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  1. As I also do a lot of shard-hopping with at least one of my characters: It helps immensely to have one permanent character (a placeholder basically) in a SG with invite rights, so you can log onto this character and re-invite yourself. I am not aware of any cross-shard SG's but I would be interested as well.
  2. Really hope we created some useable data. Let us know what you find, alright? 🙂
  3. In my personal experience, Fortunata are not really for those that are looking for a powerful character while leveling, unless you heavily invest in sets right from the get go. You will probably think of yourself as relatively frail, not having enough endurance for almost anything and not doing a significant amount of damage. I for one was very underwhelmed when leveling my Fortunata with just IO slotting, though your mileage may vary. However, that changed dramatically (for me like almost no other character, with the notable exception of Dominators) with sets and IO's. You will easily be able to reach defense cap, get okayish resistances in addition, practically never run out of endurance, buff your friends, help with crowd control and deal a rather significant amount of damage, be it ranged-psionic or melee-lethal/toxic (or as I prefer, a wicked combo of the two). However, that requires a certain investment, I'd say at the very least around 50-100 million inf that you may not have available if thats how you want to play. My personal pick for this concept would probably be Blaster. With some support and a good tank, they practically don't need sets at all to rock. My other ideas include Defender and Tanker, but from my point of view, Fortunatas tend to shine proportionally to the inf you invest in them.
  4. Tigress


    I have seen a few, though I never played it myself. With Dominators there isn't all that much difference in the secondaries and a lot of players like to take whatever fits best into their concept. Thorns naturally harmonizes well with Plant Control but the lackluster damage type and the rather dull specials indeed don't make it very attractive to more min-max-minded players. The differences in DPS to other sets are not really dramatic, but definitely present.
  5. I believe beasts would be getting a huge upgrade if their buffs were not 2 second cast times but constant auras. They should be the single target damage kings for their lack of ranged attacks, but even in this regard, they get outdamaged by pretty much all the other pets on a regular basis.
  6. Interesting, I had not really accounted for damage, but that makes sense! Archery however has quite a fast snipe, as I use it in my usual archers attack rotation.
  7. Perhaps you need some help? A tanker that draws the attention away? I would gladly volunteer but am available only during central European hours (UTC+1).
  8. They also avoid having to redraw you gun every now and again, but all in all it doesn't really make much of a difference. Suppression is a beast though. Pure energy damage and a cone that is so freaking wide, its hard not to get an entire spawn into the area. Unfortunately only 10 targets max. I don't really care much for the melee attacks or the Omega Maneuver though, so I usually skip these. The good things however come in the secondary pool. Armor upgrade, Fortification, Serum, Spiderlings, all excellent powers!
  9. I would agree with Thugs being ideal, or (if you are so inclined) Beastmastery, while often laughed about as the black sheep of mastermind sets, might honestly not be a bad choice either. Both of these sets have the advantage of having some defense in addition to their inborn damage resistance and you would get some pretty survivable pets. Your lack of healing however will become apparent sooner than later, thats why a lot of potential Sonic Masterminds opt for Thermal instead. Their resistance buffs are lower, but they bring an array of healing powers to a team that is only dwarfed by Empathy, Pain, or (arguably) Nature.
  10. That is probably the most effective way to play a mastermind, though in my book its also the most boring. I try and get the defence and resistances of the pets as high as possible, while not neglecting my own, and just fight along with them with attack powers and pools. I know its less effective, but IMHO not by a lot, and I don't feel like I am wasting my time.
  11. That is wrong. Soul extraction will not benefit from Enchant or Empower, nor will the pet be any stronger or different if raised from an enchanted and/or empowered henchman. It does however get significantly stronger, when raised from a higher tier henchman (i.e. Lich being the strongest), however even then, the powers it has access to remain the same. I am using the power to haul around the resistance and defence enhancers of the various pet damage and recharge intensive pet categories, so the Soul Extraction is not well slotted. For this reason, I personally never bother with raising one from a Zombie, but might raise one from a fallen Death Knight and most definitely from a Lich (though that guy tends to be damn survivable). Right now, I am not 100% sure about the time it stays, but I would guess its 4 minutes (since I don't really use it that often), like most (all?) other pets that need to be recast.
  12. Definitely kind-of-weird (to me), though not ineffective. Targeting drone remains awesome and the recent damage buffs make it stand out as one of the best powers of any Blaster secondary pool. Caltrops is a mixed blessing however, as it disperses groups as they pace off away from the damage source. Smoke grenade is a helpful debuff, however for a few seconds you can barely see your enemies yourself, so best use well before combat. Taser is quite okay, the bombs are not really my playstyle, but I hear they can be effective if slotted correctly and the gun drone apparently has a few taunting issues.
  13. At the moment I can't recommend Devices at all, simply because the endurance regain power comes with practical invisibility, meaning unless you turn off your essential endurance recovery power, nobody will see you costume. To some that may be okay. For me it was a reason to remake the character. /Temporal is pretty nifty and I hear good things about /Atomic but I am a huge fan of /Tactical Arrow. the area slow is amazing, the status protection is incredible, it comes with an accuracy buff and has a superb area hold that even does good damage against robots. Definitely something to consider if you can fit it in!
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