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  1. Not sure this makes any sense. What's so hard about typing in a chat channel? How else are you creating teams if you're not using chat channels or Discord? Seems like a complete waste of effort to code something for this when you can accomplish everything you're looking for with a minimal effort right now.
  2. Sounds like you can accomplish what you're after with private chat channels and sharing base codes. You invite people you're familiar with and use that to form your teams.
  3. Insulting me isn't very compelling either. I know they work for free. They can pick and choose whatever it is they want to do and I've never suggested otherwise. I'm simply expressing a personal opinion there are better uses of their talents and time. Feel free to disagree.
  4. What awkward teaming issues? Finding people to team with is near effortless in this game. I could see raising or even removing the coalition limit so you'd have more groups in the coalition chat, but beyond that it's not necessary to belong to many supergroups. Sounds to me like this is a solution looking for a problem or someone trying to get around the base storage limitations again.
  5. I watched it. It still stunk. Snyder or no Snyder, the script and story are a turd and no different cut will save it from being a massive turd. More Ezra Miller and Ray Fischer are not a good thing. They've both got to be some of the worst actors ever and totally wrong for the parts. On the plus side, there was more time to flesh out some character backstory, so that's a good thing. The epilogue made no sense and they toss in Martian Manhunter why? Glad I didn't have high hopes going in.
  6. Some of us just don't see this as a needed, welcomed or necessary change. And no, the new Afterburner isn't the same functionality as the old one. It's now a click with a recharge instead of a toggle we can turn on and off as desired. I like how it works now. This is change for the sake of change. Travel is totally trivial now anyway.
  7. I understand what the changes are, thanks. I really don't need any new power. How Flight and Afterburner work now is perfectly fine for me. Not sure how else to say it. I don't really need any more flight speed. More flight speed is totally useless inside caves and inside buildings. Zone travel has been trivialized anyway by all the portal powers and temps. Like I said, change for the sake of change. Much better stuff to be spending the time on, like 50+ content.
  8. Only had an opportunity to test out Fly tonight, so can only comment on that one so far. Objective feedback: It seems to work as described. I very much dislike having the pop up tray now for Afterburner Subjective feedback: I know you all don't want any kind of criticism, but I don't like this change. I didn't have a problem with the flight pool to begin with. Didn't mind taking Afterburner and slotting it for the extra speed boost. Doing that actually worked for some of my builds. Now you're taking away a power I liked and had tuned the way I wanted and replaci
  9. I'm loving this show, especially Elizabeth Olsen in the comic costume. Thought the Kick-Ass nod was hysterical. I think Wanda's being coerced by someone. She does know what's going on because she can clearly control things, but she told her brother that she didn't know how it started. She's either having a mental breakdown or someone is pulling the strings. My guess is Wanda is going to be creating mutants to bring the X-Men and mutants into the MCU. Quicksilver being re-cast and Monica getting her DNA "mutated" by traveling through the hex was a wink and a nudge
  10. Define "abandoned". That's going to vary from one person to the next. I've no issue with pre-50 names getting released on accounts that haven't been logged into for a year or more. 50s should never be on the table in my opinion. Seems to me most people here are forgetting this was done on the live servers and hardly any names got released.
  11. Believe it when I see it. Was every single word combination in the English language taken? I don't think so.
  12. Answer is still no. 50s should never be flagged unless the account owner asks for their account info to be deleted. You can't know one way or another for sure if someone is away permanently or is just taking a break. Not everyone's life revolves around this game to the point where they have to be logging in every day to prevent someone else from stealing a name. If you didn't get the name you wanted, do what everyone else does and use another name or do without. "Serial name squatters" are a myth like Bigfoot. There's far more combinations of words in the English language to use than nam
  13. This is how it should be done. The live Devs ran this name script thing years ago and hardly any names were released. No.
  14. Not sure what you're after derailing the thread going on about classic challenges. I really don't care if people want to play that way or not. More power to them if that's what their after. Glad you liked the changes, some other don't. Anyway, @Guardia was helpful and answered my question. Thanks.
  15. I'm glad you think that but try to keep in mind, other people don't share your viewpoint. I know most all of these people IRL and they're not coming back. Thanks for the offer to help and the overly long winded reply, but I understand perfectly how supergroups work. I already know how to build a base, just nothing as elaborate as the ones I've inherited. I could do it given time, I just didn't feel like trying to recreate hours upon hours of work on another server if I didn't have to. Shame to let these go to rot unused.
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