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  1. Hey gang, My game has been running fine all day and then suddenly i log in after a break and it looks like this: Has anyone tried something similar? I play on a macbook pro and never had problems before. Please help 🙂
  2. Can you post a screen shot of your build? Can't open the links. Thanks 🙂
  3. Xip2


    thank you kindly! i can really recommend this combo, its alot of fun!
  4. Xip2


    im very new at scrapping and im currently at lvl 20 but i have honestly no idea what to pick and what to slot. anyone tried this before who could give me a few tips or a build to try out? kisses
  5. hey gang, iv'e done plant before on trollers and doms, but poison is new for me and i have absolutely no clue on how to slot it or which powers to pick. i dont have mids on my mac, otherwise i would've made a build myself and posted and gotten critiques, but unfortunately thats not an option. so dear trollers, what do you think about this build and how would you build it? thanks! 🙂
  6. @Frosticus I'm currently lvl'ing a plant/poison troller. Any chance you'd want to share your build? Im very new with poison. Thanks 🙂
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