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  1. I just downloaded and installed the update, and it seems to work okay, but I've lost all of the enhancement icons. If I open a build, everything is slotted and you can see the levels that the slots were added - you just can't see the icons. Did I miss something somewhere? Thanks.
  2. Thanks. I didn't think so.
  3. Silly question. I know you can transfer characters between servers, but is there a way to transfer a character between accounts on the same server?
  4. I'm thinking about starting a human-form only PB. Does anyone out there have a good leveling build they can share? Thanks a bunch.
  5. Thanks! Since I posted this, I've done more research and I see that it has issues. Maybe gravity instead. Thanks again!
  6. A combination that I've been curious about... Ice/Electric. Has anyone tried this? If so, how do you like it? What does your build look like? Thanks!
  7. I have an elec/WP sentinel, and I love it, but I'm wondering if his build can be improved, and how. It's my first toon since coming back to the game and his build is just something I threw together. Would anyone else that runs an elec/WP mind sharing their build? Thanks!
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