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  1. What if… the Contamination spread? The first recorded case was in Atlas Park hospital. They tracked it back to one Water Blasting villain who had been near the toxic cesspool in Mercy. The blaster hadn’t been exhibiting symptoms. They’d just harnessed the poisoned water in the area, it replicated inside their body, and they became a super-spreader. Every hydro blast and aqua bolt leaving little traces inside people. They’d robbed Atlas’ bank, taking out members of the PPD. It was gestating inside Lt. Humphries when Ms Liberty came to visit him in hospital during a PR campaig
  2. love this! I hate sun storm. Side thought: I’ve read the comics but not 100% sure what happens to him? The costume looks relatively easy to replicate. Feels like a good AE arc where he’s used his lack of popularity and notoriety to become a brutal vigilante (in the alignment sense) and the other PBs are worried about him “losing the light” and you need to track him down and stop him.
  3. Hey, I like doing a lot of content and am always keen to do stuff. Chuck me a global on @Xiddo. welcome home.
  4. What if… Clamor succeeded? When the bomb went off the water in Independence Port was vaporised (Lusca is a husk you can visit), thousands evacuated, millions of Inf worth of damage, the power grid died, then the chaos began. IP and parts of Kings and Steel are a wasteland. SERAPH have set up hubs in those cities, giving you radiation shields, so you can do missions to find survivors and collect samples. Crey and the freakshow have moved into IP, the Skulls are taking advantage in Kings and looting, and the Council are on a recruitment drive with the disillusioned in Steel.
  5. What if... The Rikti won? The mission failed. Most of the humans fall, nearly all the heroes died, but pockets of resistance remain. A scientist at one of these underground camps notices something strange, an alternate dimension filled with life, and they ever have a Statesman. Can he be convinced to come right our wrongs? What will the Rikti do when there's another world to conquer? Featuring: transformed (Hero One style) Freedom Phalanx members, the Clockwork King's psychic powers imbued into a separatist group of Rikti drones, Croatoa: land of the refugees - the magical lands help hold
  6. I suspect the lack of unique powers is just because of the limits of the Kheldian power options. There arent many more they could give him - glowing touch? group flight? Naaaah. He could ALWAYS revive at least, didn't for the last run.
  7. I've been trying to do all of the 45-50 Redside contacts as a bit of a change. So many little, fun, challenging arcs vs Longbow/PPD/Heroes. (NOTE: For full transparency, I just want something on my PB to acknowledge I beat the snot out of this guy) Abyss gives you a mission to take out the Vindicators (which is no mean feat in itself) but also Sunstorm. I dont think he's fightable in any other place, no? Could we get a badge for smackin' the smuggest PB in town in the face? Name suggestions: Extinguishing Radiance Void Hunting Alien Territory Khelle Surprise Alien Nation
  8. I've got a fiery melee/ radiation armor brute that I think is pretty all-round. Nice AoE and ST damage, strong resists to most (I'm capped on s/l/f/e I think, with some strong healing. I join the odd fire farm quite comfortably, run TFs, do missions, can solo and team.
  9. Posting here to remind myself to come back and will paste mine here. I just have basic one: press button to change form and tray.
  10. @Xiddo on excelsior. Running back through loads of arcs and happy to join any redside team on my alts.
  11. Mayhem missions where you fight your way to the bank. The 15-30s ones are the funnest I think. The circular nature of the snakes arc. Irritating and boring in the low levels, they get a bit of a resolution in the 45-50 range. Bane Spider Ruben's arc Leonard's arc Psimon's missions Bobby Curtain's arc - Fidelio is probably one of my favourite missions in the whole game. Smashing and grab. So many PPD about. Piecemeal's arc holds a very fond place in my heart too. The 45-50 arcs are more varied than blue's - the DE guy, TV, and the Arachnoids one. The Wailers. Silver Mantis SF + Virgi
  12. Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear because I was typing half-awake. My bad. I know this! Cheers 🙂 I meant... When they changed Quantum's to do resistible damage (negative? I think), and not un-resistible like before, did they also change the damage that Voids do in the same way? Because I found the Voids in the tip mission to pack a real punch. I think it stuck out because you don't see Voids anywhere and I was very aware of my health bar. I would like cysts to spawn like they used to. But I appreciate it isn't something that everyone agrees with. I ran the Khel arc and there were
  13. I recently did the tip mission with all Voids in it on my PB. I know the damage type for Quants changed to be less kryptonite, but did the void damage? I had to be much more sensible (which wasn’t a bad thing, I liked the challenge) Also, the cysts that do appear in some of the Khel arc/ tips missions - are they meant to spawn like they used to? Because at the moment they do not and it is a little boring, for lack of a better work, to just fight an unguarded inanimate object.
  14. I’m always a little confused by these “get more people redside!” posts. I play at a not hugely populated time on excelsior, as I’m in the UK, and there’s usually people about who wanna be troublesome. It’s been happening so frequently I’ve swapped my PB over to rogue so that if and when there isn’t a team running, I can start one (also I think the 45-50 contacts for redside are more engaging and varied). Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a solid shout that people are thinking of ways to entice people over to check out the gameplay there. But I’m not sure people need that much o
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