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  1. Something my sister-in-law used to do on CoH was use the run fly glitch, where you could run in the air, to be able to do a makeshift hoverdisk travel power. If a glitch can do that, I wonder if it's possible to just make a hoverdisk travel power, basically a flight power using the powerslide animations. Working with demos I also know the superspeed sfx works really well as a hoverdisk as seen on this video: Also, just a run on air travel power would be pretty cool to, ala Gwen Tennyson's stepping stones power, or like in Doctor Strange:
  2. Thanks! Squee moments are what I live for. 😂
  3. Who remembers the CoH Forum Moderator CuppaJo? Here's an image I drew of her Toon back in the day: I actually got to meet her IRL. We obviously went out for coffee. 😀
  4. First one: Yes, and also cause a bunch of biting Skulls is what the Spectral Wounds power in the Illusion set always looked like to me. Second one: Hex refers to the CoH player Hex-Girl (and famous CoH forumite) who played the Raggedy Anne Villain on CoV. That piece was sort of a gift to her. Every CoH artist back then did a piece for her. The extra G was a removal from Raggedy when it was changed to Tragedy. The straight jacket was a coincidence. I used a reference for the straight jacket and that strap just happened to form a W for some reason.
  5. Was Dika Wolf on the boards and Vector Man, Soul Keeper, and Proudstar on Guardian, as well as a member of The Pride supergoup.
  6. Hi! I was known as Dika Wolf in the old forums. Don't know if any of y'all remember me, but two images I drew were featured in the COH Cryptic/NCSoft newsletters that they had put out.
  7. I used to use it for my first toon Soul Keeper to simulate a gems in his hands. I don't remember if they kept those gloves in CoH, as they removed several costume pieces after troubles with Marvel. Still if gloves like that can made, that would be sweet.
  8. This is my old CoH Illusion/Force Field Controller main, making his return to Paragon City (leveling currently on Indomitable). Some of y'all might remember him as Vectorman back in the day (named so cause I used to work at Sega of America at the time). This image I (aka Dika Wolf) drew of him was also featured in one of the CoH newsletters that Cryptic/NCSoft had put out: Also on this video:
  9. I'd like to see the Ironman hands from old CoH back (the ones with repulsers in the palms). I can't seem find them anymore. I think I remember Cryptic removing the costume piece a long time ago to keep people from making Ironman due to issues they had with Marvel.
  10. This trailer I created with my old supergroup. Now that CoH is back up, I have my chance again to finish the movie.
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