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  1. Talking to him initiates the fight and from there I'm pretty much screwed. You have to beat him into submission before he'll listen to you, but I defy any Controller to do enough damage to counter his regeneration, much less his heal.
  2. I play a Mind Control/Time Manipulation controller in Praetoria. I'm level 19 and have just taken the Resistance mission to recruit Noble Savage. Thing is, I have reached the point where you have your second fight with him ('Meet Once More With James Noble') and I literally cannot out-damage his regeneration. I have tried every possible approach, including popping as many damage and accuracy buffs as I can carry and while that did allow me to bring him close to half health once, he instantly healed everything I had done to him and by then, my inspirations had run out. I am convinced there there is literally zero possible way for a controller to win this fight and there isn't even a warning in place that you may need more than one player to beat the mission. Noble Savage is just a regular boss for crying out loud and I have blown through my entire stamina bar twice in the course of the fight!
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