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  1. The idea of self-casting should definitely be on the table for discussion as part of the solution, subject to Doomguide's caveat: But I think that the set needs significantly more than (and other than) self-buffing. We should see if it would be possible to make changes in-set before modifying the self-targeting code. Arcane, it seems as though you are beginning to see where many of us are coming from in terms of powerset parity. Now take the same logic that you've applied to the self-buffing discussion and apply it to the rest of the powers. I would be thrilled if Empath
  2. Why? Serious question. Who set "variety" as a goal, when, and what, specifically, is the metric by which we measure success? Why is "variety" inherently good? Should certain powersets underperform in order to have a "variety" of gameplay experience? This entire line of argument doesn't make sense. Same question. I hear this asserted quite often, and I even remember this being a reputation for the powerset in live. But it's over a decade later. Most of our players have multiple alts that they've taken all the way to 50. I would surmise (but I don't have the data to prove it), tha
  3. Popularity was introduced as an argument for why changes shouldn't be made. I refuted the argument, then inverted it. You seem to agree with me that popularity is only one variable (therefore should not preclude changes to the powerset). To be clear, I didn't consider popularity at all in my original post, but if the community wishes for it to be considered as a factor, then the popularity is clearly on the side of improving the powerset. Also, Tex nailed it. In general, there are several lines of thinking in response to this thread that I simply don't understand,
  4. bruh https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hedonic_regression https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sales_comparison_approach Value is the quantified composite of the effect of individual attributes. Improving attributes = improving value. Evaluate for marginal utility and cost of improvements, and scale for population. Compare with alternatives. Here we are proposing to improve the attributes of the powerset, and the large population makes it more valuable. Life-altering individual, market and geopolitical decisions are made on a daily basis using this form of analysis. This
  5. The effect of this graph is precisely the opposite of what you seem to be suggesting. Based on your graph, improvements to Empathy would make at least 2817 players happier. Furthermore, imagine that improving Traps (79) and improving Empathy (2817) would require the same amount of time in order to increase each individual player's happiness by the same amount. This would mean that an hour spent improving Empathy is 27.68x as valuable as an hour spent improving Traps. We contend that it's actually easier to fix Empathy, because, unlike Traps, we have a set of proposed changes in on
  6. The overwhelming majority of Empathy's powers cannot target self, so we have Healing Aura, Recovery Aura and Regeneration Aura. Apart from Recovery Aura, that's not a significant boost to soloing ability. The player is essentially playing only their secondary without having to worry about using blue insps for 90 out of every 500 seconds. Empathy has variable performance on teams, based on the level of the team between 1-50 on SOs. An Empathy Defender is especially useful at 20, but less so at 30, and even less so as we progress toward 50. We're looking at a several different per
  7. It's awesome to see more people throwing their ideas into the ring regarding Empathy revisions. It seems that the majority agrees that Empathy needs some help; we have a good dialogue happening on precisely how that should be achieved (this proposal, fortitude combo, rez improvements, CM, positional auras, toggles, etc.). Although some of these ideas are more popular than others, many of these ideas are mutually exclusive with one another, and perhaps combining all of them at once might be a little overpowered, it's still good to have all of them on the board as a resource for evaluating commu
  8. Not to threadjack or anything, but we have a good discussion going on at the Suggestions + Feedback board about revising Empathy. We'd love to hear from you guys if you have any ideas for making the powerset better or want to comment on some of the changes proposed by myself and others.
  9. Kazrack, thanks for the awesome write-up and for your suggestions. I really like the idea of a stacking mechanic based on Fortitude. Very cool. If that happens, would it then make sense to move the power way earlier in order? The suggestion of a time limitation on ignoring Line of Sight is also a useful and interesting proposal to prevent that benefit from getting out of hand (if such a limitation is decided to be necessary). Counterproposal, based on your Fortified idea: What if the Empath ignores Line of Sight for Heal Other only when the target is Fortified? This would have th
  10. Thanks for the clarification everyone. Much appreciated.
  11. Slotting the IO (Range/Fast Snipe) from Expert Marksman turns off the additional damage and range from Sniper Rifle while out of combat. My understanding was that this would increase the animation speed and attack speed, not remove the additional benefits of the power. In its present state, I'm not sure what the benefit of slotting this IO would be. Is this intentional? Thank you for reading.
  12. Hey Doomguide, good catch on live Absorb Pain. I probably should have rchecked the numbers before making an offhanded comparison. The point still remains, however: HO and AP are designed to be emergency reactive heals. At the current animation speed and recharge, they don't do their job quite as well as they should (and AP should be converted into a low recharge single target absorb buff that can be maintained on all party members). Even with high recharge (as a properly built Empath should have), there is still a lag time between casts. Also if we lower the animation speed per the proposal,
  13. Right, but it has no endurance cost and no recharge with a self-healing debuff. This proposal is to adopt the no/low recharge of AP on HO and chop the animation time in half. I'm not saying that it's a one for one numerical comparison; I'm comparing intended design and functionality.
  14. Some more great suggestions here from everyone. Special thanks to Razor Cure for explaining the current state of Clear Mind, although, subjectively, I often see teammates with my Clear Mind precast on them getting Immobilize and Hold (at least). It would be cool to get some clarification on the discrepancy between the mids, live and city of data. Galaxy Brain really hit the nail on the head: what Empathy does to a limited set of single targets or for a limited period of time, right now other sets can do party-wide and perma. I hope that this thread is part of the process
  15. Thanks everyone for reading and for your comments so far! Clear Mind As far as I understand things (which admittedly may not be perfect), Clear Mind actually has different values for Sleep Resistance vs. other Mezzes. It applies a mag 12.9 general mez protection and then adds a specific resist to Sleep (+216%) carried forward. The +129% Resist carried forward against Confused, Terrorized, Held, Immobilized, and Stunned carried forward is currently PVP Only. If Empathy gets an update, it would be awesome if all of these resistances were added to PVE and pulled to th
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