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  1. I tried the above mission a few times witha group and solo, I was never able to finish it. after defeating all enemies and destroying all weapons caches, nothing happens. GM Cyclone was nice enough to end the mission for me after confirming that I had no unresolved objectives, but this may have to get looked at.
  2. Domination power description: "Nothing delights a Dominator more than inflicting pain. Each time a Dominator attacks, their sadistic nature grows. When your Domination bar is over 90%, you can activate this power to unleash their true potential. Your control powers will typically last 50 percent longer and will more easily Dominate stronger opponents. Additionally, you will fully recharge your Endurance and gain resistance to status protection. Recharge: Long" Should probably be "gain status protection", or "gain resistance to status effects"...
  3. I believe they classify as "Universal Damage" and can only be slotted into powers that would accept those, which is almost all powers that actually deal damage.
  4. Question is: What kind of defensive toggle is it? If it also gives you some kind of damage resistance (Psionic for instance), the power will not be affected.
  5. I'm pretty sure, he scored me some points with my bosses at Longbow today!
  6. As I also do a lot of shard-hopping with at least one of my characters: It helps immensely to have one permanent character (a placeholder basically) in a SG with invite rights, so you can log onto this character and re-invite yourself. I am not aware of any cross-shard SG's but I would be interested as well.
  7. Really hope we created some useable data. Let us know what you find, alright? 🙂
  8. In my personal experience, Fortunata are not really for those that are looking for a powerful character while leveling, unless you heavily invest in sets right from the get go. You will probably think of yourself as relatively frail, not having enough endurance for almost anything and not doing a significant amount of damage. I for one was very underwhelmed when leveling my Fortunata with just IO slotting, though your mileage may vary. However, that changed dramatically (for me like almost no other character, with the notable exception of Dominators) with sets and IO's. You will easily be able to reach defense cap, get okayish resistances in addition, practically never run out of endurance, buff your friends, help with crowd control and deal a rather significant amount of damage, be it ranged-psionic or melee-lethal/toxic (or as I prefer, a wicked combo of the two). However, that requires a certain investment, I'd say at the very least around 50-100 million inf that you may not have available if thats how you want to play. My personal pick for this concept would probably be Blaster. With some support and a good tank, they practically don't need sets at all to rock. My other ideas include Defender and Tanker, but from my point of view, Fortunatas tend to shine proportionally to the inf you invest in them.
  9. Tigress


    I have seen a few, though I never played it myself. With Dominators there isn't all that much difference in the secondaries and a lot of players like to take whatever fits best into their concept. Thorns naturally harmonizes well with Plant Control but the lackluster damage type and the rather dull specials indeed don't make it very attractive to more min-max-minded players. The differences in DPS to other sets are not really dramatic, but definitely present.
  10. I believe beasts would be getting a huge upgrade if their buffs were not 2 second cast times but constant auras. They should be the single target damage kings for their lack of ranged attacks, but even in this regard, they get outdamaged by pretty much all the other pets on a regular basis.
  11. Interesting, I had not really accounted for damage, but that makes sense! Archery however has quite a fast snipe, as I use it in my usual archers attack rotation.
  12. Perhaps you need some help? A tanker that draws the attention away? I would gladly volunteer but am available only during central European hours (UTC+1).
  13. They also avoid having to redraw you gun every now and again, but all in all it doesn't really make much of a difference. Suppression is a beast though. Pure energy damage and a cone that is so freaking wide, its hard not to get an entire spawn into the area. Unfortunately only 10 targets max. I don't really care much for the melee attacks or the Omega Maneuver though, so I usually skip these. The good things however come in the secondary pool. Armor upgrade, Fortification, Serum, Spiderlings, all excellent powers!
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