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  1. Yes, I have too many alts. As evidence ... Aquavine – water / plant blaster Audiobot – dual pistols / sonic blaster Brain Block – shield / psy tank Breaker of Stone - electric / earth dom Buzz-claw – bio / claws tank Claws of Karma - beast / time MM Dark Device - dark / devices blaster Deathstorm Shaman - necro / storm / mu MM, stole magic from Banished Pantheon Demon Mage - fire / electric blaster Druid of the Forest - Plant / fire dom Druid of the Oceans – electric / bio stalker Duke of Grey - dark / psy dom Earthbane –
  2. In short, the T9 and the carefully timed juggling / stacking of other powers are all essential to making a build work. The other key takeaway is that I don't know how the scaling works for where the softcap ends up being, depending on the level gap between characters and mobs. Even after re-reading the "purple patch" paragonwiki page, which did help for some issues, there is still some fogginess in my understanding of how level differences affect the interactions between defense rating and to hit values. I'll study that further sometime in the next day or so. Thank yo
  3. Here's a variation on the build you've suggested, with a different secondary. DDR is fairly well handled. A combination of rehabilitating circuit and absorb helps to handle the healing when attacks land, as long as the sentinel is on a team. Scaling resists and rune of protection are available if heavy damage seems headed this sentinel's way. The build offers 3 AOE attacks and 3 single target attacks. This is quite likely because of limited experience in 801 on my part. But, this build does not incorporate the secondary T9. If it is an essential pick then it could be
  4. Quick update: This warshade is now level 50 and will have all T3 incarnates quite soon. The build has worked out very well overall. Redlynne's suggested slotting for both gravitic emanation and gravity well have worked out *very* well; the ability to instantly hold a boss and the +recharge and immobilization from gravitic emanation change the way the build plays. The new starless step quickly gets my warshade into the melee fray, which helps as well. A small number of tweaks were made to the above build, as follows: Weaken resolve was moved earlier to improve the -res
  5. Thank you for your post. It shook lose some overly narrow thinking on my part about how to do some of the slotting. Also, after carefully considering your build and Redlynne's advice about FF procs, the build below should function better than the previous iteration. Switching slotting in eclipse brings melee defense to a higher total, which is good. The build is far from cheap, as a caveat, but it's doable. When he's 50 and the full build given below can be put into place, plus incarnates have been filled out, he should function much like an off-tank with pets, a nuke, controls, a
  6. The following is the result of a more careful review of others' work (particularly ideas from Redlynne, who is an excellent source of thoughtful build ideas and technical information). The following build relies on more umbral primary and secondary powers and on more of the usual pool powers. Toggles would not all be running at the same time. Recharge is quite a bit higher, allowing for a different alpha incarnate pick. Melee defense is in the mid-30s and ranged defense is in the low 20s, without vengeance engaged and without team buffs. Four targets for eclipse are s
  7. The build above didn't work out well when testing on the beta server. DPA and DPS weren't in a good enough place. Instead, the build was modified as below. The build below has more damage and seems to function noticeably better. Also, ebon eye became the home of a key AT IO that helps to get resistances to a better place. I'm currently leveling the build below, given that incarnates for my current warshade are too far down a path that doesn't match the planned build. It'll be interesting to see how well he comes together. Hero Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer 2.6.
  8. Thank you for the build. It is appreciated.
  9. Below is a hopefully effective build for a robotic character that relies on technology to carry out its missions. Feedback is welcome and appreciated. As a bit more explanation, the mastery pet is a mule for pet IOs intended to help the trap pets last longer when they're under fire from strong mobs. Also, hopefully between the -res in powers and in procs, plus the heavy amount of -regen, this build would help teams quite a bit. Villain Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/ImaginaryDevelopment/imaginary-hero-designer Click this DataLink t
  10. Nature manipulation could make sense for quite a few backstories. Depending on the build you might have the first "cowtroller" in the game. :) (I'll show myself out ...) If you wanted a bit of a dark backstory you could pick the dark secondary; this cow gained powers from negative energy exposure or by having too many chemicals pumped into them, or something like that.
  11. Below is a melee-centric human only warshade build. The build goals were to not rely on corpses to stay upright and to use extractions to take DPS to a better place, when that is possible. It should play like a kind of tanktroller that relies on healing from essence drain and stygian circle, plus the two long recharge powers (unrelenting and unleash potential), to patch the limitations in other defenses. This build would be primarily designed for teaming. A few caveats apply. Neither the ST nor the AOE attack chains are likely to be smooth. The ST attack chain has low DPA and DPS.
  12. Get the midnight squad badge in Night Ward, by entering the Midnighter's mansion on top of a hill, near the base portal in Night Ward. Then you're free to enter Cimerora anytime.
  13. Storm is a fun set to play. There is a key caveat, though, which is teammates will tend to appreciate if you put knockback-knockdown IOs into key powers (gale if you use it, tornado, and potentially even lightning storm). Both nado and lightning storm do noticeably more damage once they have a version of this IO in them (LS stops knocking things out of range, so it does more damage, and nado keeps right on grinding away at things more consistently). Sudden acceleration has a cheaper version of this IO, about 2 million each, and the overwhelming force (universal damage set) also ha
  14. There is another thread with earth assault as a key focus on this first page. I happened to make the first post in it and by all means feel free to look over what I've posted. But, I'd especially recommend paying close attention to the posts by oedipus_tex as there is a lot of helpful information in them to help you select from among earth assault powers and to slot them well. Good luck with your dom!
  15. I've noticed that putting in the bombardment chance for fire damage makes mids report incorrect damage totals. So, the cloud senses proc was essentially a workaround aimed at trying to get a truer picture of the damage done, even if the exact IOs in the power couldn't be the same. The first impression is understandably confusing, granted.
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