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  1. Weaken Resolve requires a to-hit check for it to apply the negative to-hit on the power, but it can miss. Right now, you can't put accurate to hit debuff sets in the power. Can that be changed?
  2. Missing drum dance, pop dance, karate dance, robot dance, air guitar, and disco dance.
  3. Fire Imps for dominators consistently only summons 2 imps.
  4. When using the Vault Reserve from the salvage window, you can only move 1 item at a time out if you put any stacks in. This puts a damper on using the thing.
  5. I have to agree. Is it a simple change, or is it hardcoded somewhere? I can hardly read the dark people at times. Thank you all for the tags though!
  6. Rad Melee/Rad Assault currently has a bug that if you attempt to hit someone, and there is someone in close proximity to the target, it will roll to hit on them. Even if your target is not contaminated. Even if you miss your primary target. These extra rolls, while they do no damage, will fire off procs. I have missed a target and fired off 5 -res procs around it to a group of guys, or proc'd my extra lethal damage. Provided is an example.
  7. While not a singularly written guide, I could find no place that lists the various emotes that are not on the chat list. So, here's a small list of emotes that I've found, heard about, or told exist that I could not find on that menu, with a short description. Please, add to the list if you are aware of any emotes not on here. ;smartphone -- Pulls out a smartphone to start talking, instead of a purple Nokia Brick. ;text -- Pulls out the self-same smartphone, but this time, starts to text with thumbs. ;cameraphone -- The smartphone is busy; this time, as a camera. Not a selfie, unless you have a forward facing camera. ;swoon -- Swoon, hand up to face, faint, falling forward with a thunk. ;collapse -- appear dizzy, then fall backwards, fainting.
  8. Can we discuss these too here? Feral charge still has the bug that, despite being a PBAOE, takes Melee damage sets on live. It's not in a bug fix here, so I suppose it's been left in. If it can't be changed now, no biggie. I spent a lot for that melee set anyways. 😄 Note: Haven't been able to get on test server yet. Just wanted to say that's still a thing and isn't in the patch notes.
  9. Cross Punch on a controller does not take in the bonus damage from Kick, or Punch, when calculating Containment damage.
  10. They actually moved away from Domination boosting damage, and instead baked the damage into the base damage scalar. By 'they' I mean the original studio. The reasoning behind it is dominators felt like they didn't 'dominate' outside of the button. You were gimped if you weren't in domination, because everything felt right inside of it. I think the same would happen, especially since it'd also apply against our max of 400% damage bonus, meaning we'd 'feel right' when we hit the button, but in a team, we'd not be getting as much of a damage buff as the next guy. We'd start basing our expectations of damage, even if it's 100% bonus, on how much damage we did during domination, and then in a fulcrum shift, feel like we missed out on that 100% damage that everyone else was getting. Elec's control set might be able to take more damage, yeah. That, however, would just widen the gap between the efficiency of damage between controllers and dominators, where controllers auto-crit controlled enemies. If you want to make dominators feel more ... dominating, one probably needs to look at the passive, or the assault sets. Instead of boosting damage by a flat percent when domination is hit, doing an extra strike or a critical strike at 50% bonus damage on controlled targets (due to them having actual assault sets, not full blown control) might boost damage in a way appreciable to people rather than boosting base damage again, or fluffing up our damage and sinking that bonus we get from teaming away. Considering it's only impossible to control certain targets, we'd not be losing out that much? Pretty sure giant monsters are really difficult to control, hence the problem against Babbage. Also, forgive me if this is jumbly. Wrote this early in the morning for me.
  11. Real simple one, I think. Just a single power tweak. Make Panther Form just as mobile as Coyote Form, from the P2W vendor?
  12. Enjoying the fast snipe last patch, haven't gotten around to testing it in this one. Having a cast time won't bother me thematically; I enjoy watching the animations in the game. I agree that on paper doms should have different snipes, as it's more of an 'oh shit what do I need to do now' playstyle instead of a high dps rotation, but I think that the extra-high damage on the dominator snipe is not really 'necessary' to the set to be whole, it's the one kid who is scoring so high on a test it brings the class average up. Not snipe things: currently on live, Shinobi from the blaster secondary Ninja Training incorrectly says it gives run speed and jump modifiers in the description, but lacks it in game. Instead, the power gives 5% to hit as a constant buff, an additional 15% to hit every 30 seconds for one attack, 6.75% constant damage buff, and 43.25% damage to one attack every 30 seconds. These are basically unlisted. Can we have the description fixed to mention it gives a latent to hit buff and damage buff outside of the big burst, and removal of jump and run speeds? Or just add jump and run speed in too. I'm okay with that.
  13. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/status/ for current status. No ETA for reopening is given unless you're actively in game or on discord,afaik.
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