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  1. Yep I know it has, no matter what the gatekeeping brigade tries to say. Hopefully this is something that's a simple fix to just move the spawn point a little to the left or right of the portal itself.
  2. You can already create your perfect trinity team for any existing content in the game with the extra benefit of playing on a well balanced group.
  3. As the title suggests, I've been meaning to try a Dark/Dark Brute, but will admit I'm clueless when it comes to Dark Armor. I've no idea what to pick, skip and how to slot. I'd like to build something that's all around tough and can handle whatever I throw at it. I'm not big on taking tons of pool powers just for IO mules so I'd like to see what can be done with IOs and set bonuses. I can afford pretty much anything. Anyone have any advice or preferably builds to share? Much appreciated. Thanks.
  4. A game that launched 17 years ago using outdated code is going to have a very, very hard time attracting new players. I'm sure there will be a few to check it out here and there, but in my opinion it's never going to draw in any large crowds. There's way too much competition now. No thank you. You can already create your classic trinity teams and run whatever content you like. This is yet another thinly veiled attempt to incorrectly define the "right way" to play and the "correct" team composition. From what I've read, it sounds like the Homecoming people
  5. Same. A temp hold power that can help in a pinch isn't game breaking no matter what the gatekeeper brigade says.
  6. This is another thinly veiled attempt at incorrectly defining what is the "right way" to play and the "correct" team composition. 8 blasters being able to complete a TF on hard mode is not wrong and is highly dependent on the circumstances. Did it take them far longer than it would have with a tank and support? Did the team wipe repeatedly with every mob spawn? Hard does not and should not mean impossible and people should not be prevented from playing like this if that's what they choose to do with their free time.
  7. I did do something about it. I made a suggestion in the suggestions and feedback forum, which to my knowledge is encouraged by the developers here. You're welcome to disagree with my suggestion, however the "I have a sandwich" and "suck it up" don't work and isn't helpful at all, nor is moving to another server or any of the other "solutions" you mentioned. I would appreciate it if what is or isn't a lot of work for the development team be left to the real development team instead of the gatekeepers like yourself. Gatekeeping isn't helping anyone and is more a detriment to these forums and
  8. That's absolutely correct which is why I'm asking for a simple QoL change to have people zone in a little further away from the portal so it doesn't get cluttered with bodies and pets. People could also have some degree of courtesy for their fellow players and move off the portal when they zone in. I know having to move their character a little when they come in is a big ask.
  9. The old "I have a sandwich, so you can't be hungry" excuse never works. When I'm on Excel it's a problem not just for me but for my family, friends and SG mates as well as others in the leagues I run with for iTrials and such. I get it, you don't see the problem. That doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
  10. Bumping this. Can this please get added to the list of things to do and addressed? Oro is basically becoming unusable because of this since it's where iTrial leagues are being formed. People are just zoning in and camping on the portal. Add in pets and its literally impossible to click on the portal to exit.
  11. The answer is play more, get more levels and better gear so you're all on par with each other as equals, not crying for nerfs because you can't keep up. Expecting everyone regardless of level or gear to be on even ground is a fantasy. The Devs are handling this the correct way by adding options, not taking stuff away. This hard mode they are talking about adding is more than likely to increase that gap between solid endgame IO builds and not.
  12. Exemplared 50s with full sets of IOs or even SOs really are always going to outperform lower level characters using minimal slots and lower tier enhancements. Same thing goes for a sidekicked lower level character. There's actually quite a big gap there.
  13. I'll reserve my judgement until this is on BETA and can be thoroughly tested. We've been burned badly before with promises of one thing that gets replaced with another thing that isn't at all desirable or welcomed. This sounds interesting, however I'm extremely cautious of the implementation. What you all define as "unfair" or "playing poorly" can be very different than what others consider it to be. I'm leery this is going to try and corral people into a specific, scripted style of play with specific team makeup to handle encounters. That isn't fun and it's what WoW is for. Also, parrot
  14. Super super annoying to try and exit Oro when there are piles of others just loitering around on top of the exit portal. Can we please have players zone in a little further away from it as they come in? Would be a super helpful QoL improvement. Thank you.
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