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  1. Another month bites the dust... Has there been any movement on this at all?
  2. I have becoming absolutely fascinated with this story since learning of CoH's resurrection a few days ago and my journey has led me to this thread. I'll admit that I've only read the replies of highlighted posts and then the entire thread since Tony's departure, but I get the gist of it. That said, I'm a bit distraught at the lack of information or any response by anyone connected to it in two months. From "Tony was asked to step down" and then nothing for months is concerning. Was this conversation continued elsewhere? Have discussions halted or gone south in some way?
  3. Yeah, I'd rather not unless they were specifically okay with it. Given that we have the source code and they're obviously doing it themselves I was hoping to find out what the request URI(s) for the servers is and then just figure out what to do with the response from there.
  4. I was there on launch day and I was there on the last day and I just found this place and after the initial shock wore off I decided that my next personal project would be a fan site. Just a simple one-pager dedicated to Paragon City. I thought it would be cool to display the numbers of players playing on the site to show how active it is after all these years and figured I'd ask here if there is _any_ known way to get that info.
  5. You people have seriously have no idea how happy I am right now. I have needed the camaraderie I used to get from CoH for a long time now. After battling depression for the past couple years I'm only just now coming out of it and I know it sounds stupid, but having the opportunity to build friendships outside of work with people who really enjoy the same thing I enjoy has me just so happy right now. Just seeing how active this community is has me smiling. It feels good to be back. Any suggestions on which server to join?
  6. I don't think I've ever been this exciting over a thing in my entire life. I am a 39 year old man and I am to the fucking moon right now! Can I host MY OWN server?
  7. I've heard of private WoW servers, but never been interested enough to learn about them, no. I remember reading something about people reverse engineering CoH when it originally shut down but it was just paragon city was explorable, but none of the missions worked or anything like that. Are you telling me that it's like the full playable experience? Who do I throw my money at? But seriously, there are a lot of people out there (I personally know several) who LOVED this game and have zero clue that this exists. If I sent them a link to this site they'd be more lost than I am.
  8. The FAQ assumes you have some idea about what this site/forum is about and I'm just sitting here freaking out that I think I can play CoH again. Is there a primer somewhere that introduces people to what exactly we're discovering here? Is the entire old game being remade? CoH? CoV? Both? Neither? Can I bring my old accounts or characters over? I'm so excited I don't know what to do with my hands, but that FAQ needs some serious help.
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