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  1. It's been my understanding for quite a while that FF only procs when summoning LS and nado. So, it's not surprising to hear that. The estimate of extra recharge I've heard repeated is +20% global recharge from having those FF procs in both LS and nado. That would make it a better source of recharge than the ubiquitous LoTG def / global recharge IOs, considering the "per slot" investment. The possibility of casting them up to 5 or 6 times per minute was probably a factor in the math behind that statement. It's always possible that information being passed around on the forums was wrong, though.
  2. If I had to choose between frost breath and ice storm, then I'd pick frost breath. Even though DPA is much lower for frost breath than for ice storm, the quicker recharge for frost breath helps to substantially increase AOE damage done to mobs. I'd prefer to take both, though, if possible; ice storm only needs 2 slots with a damage alpha and can optionally take a 3rd slot with a knockdown proc or to chase a desirable set bonus. So, it's not a resource intensive pick. You can shift slots out of freezing rain in case you're wondering about how to slot up an extra damaging power if yo
  3. Thank you for the generous gift. Much appreciated! I'll send an in-game email, as per your request. Hopefully you have a blast with your blaster (pun intended).
  4. Here is a fire / storm / electric build I've been running. Hopefully there are some useful ideas about how to slot storm, pools, and the epic / patron in here. Gale is very useful proc'd up as it is here. It provides a recharge buff for crowds, which means the nuke is available noticeably more often. It would knock mobs down and keep them in rain patches after casting blizzard and ice storm. It synergizes very well with all the slows you'll be inflicting on mobs. If you're not comfortable opening with AOE damage then it makes a good alpha move if you find yourself taking alpha on
  5. A key reason to skip BFR is that the build as given here has a good single target chain that can keep being repeated; there's no need for another single target power. A related reason to skip BFR is that char already provides a second hold for bosses and it has far better DPA than bitter freeze ray. Also relevant is that frost breath provides the only non-rain AOE power in the build (setting aside incarnates), with a quicker recharge than the others; it often ends up being available when ice storm and blizzard are on cooldown. It's also available when exemp'd down, meaning this bui
  6. Below is a nature-based blaster build. Any number of concepts can fit with a mix of cold, fire, and plants. Magical and mutation origins are probably the "go to" origin choices. The build has very good damage, good debuffs, very good cc*, and good enough defenses that teammates and/or inspirations can softcap defenses when needed and hits that get through are more readily absorbed. Both solo and teaming should go absolutely fine. Combat jumping can be substituted for hover if you'd rather be ground-based and move faster, in exchange for giving up the greater safety of hoverblastin
  7. If we're allowed multiple entries, then I have another candidate to suggest. If not, then this can stand as my suggested build. The powersets are dual pistols, sonic manipulation, and force mastery. An oversized robot potentially named Audiobot, Bulletsong, or some such, can use sonic waves in close and use dual pistols* for mobs further way. This is a build that should be comfortable soloing or on teams, at higher difficulties, with good damage and multiple kinds of debuffs to make the build function even better. It can function well mostly at range, but you'll want to head to m
  8. This feedback seems completely on point. It's clear that another secondary could offer more damage, and damage is the key to doing well in MoITFs (hardcore or otherwise). I've also heard from experienced MoITF players that -res stacking and degen are keys to quick and successful runs, neither of which SR helps with at all. Apparently TW / Bio / Blaze is a very good combo because you can stack damage and debuffs higher that way. Claws / Bio / Blaze is probably also reasonable, even though -res can't be stacked quite as high. I already have this scrapper at 50 and I like playing him
  9. I hadn't thought of that. But, you're absolutely right. Thank you for pointing this out. It also seems that the kismet +acc IO is only needed if tactics won't be run, as otherwise accuracy seems to be in a good place. That slot can become a sixth slot in shockwave, with a damage IO being placed in the sixth slot.
  10. The following build is meant to be tough enough to stand up to +4x8 Cims (solo or in teams) and to also do very good damage (ST and AOE). Power and incarnate choices were selected with that goal in mind. But, intentions may not match up to reality. So, by all means tear this build apart at the seams and make it better. Or, provide alternative claw builds with a different secondary / epic / patron picks that would rock the Cims in "1 death = failure" MoITF runs (ie: hardcore). Thank you in advance for any help provided! Hero Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Desi
  11. Group fly with zombies is recommended as a the bucket list item by 9 out of 10 doctors. Including Dr. Vahzilok.
  12. Would the following thugs / cold / mace build do well in teams in typical endgame content (ie: TFs, DA arcs, signature arcs, tips missions, PI radios, iTrials, SBBs, ...)? Thank you in advance for feedback and improvements offered. As always, if this ends up helping somebody else then that is also a welcome outcome. Hero Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/ImaginaryDevelopment/imaginary-hero-designer Click this DataLink to open the build! Northern Gang: Level 50 Magic Mastermind Primary Power Set: Thugs Secondary Power Set: Cold Dom
  13. The key question isn't "Is it possible?", but "Is there a good functional case for that choice?" The (current) steep cost for spirit ward means that only characters with a very good handle on their endurance costs are likely to consider it. Electric dominators have a leg up on many other character types, in that regard, as well as having the controls to make a fairly modest survival buff such as an absorb shield more helpful. Also, for many builds pets are just an add-on and it's not worth giving up a power pool choice to buff them.
  14. Picking up on the idea of what a "magic origin" pool might involve, damage, protection, mez, and pet summoning and/or assistance would seem to fit with a *lot* of archetypical magic characters. Mez would be the missing element for a magic origin pool here. Perhaps enflame could be turned into an AOE immobilize or slow that leaves fire on the ground after the immobilize / slow ends; if it's a "pet drop" that immobilizes / slows, then it could affect mobs that enter the area after it's cast. Then enflame would be kind of a "magical caltrops", sorta kinda, but with a shorter duration
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