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  1. Again, poking on this. With the common trick (at least on Indom) of running Apex/Tin Mage back to back (due to their brevity), and the requirement of both Rule of Three and Dam Hero for the Positron TF accolade/badge for Task Force Commander... I feel it'd make more sense to split the weeks they are WST, instead of keeping them on the same week. A simple swap of Dam Hero for either Apex or Tin Mage - Schedule isn't disrupted, and it would also allow for both a lowbie and highbie TF for BOTH of those weeks, opening WST bonuses up to more characters. Edit: Also due to the need for the TF starter to have Rule of Three for Dam Hero... Most will do it in order, and lose out on merits with the current system (30+11 if did backwards, 22+15 as system is now). Rule of Three - 11 Merits Dam Hero - 15 Merits WST old - 37 Merits, 1 week WST new - 52 Merits, over 2 weeks, so 26 merits/week Apex/Tin Mage - 40 merits each WST old - 120 merits, 1 week WST new - 160 merits, over 2 weeks, so 80 merits/week. Seems a win to me.
  2. Errants

    Best Brute

    I main a Spines/Ice Scrapper, it is absurd. I had an Ice/SS on legacy, and always kinda got irritated at Hibernate for killing my killing/arresting. Icy Bastion feels a much better choice, adding surviveability when you're getting overwhelmed, without stopping your DPS.
  3. Errants

    Immortal badge

    Also, with sufficient defenses/int reduction, you can POP Rest while IN the fires of Mercy... But, you'll need the regen to back it up (59dmg tics). I'm currently just standing in the flames for tics of 10... Might have to find a better method for damage.
  4. So, cool thing I found out, running through Oros to start these... If you're on a Gold arc as a Primal, you count as both Loyal/Resist for the coded doors. Additionally, since it is through Oros, none of the changes stick past you zoning. (Finished Cleopatra's, chose Resistance, lost the other as a contact, TP'd to Base, TP'd back in, alive again!) So, this guide is wicked useful, but only required for those masochists playing through Gold-side natively. Still love the effort into it!
  5. Any Major or Minor story arc, once started will allow you to complete it, no matter WHAT level you go to while running it. IIRC, you're limited to 2 Major, and 5 Minor arcs open on a toon, at a time. This is a separate and slightly hidden limit, outside of the limit of 7 active missions at a time. Also, bad form, etiquette, and you just look foolish when you insist someone is wrong when they're not, AND when you misspell the $5 words you're throwing around to prove your point. ^_^ Additionally, you and they are almost arguing the same point. They aren't arguing for Trolls to be a viable level 50 faction, they're just offering that it'd be useful (from a story perspective) if you could start a brand new arc above the range, run it at your native level (not the arc's), and just blast through it for the story. I think that part of the technical issues there would be how to address mission completion/end of arc rewards - do they also get out-leveled into oblivion?
  6. Errants

    Inf Sink Ideas

    More because there's enough shinies with ludicrous requirements (Empath being chief among them), that adding another, especially if iterative (a la x Times the Victor, which are 10 different badges), seems not enjoyable to pursue.
  7. Errants

    Inf Sink Ideas

    Iterative, sure - Let's see just how much of an Inf black hole a player is.. But not part of the current 1580 possible badges (much like Bug Hunter isn't counted in that total).
  8. Errants

    Inf Sink Ideas

    Make it just a title, or a non-counted badge (a la Bug Hunter) and I'm in.
  9. I haven't Incarnated my Beam/EnA yet, but he is built out. For your comparison: Amused how similar parts of the builds are, given how little I know on Sentinels.
  10. Brilliant idea!!! Let's just UP Inf rewards to the same level that the level 49 farms were making! Run a steamroll TF with x8 mobs? Enjoy 2 million inf/hour!
  11. There's an entire sub-forum filled with advice on amassing inf....
  12. Correct on both. 49 IO's are ~250k to craft, crafting costs drop linear from there - yes, 50 IO's are inf sinks. 2 converters for Type conversion (Melee, Ranged, etc) to get the Uncommon > Rare upgrade, then 1 converter per conversion at Rare. So, 2 Type Conversions, or 1 Type and 2 Rarity Conversions, you break even/small loss on a 1 million sale (490k crafting, 25k for the uncommon salvage, 400k for 4 converters, 50k each in list/sale fees = 1,015k inf). If the recipe requires rare salvage, it might not even be worth it to craft.
  13. You've got higher base HP/End than other classes at creation. That's the Inherent.
  14. All changes that were actually reversions or bug fixes. Eden/Abyss have always had zone caps, they came off accidentally. RWZ got them back on legacy when SSK'ing let any level into the zone. AE exp is returned to Legacy levels, and still retains the options for conventional rewards (which never happened on Legacy). Please take your doom and gloom elsewhere.
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