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  1. This is my Ill/Rad's build. I had her way back on live as well but she's been updated with the newer sets and things on Homecoming. PA is perma'ed and she was as much of an AV/GM killer now as she was on live many moons ago. Slots and set bonuses were almost entirely focused on recharge in the interest of getting Hasten and PA Perma. She runs with SI on all the time in missions. It's a concept/roleplay thing for me that she's invisible as much as possible and that's probably the slotting I think most people will disagree with. I personally never took Choking Cloud is it's end-heavy for me (
  2. Inf isn't an issue, but she's a second string character for me, so this is at least a preliminary build for her. I may optimize it later if I wind up playing her more often. I'm also not married to soft capping everyone (probably obvious from the build), but I think she's got decent numbers there. I'm pretty happy with them. And dancing in and out of melee isn't bothersome to me. If I want to just stand there and dish it out I'll play my Fire/Stone tank. 😉 I do eventually boost the regular IOs, but I don't see a way to do that in Mids to reflect that plan. 🙂 She's only 32, so not su
  3. Bumping this as I just made my own Sonic/Sonic build and wouldn't mind some feedback. Not a whole lot of advice about either set on the forums from what I could find. I admittedly took EVERYTHING in both my primary and secondary and, like CapnFreedom, didn't taken Hasten. I think she will play a lot more like a blast-troller than my main blaster who's Eng/Eng and is just a solid heavy-hitter (with some KB for damage mitigation). I am sure I could have optimized these set bonuses a little better but the roleplayer in me is very bothered by random ice animations in characters that aren't ice
  4. I would do Invuln/WM tanker, with Mu Mastery and Ion Judgement. And abuse the electric auras in the costume creator for flavor, especially before you actually get those electric abilities in late game.
  5. Missed this post originally. I was finishing up residency and we were getting ready to move several states away when Homecoming opened, and then all the life stuff that followed kept us from really getting back into it until about a year ago (you know, when COVID closed the world). But hey, I'm Ravenbane (also @Ravenbane in game). My boyfriend (now husband) and I moved to Virtue from Champion a few months after CoH launched. We had a number of duos together, most of which we've remade here. We were really active for the first several years of CoH until RL started to demand more and more of
  6. Seven, according to Paragon Wiki. https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Talons_of_Vengeance#Siren A mix of ST ranged and cone attacks, with a PBAoE and a targeted AoE as well. Like you said, plenty to work with.
  7. This is related to my suggestion to have music notes as an aura, but specifically for the sonic blast (and I guess potentially sonic resonance and maybe sonic manipulation sets). That is simply to add an option in power customization that projects a flowy music staff with notes and other music notations, rather than just the (rather bland) ripples that sonic blast currently uses. The assets already exist in game as seen when fighting Talons of Vengeance Sirens. That power animation is essentially what I'm asking for. Thanks!
  8. Noted. Thanks so much for the help!
  9. Thanks Hakurr! One question. Do you find the less En/NE defense to be a handicap? I ask because my FA/Stone is capped for S/L/Fire (way beyond the cap for fire since that's how FA rolls). Her defenses for S/L are about 36 and for fire/cold are 18.5 (21 for AoE). If I take her farming (which wasn't my goal when I made her, she's just capable of handling it), I actually am less stressed in the S/L farms compared to fire farms because I'm taking way less damage due to the better defense.
  10. 😄 This is her lava form, with and without toggles up. The lava option on stone melee made me SO happy! It looks the stone fists and hammers just grow out of her arm. And I enjoy few things more on her than soloing/duoing AVs like Hess or Olympian Guard that have a lava pool in their map I can pull them into, which takes care of all of their regen. Fools.
  11. The only tanker I've ever gotten to the end game is Tephra, my FA/Stone/Pyre tank who's essentially a walking volcano. It requires a lot of patience in leveling as the end mitigation is an issue with stone melee (thank God for consume) but the end result is fabulous. She tanks extremely well, she hits like a truck, and once she reached the 40s and beyond and picked up melt armor, fireball, and pryonic judgement she is also dishes out large amounts of AoE damage as well. I love her so.
  12. Ravenbane

    Rad/Rad Build

    So I perused the older threads on the subject but I'm hoping for some constructive criticism of my Rad/Rad tank build. I really like making builds for myself and friends but both of these sets are less familiar to me and the slotting options thanks to the secondary effects are a bit overwhelming. I'm also haven't ventured much into proc usage but I tried to do a bit more of it here. I struggle with choosing procs that don't make sense thematically (like damage type), so I avoided them. Made some tweaks after making the original post, newest build is below. I'm pretty please
  13. Many times I change my character's sliders (either face or body) and then need to apply it to their other costumes, but there's no way to do this reliably, as there are no numbers associated with the scales, unless I save the costume and apply it again. Only then I have to rebuild the other costume slot when I load it. I know I can hit the reset/undo button on each costume pieces, but doing this often completely jacks up the colors, which isn't as hard to fix, but still a PITA. Is there a way to decouple the sliders from the costumes and save them separately, like we do with the
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