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  1. I would like a Sprint with the Beast Run animation. I have a toon where the Beast Run animation fits for his normal movement but I'd like to be able to use Combat Jumping too so a sprint power with that animation would be great.
  2. I've also been really frustrated when I've accidentally converted by rarity instead of category. My suggestion would be to have a slider like you see in the Options window on the Out of Set conversion side. Can we try enforcing the Name Release Policy? Characters level 1-5 would be flagged as inactive after 30 days and characters level 6-20 would be flagged as inactive after 90 days. As of March 2nd there were 1,207,409 characters of which 330,397 have logged in in 2020. March 30th is the 90th day of this year. There's a large number of names that could potentially be released.
  3. The recent Homecoming Statistics post gives us some more information. There are over 127,000 inactive accounts. Over 877,000 characters have been created that haven't been played this year.
  4. I remember when the game opened and added the first couple of extra servers. There were queues that were thousands of players long that would take hours to get to the front of and usually when you finally got to the front of the queue you weren't able to connect. Those numbers aren't an exaggeration. I understand that hardware has improved and that's part of the reason we aren't seeing that any more, but right now the server status shows a total of 2111 players on line on a Friday afternoon. That's far, far less than we saw when the game opened and it sounds like you're saying that every one of those players that picked up and abandoned the game has all of there character names protected. You have a written policy. How many of those 64 thousand accounts are inactive and abandoned? We haven't even reached the period where the level 21-49 characters would have gone inactive. I think the concerns that many names are being sat upon by characters that will never played again is more valid now than it was then.
  5. At the merit vendor Blistering Cold: Acc/Dam/End/Rech has the name P268911220
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