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  1. I had underestimated this bit. However I guess I thought the allure of heat loss would be more enticing. My first live 50 was a fire/storm controller. Pre-IO and I was a kid without mids so I wonder if it’s also partly me never using storm to its best. However I can see why Grav/dark affinity is so high up the FoTM list. I just wish the relatively inexpensive build I toyed with have more rech so soul drain could be perma. But I should probably also stop trying to play controllers like I play my Dom.
  2. I was having a look on the FoTM stuff from a while ago and was surprised to see Grav/Cold so low. Am I missing why? I’ve not used grav before so am very happy to be told why before I spent sweet sweet inf on this. I’ve loosely put something together and it seems... good? Wormhole them into a big pile, crushing field, sleet, some propels, dead? I’ve managed perma hasten, near perma heat loss and indom will, and seems to do solid damage?
  3. Cheers for the tips! did not know about this! Very interesting. Do you know how the -res incarnate power (can’t remember the name) interacts with poison and the Achilles proc? Strong point about the kin. We often duo with our kin corr and kin def, great time on ITFs. We teamed with a poison who made us wonder about the poisons.
  4. Was having a look at this with a mate and thinking about both rolling poison defenders. Is there a bottom to -res? You've got a GM there with -90%, how low can you go? And would 2 poisons interact as well as I hope?
  5. I main a plant/psi/ice but team quite regularly with a mind/fire/ice. As Tex said, they are very different. Plant kinda relies on the enemies doing the heavy lifting and regen'ing yourself out of any problems that spring up. Chaos and smash. More AoE than ST but you can defo make-do. If you miss on the seeds cone and vines isn't recharged then you can sometimes get yourself into a hole, but shockwave with dom acts as another control. Dip between melee and ranged, I'm soft on s/l with a fair amount in ranged but cant remember the exact amount off the top of my head. I always forget how annoying it is when the seeds dont work on the khels in ITF, so I sometimes get a bit of a hiccup there. And the psi-robot-resistance thing has been written about at length. But procs and the ice powers can help there. Mind has a few more control powers which are useful if something else gets aggroed and things start going pear-shaped, with fire taking them down one-by-one. You'll be able to solo TFs for sure, dont know about the GMs. The Mind/Fire I play with likes to show-off that he can confuse the big crystal in the Eden trial, while I waft seeds and get killed. Feels more at home ranged it seems. Try both, they're very fun.
  6. I’d love a revamp for some of the older TFs as long as ‘revamp’ doesn’t just mean ‘shorten by 2/3s’. If the tunnel missions in citidel weren’t on the other side of Talos that’d help, maybe Synapses missions being centered around faultline and not steel. But cutting stuff isn’t always the fix. Sister Psyche is a fun TF still. I’d also like the option to get ‘Master of...’ badges for the TF commander TFs. Could we maybe repurpose some of the story arcs into new TFs? The arc to get access to the midnight club would be fun, add in another mission or something. I’d like a late 30s Nemesis TF. But also totally agree with that person who suggested doing incarnate versions of that pre-existing ones. Level 54, rebalanced with more powers, Clockwork King or Dr Vahz? Sign me up. Make the supervillain Super again.
  7. My Plant/Psi/Ice dom is my favourite toon. Period. Perma-dom/ hasten/ drian psyche/ carrions, softcap on s/l def and 1 purp from ranged (but I'm mostly melee anyway). Just take stranger, roots, seeds, mass hold, carrions. The pet dies too much. She makes mincemeat of most things.
  8. Hello, Long time lurker, first time poster. We've got quite a few variations on radiation now in the game, and I saw someone posting about getting more elemental pools so you could do an ice/ice/ice scrapper for example. But what about radiation? I've cobbled this together using the pre-existing powers so obviously the numbers would need fiddling. Let me know. Some of em are possibly a little heavy-handed (meltdown on a dominator 🤯). I tried to copy the rough feel of how fire and elec works in the epic pools - for example, with Radiation Therapy feeling like a version of Consume. Let me know! Controller Proton Stream (sent power) Neutron Bomb Alpha Barrier Radiation Therapy Meltdown Dominator Radiation Therapy Lingering Radiation Alpha Barrier Particle Shielding Fallout? Meltdown? Sent Electron Shackles (AoE version - from Atomic Manipulation) Radioactive Smash/ Negatron Slam Positron Cell Atom Smasher Radiant Aura Scrapper & Stalker Electron Shackles Positron Cell X-ray Beam/ Proton Stream (sent) Lingering Radiation Neutron Bomb Mastermind X-ray Beam/ Proton Stream (sent) Neutron Bomb Positron Cell Radiation Therapy Meltdown Tanker & Brute Electron Shackles Positron Cell X-ray Beam/ Proton Stream (sent) Lingering Radiation/ Radiation Infection Neutron Bomb/ Irradiate Blaster Proton Sweep Particle Shielding Alpha Barrier Lingering Radiation/ Radiation Infection Meltdown Corruptor & Defender Negatron Slam Alpha Barrier Radiation Therapy Atom Smasher Meltdown
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