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  1. ya lost me at magical stuff. im still waiting for the oni to get remade into a Shogun
  2. Street Justice t1 pets: 3 stj pets t2 pets: staff fightingers t3 pet: savage melee
  3. Fun and useful: Thug/trap (all levels) > Thug/Sonic (all levels) > bot/trap (post 32/exemp27+) Thugs get AoE early, feels nice leveling, and traps is mostly about acid mortar and attacking, sonic reso is just setting the bruiser as an anchor and siphoning bosses Fun and thematic: Ninja/Dark > Demon/Thermal > Beast/Cold Ninja/Dark is just classic, team teleport around a dark servant and its just auto-mode. Demon/Thermal is rather tough with high resists and heals with a Forged Prince and Gargs. Beast/Cold is just right. Innate Beast def+ice shields
  4. Disruption Arrow and Sonic Grenades: You sure it is the visual effect? The constant sound effect of WubWubWub with headphones on might be another factor
  5. Your secondary is very important in the answer. My Bubble and Dark Masterminds can afford to not need the 10% aoe def io for an example But here is my Ninja slotting AT 50 Genin: 2 acc/dmg hamis. acc/dmg/end ATO2, end/resist aura ATO2, 1 raw end reduction, 1 KB to KD Why? Crane Kick is annoying when there are 3 of them. Genin use A LOT of End. 2 piece ATO2 bonus Jounin: 2 acc/dmg hamis. 1 acc/dmg/end Blood Mandate. 1 raw end reduction. remaining 2 resist auras Oni: 2 acc/dmg hamis. 1 acc/dmg/end blood mandate. 1 raw
  6. Id rather see the single sleep get axed instead of confusion Outside of Positron/low level CoT I never have a use for it. Sure it sleeps bosses instantly but thats rarely ever needed. And from a damage standpoint, levitate is far better than it And in the era of everyone being an incarnate the old tactic of single sleep>mass sleep on LRSF/MLTF is no longer really worth it
  7. An assemble the team for pets in the event of a rezzing enemy or extreme levels of caltrops/dot patches or a way for non beast/ninja pets to keep up with a team? Sure. But Null the Gull needs to be in more places like atlas/mercy or some kinda options window for allow>ask consent>do whatever bro
  8. I did not care about the Help and Support subforum until this Thread.
  9. Human Form: Sentinel Squid Form: Blaster Crab Form: Tanker i dont know what you mean by "consolidate" outside of "buff human forms damage to be on nova level" Nova Form attacks have a higher base damage than human form attacks and motherfucking Eyes hit harder or close to Incan strike with a faster recharge and a MUCH faster animation even in the event of dmg cap (290% this includes enhancements) nova form will do more damage just because of higher base numbers. And whats the most frustrating, no one is posting their builds to show what they mean by
  10. Nova form has higher base damage attacks, if you are taking both human and nova attacks i dont know what to tell you And if you are human only, thats on you. as a tri-form I had too many free power selections to a point where both my khelds have veng/victory rush before level 20 and all the shield toggles do is hold my IOs
  11. Also another argument I forgot to add, your secondary control (stuns, slicks, fears) tend to get used more at all levels, from a sheer recharge time stand point.
  12. 26 would kinda defeat the point of it. level 21 when exemplaring, and for new players level 32 is right around the corner. this still leaves virgil/posi/synapes/cavern/exemping for a hollows team a drudge to play through.
  13. best your ganna get is a teleport and an animation. there is nothing that has the spiderman like swinging
  14. Extreme hard no on higher agro caps. I DO NOT want to go back to the days where some ass tells people to wait at a corner for 5-10 minutes while they herd. I see returning players now doing that kinda crap and it just stops the game dead. To replicate this however, I suggest making a firefarmer and using the 2551 cavefarm map and set up camp at the major arteries of high traffic where its just nonstop fighting hordes for 5-10 minutes
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