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  1. Yes, just for stacking rains and such. Because /storm can be a low attention set it leaves plenty of room for Water blasting Skip Hurricane, dont use gale. take 02 boost if you want but i didnt have room for it. Slap Overwhelming Force KB to KD into Tornado, and a regular knockback to knockdown in lightning storm. Why? Turns Tornado into a Smashing DoT. for AV and such the damage really adds up. And Lightning Storm can hit up to 3 targets with 100% knockback which can get annoying Whirlpool + Freezing Rain is funfunfun from Posi to itrials. Steam Spray just adds more dots
  2. Hard no on Radiation. Radius on debuffs are SMALL and this is the biggest no Animations are long gets end heavy and choking cloud is meh the corpse bomb does not work on pets consider dark and color stuff greenish if you want the imitate radiation
  3. Who does itrials now? even on excelsior its mostly 8man speed only trials. gatta be incarnated to get in. Most folks these days just firefarm for 15 mins when at 10 bars of patrol, or wst/itf its been well over a year since being on a massive itrial typing this out made me sad. mega single server where names are tied to @handles and your @handle is displayed next/bottom of your name with an option to hide others from your view when
  4. This would require an awful conversion rate since its only function is to power fresh 50s, but im in. I just been buying insps and mailing to my main account to use as needed.
  5. Even with IH and regen incarnate you can still get burst down. max hp too. went with barrier like i do on most every alt because not getting hit and taking less damage just outweighs regen then i just stopped making regens then i stopped making scrappers 90% willpower brutes over here (fiery aura excluded)
  6. kelika2


    Staff/willpower brute Melee def from spin allowed me to slot ranged/aoe def end or dmg stance depending on situation
  7. kelika2

    SR a trap?

    SR/MA With Storm Kick I am softcapped at Posis levels and i IO for +dmg. Weave just holds my def set procs Red Fortune Mako's Bite>Touch of Death Obliteration resists just accidentally happen. feels nice running around with like 30% extra damage
  8. Weak regen long recharge relatively long setup game moves really fast for people to really stay put on top of end game burst damage sometimes being too much in the example of pets (mm, temp, incarnate) you get more mileage out of aid other i would vote to turn it into a techy dart, single target heal + heal over time(not regen). use the fort dart animation
  9. Ice? I notice rain/patch damage goes down when buildup fades. a nice 20 second soul drain + rains might be fun
  10. Pistol/Bio was a fun sent for me. Toxic damage for players is kinda rare and it did allow for some junkyard themes. toxic rounds + assault stance + toxic pvp set proc
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_true_Scotsman But I skipped it because its too situational. Speaking from a point of view where I play on 8man teams on task forces for the most part Trash clearing there is just no time for it, and as fast as Ninjas are, players are generally quicker and beat MMs to the punch many times and for AVs and such everyone blows their incarnates/temp pets, and sub 50 AVs just arnt as tough/lasting enough for it. I cant justify it on my ninja/dark and ninja/ff mms
  12. Nay, too much end. Long animation, and not long enough to be really meaningful. and just for a single minion. Hurts a bit more when you take pet attack powers are random and not a 100% crit chance for aoes if it ever becomes a power that effects all minions with minicrits, sign me up. but id rather have say boxing and kick
  13. I default to flame mastery on all blasters. with power recoloring you can imaginate whatever. Since most blasters are perma hasten build I use RotF as another attack. Make sure to slot OF: KB to KD into it to turn it into a gigantic burn patch And with Tough and IO bonuses you can easily come near or get to the 75% s/l cap leaving temp invul overkill. Sometimes I wish I had PFF, but then again Purples are not hard to come by. stocking up in your @mail, or vendor buying before a TF, etc But seriously I use my farmer to generate most of my purples to mail to mys
  14. I think its extreme overkill in the def department. Think about /cold, /thermal or even sonic
  15. I believe the orb comes outta you. So I would assume that only one orb will get summoned and not every tentacle producing one.
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