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  1. The mastermind pet improvements are what I'm looking forward to the most, but I wanted to make special note of this fix. It's representative of how dedicated the Homecoming team is to making the game as perfect as possible, and conveys a "no problem too small" attitude. Much love to the team!
  2. Holy moley, that was amazingly fast! Numlock binds are working again, thank you!
  3. The 8/23 maintenance doesn't seem to have done anything with respect to the numlock binding issue. The rest of the numpad keys continue to activate their key bindings, it's just the numlock key that doesn't.
  4. Howdy! After today's patch, my numlock key is no longer activating its existing keybinding. If I rebind another function to the key, that also does not get activated when pressing numlock. Thanks!
  5. The other big drawback of macros is that they take up a hotkey slot in your power bar. I do use the rare macro, but on the whole I'm happier with my binds--and character-specific bind files.
  6. The game doesn't allow exactly what you're asking for, but you can set up one key to turn both of them on, and another to turn them both off. bind <key> +down$$-down$$powexec_toggleon Sprint$$powexec_toggleon Ninja Run bind <key> powexec_toggleoff Sprint$$powexec_toggleoff Ninja Run The only thing to keep in mind is that when pressing the key to activate them both, hold the key down until the first power (Ninja Run in this case, they're activated from last to first) fully activates. Then when you release it, the next power will start up.
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