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  1. kelika2

    Cauterizing Aura

    3 acc/dmg hamis, 2 end mod. 1 heal if you want but 5 slot is fine
  2. kelika2


    6% ninja def base 2, 5% def aura IOs, 10% total 17% def to all from ice shields 5% from steamy mist, 7.5% if you get creative with hami enhancements 4% from maneauvers the math is tehre but im too drunk to do it
  3. One of my fingers smells like metal, but tastes like salt. Im with OP, fuck this world.
  4. gunslinger buttcape conflicts with some costume pieces. but i gatta be honest i dont know what you want explained
  5. go brute. fury boosts toxic thorn dot, fake pet dot, etc. if you want dot crits, give us mini crits
  6. kelika2


    After screwing around with this build for about a week its very solid. Both Lions and Alpha wolf (level 18) lick themselves pretty much on cooldown. Aid other is used very often, but not on cooldown. Pets are just downright tough as hell. Disruption Field (-res toggle) can go on any pet Sonic Siphon (single -res debuff) works great on bosses as a fight starter And alternating Bonfire with KB to KD and Liquefy is just awesome Also turns out the single and big bubbles have toxic resist. beasts (with IOs) are up to 70%~ish toxic resist And Sonic Repulsion with KB to KD is just chain knocking down whatever is near it, if you can tolerate the sound, which i cant. Its like the first mastermind I been able to enjoy in a long time.
  7. Not 100% sure on this but you can use the Arena's pokemon style battle using Longbow Warden (?) badge to overnight healing badges. theres probably a more detailed guide somewhere on this
  8. please factor in perma-ish soul drain. also enemy resistance, not all firefarms are the same. but the cave firefarm comicon map has a reasonable amount of lethal resist. quills and blazing aura should do the same amount of damage, but dont.
  9. My latest Fire farmer is a dark/fire/MU. Mu Mastery is horrifically important. 30 seconds of a nice 8-10 target Soul Drain and enough recharge through IOs/incarnate getting it near perma is what makes it awesome Soul Drain, use AoEs. Burn>Fences>Ball>burn Static Discharge Cone is nice for pulling and Shadow Maul is low priority unless enemies line up for it. Mu Mastery is where the damage comes from most fire farmers. Sure Burn is a contributing factor but Mu Mastery people overlook/dont wanna switch to villain for 30-60 minutes/dont know about.
  10. If all you want is an auto follow alt alt account consider force fields or sonic. switching back and forth for little buffs/debuffs can get too much. meanwhile something like merc/thug/bot with force fields/sonic reso might be much easier. edit: I guess any mastermind primary with force fields. thinking like a brute/scrapper main account and a beast/forcefield following around the main might also be cool. even go for a ninja/ff thing following a kat/nin scrapper and so on
  11. kelika2


    Anyone ever tried this combo? Using Frankenslotting to get as many Auras I can into the pets I am looking at: +40% resist from sonic shields, +30% resist from aura IOs, and +15%ish s/l/c resist from beast inherents which is close to pet's 90% resist cap for s/l and 70%ish to most other damage types beasts have 12% def to all inherently, add another 10% from the two aura IOs and up to 22%, another 10% to aoe from the ATO, throw in maneuvers for another 4% to all 26% melee and ranged def, and 36% aoe def, not counting beasts 6% def to all howl buff since uncontrollable, but its there 85%ish s/l/c resist 70%ish to f/e/n resist 30% t/p resist
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