below is a combination of discussion points above and what I'm iffy on. Beneath that will be the build as it stands now. Constructive criticism appreciated as always! Thanks Doc and Mysh for helping me get to this point. I'm a little disappointed with Atomic, not that its bad, but it is not what I was expecting. I wouldn't call it a blapper set, more like a close range blaster? Negatron is good, but not great. The cast time on Atom Smasher makes me question life. Positronic for a T9 is underwhelming, and I would argue not worth taking. Atomic does have a few other tools like MA, which is fantastic for solving endurance issues early on plus has tasty recharge, and Positron Cell, which pairs well with the holds in Ice, that I really like. I want to like it more than I do. Maybe this is the standard for Blaster secondaries and my expectations were too high? I want to like Bitter Freeze Blast, but it is so... slow.... Half the time whatever I've attempted to use it on has been arrested and released on bond from jail already. Then when it happens to miss, I want to smash my head into the keyboard. I've left it off for this. Feel like an attack chain of Freeze, Bitter Ice blast, Negatron is good and reliable. I splash Positron Cell and Ice blast in occasionally depending on recharge. Ice Storm is fine as rains go, I've kept it and use it frequently, but I really can't tell how effective it is most of the time. For Negatron, Mids won't allow me to add Achilles Heel. Fairly sure in game I will be able to add it. If that is not the case for some reason, Hecatomb proc will take its place. Not confident where to stick Defiant Barrage. Blizzard didn't have a good alternative, but the Mez protection proc might find a better home in a faster power. I've hit softcap def for S/L/E, but not ranged. I couldn't figure out how to get there. Once I'm at 50, Radial Clarion and Radial Vorpal will help boost def temporarily if I'm crashing or getting beat up at ranged. At least, thats the plan. My Res is relatively low. Only 33 for S/L. Unsure if I need to push more for that or if I can forsake what I've pumped into it for an alternative, not sure what. I like procs. I'm unsure if I hit the sweet spot or if I sacrificed too much to cram them in. Overall, the build, mostly Ice, feels good. Love the control and damage, even if its mostly DoTs. Having fun and will keep playing through 50. Don't know if it'll ever be fully T4d, but its a fun toon nonetheless.
  6. Doc, Thanks for your input! I might try to squeeze in Ice Storm. I'll probably switch out Assault for it. Maybe just run a recharge reduction or two on it. I've done that on rain powers for other toons. As far as your build, while it is the bees knees, other than your power selection I can't take much inspiration from it. All of the purples are so far out of reach for me. I do appreciate you sharing it though. While this is my first blaster, I have a handful of other 50s. Usually you build for def or res. Is that true for blasters as well? If I hit the def soft caps, do I need to worry what my res is at all? What benchmarks specifically were you trying to hit with your build like rech, def, res, dmg, etc? I could try to hit those same benchmarks through alternative means.
  7. Hi Paragon, Below is the build I've come up with. Its a little more pricey than I originally intended, but I have some substitutes in mind for enhancements I have presented while I scrounge for more inf. If you could, please shore up any of the build's weaknesses you think it might have. I've only played it into the 20s, so I have no idea how it'll run in the later levels. Some issues I think it might have: Energy def isn't capped, but I figure with beta decay and other defense buffs from teammates that I should be alright. With all toggles on, the end usage seems high. I'm unsure at what point I can run everything without an end granting teammate. Alternatively, do I have too much +end? Could I slot for more +res or something else in powers like Metabolic Acc? What will my attack rotation look like? Have I gone too proc happy? I'm unsure about what the best slot level sequencing should be while marching to 50. Also many of my +def powers only come later on. Will I be a total paper dragon until then? Do I need both Aim and Ionize? Will I miss Ice Storm? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello folks, Just started an Ice/atomic blaster today. Had a blast playing him up to the early 20s. After a bit of searching, I found one Ice/atomic build on here, but it was a purpled out monster that cost infinite inf and was way, way past 50. I'll likely have to strip another toon to outfit this one and I'm certainly not close to 50. Anyone that has played this set, what advice do you have for me and do you have a build that I can steal on my march to 50? Thanks for your help!
  9. Hello Paragon, I'd like some help building a Grav/Storm as the title says. Have been playing it for a few days, and have had a blast so far--just hit 32. I like to research to see what other people do for IOs. I found lots of storms and a few gravs, but very little of both together. The idea of a proc monster is kinda intriguing. I have no idea when, if ever, it should be used. I found the build below in the proc monster controller topic a few pages deep. I don't know the name of the user who posted it originally. If I have time later, I will find the original to give the user credit. Could anyone refine the build below? Or give some general tips on where to go with it? I only do PvE with groups. If that is a good fit for this kinda build, awesome! If not, what other direction should I be heading into. Thanks in advance everyone
  10. Hey guys and gals, I've been at homecoming a few months and have had a blast the whole time. Feel fairly comfortable with the game at this point, but I've only played a handful of ATs. I played a controller first, but have since played mostly damage classes. I always love teaming with defenders, so I figure itd be good to try one out myself. I've browsed this forum a bit to get a sense of different combos. I feel like I would enjoy a debuffing style over the alternatives. Despite my relative lack of experience, I'd like to play a combo that is a little less common. Cold really interests me--both for it's strengths and vulnerabilities. What I'm really torn over is what to pair it with. Sonic doesnt interest me thematically. I've read Beam Rifle can pair well with cold by debuffing Def and Res. However I've also seen that water can shore up some of the weaknesses of Cold. Right now id like to make a Cold/Beam Def or a Water/Cold Corr. Do y'all have any input? What do you think would be more fun leveling? What about end game? Do you think one synergizes better? Do you have any builds that use either combo that you think I might benefit from? Thanks everyone in advance for being an awesome community.
  11. Reviving my thread from a few weeks ago. I have reached 50 and still having a blast. I tweaked my build above slightly, but it more or less is the same as the one I most recently posted. For brevity's sake, I won't bother posting again. It feels very sturdy overall and I love the aoe I'm able to do. The one problem I've encountered is End. Even with accolades, I'm running into issues fairly quickly unless my team happens to have a Kin. I know purples are often a source of decent recovery. What would be a good place to slot purple set(s)? The reason I don't currently use many is they generally lack def or s/l res which I was trying to maximize when making the build. What about Incarnates. I am currently running Musculature and Rebirth. I've been considering switching either to Cardiac or Ageless, but I'm hesitant. With Cardiac giving +range, I'm not sure if it'll bug out Savage Leap as I've read range is supposed to bug the damage. And Rebirth I like as a panic button. Its the only one I have in my build currently. Ageless is awesome, but it doesn't really help with cascading failure. What have y'all done to solve your endurance issues on a SM/SD? Feels like a lot of toggles and frequently-rotated, end-heavy attacks.
  12. So I've been playing a bit recently. Have my SM/Shield in the late 30s now. Thanks for the discussion above, it's helped me form my opinion of the build and given some direction. Taking the discussion into consideration, I've made the build below for when I hit 50. I welcome any positive criticism. I did not take slot levels into consideration. I also feel like damage powers are a little thin in the early levels so it may not play as well when examplared way down. Thanks in advance, everyone.
  13. The -Res seems like a solid plan. I hadn't considered that before. Do you think that is a stronger rotation than swapping in a snipe like Zapp or Moonbeam for Shred? I'm still familiarizing myself with SM. How much of a loss is it going from four stacks of frenzy to three? Is that a big loss in damage for a crit hemo?
  14. This is my first attempt at a build. Its rough, so any advice would be appreciated. All advice is welcome, but I have questions specifically about: Order of Powers/Slots, I placed slots without thought to what level they should be taken. Is Rending Flurry worth picking? How should I slot Hemo? If I don't take fighting pool powers, what should I take in their place? What should single target rotation look like?
  15. Both resistance and limited AOE rubbed me wrong. I did notice the lethal focus. I'm a little worried that I'll run into similar damage issues, which is why I asked for feedback now rather than later. As a Psi/ I dreaded going against Carnies, Arachnos, and 5th Column robos. Is it better or worse in any way, in your opinion. Is it more fun? Is it more survivable? Is it more versatile? How does the damage compare? I came here hoping to gather the general opinion of the combo along with any build advice that others might have.
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