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  1. Wow! I just spent the last 10 minutes boggling at these bases. I had no idea this type of thing was even possible.
  2. Thanks very much to everyone who helped to get HC up and running and to keep it running. It's an impressive achievement.
  3. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Amplifier
  4. I've had a problem in the past where the mouse cursor was offset a bit. I could still click on doors and target mobs etc but I couldn't click small things like the exit button or power buttons. I can't remember what I did to fix it unfortunately. It might have involved UI scaling or I might simply have rebooted the PC.
  5. When super jumping I like to bounce along the monorail lines but not the power lines. I love small ledges. I hate bouncing off water. It feels "unrealistic" unlike everything else to do with super jump! 🙂
  6. Paragon Wiki is still the main reference for the game. It's mostly correct. The mains differences are that all content is available to all players on Homecoming and the HC team have tuned a few mechanics and added a few powersets etc. The pay to win vendor gives away lots of buffs and powers etc that are handy at low levels. You have to pay for some things with inf but a lot of stuff is free. Don't worry about making mistakes with your build. You can change almost everything except your archetype and powersets. You can change your powers and slotting by doing a respec.
  7. Nice one. That's a good AH 101. I found the bit that begins "Now Person C enters the AH. She also owns a lvl 53 Ribosome but can’t decide if she wants to buy it or sell it." a little confusing to read. I know what you mean but I'd probably be a bit lost if I was new to the market. I think the confusing bit was "can’t decide if she wants to buy it or sell it" because we always know which we want to do. Of course, this could just be me. 🙂 IMHO fungible is not a very common word outside of finance. The guide may be a little easier for people if you use "pooled items" a bi
  8. Ouch! I think that's the biggest typo I've heard so far.
  9. Thanks for your answers. Here's my suggested definition based on your thoughts. I've pulled out "strategy" as a separate term as it seems useful. How do you all feel about this? Strategy A general method of making inf by trading. A strategy determines what sort of items to buy and how to transform them into the items that will be sold. Strategies may involve specific, broad groups of items. e.g. Rare roulette, crafting recipes, converting purples Niche N.B. This term does not have a clear definition that's shared by the market community. Please take this definition wi
  10. If it really has to be same IO then you'll have to catalyse them yourself. Catalysts usually go for around 2 m inf but I think I've seen sell around 1.3 m sometimes. That's less than the auction house fee for a high end item. You can buy them with merits if you prefer. If you're trying to save inf then I'd just sell the one you made at normal/high price and buy the one you want at a normal/low price. You'll usually make inf in the process although it might take 24 hours for the sale to complete. Personally I use the market as an infinitely large storage bin. I make inf
  11. Just out of curiosity, do you remember when you last saw uncommons going for that amount?
  12. I don't think you can pick targets based on the group an enemy belongs too. I wouldn't be too surprised to be wrong though. 🙂
  13. I can't think of any way that we could spot this if it was happening. Any ideas?
  14. Hi there. The devs seed salvage by putting 10,000,000 pieces up for sale at certain prices. The prices are 1,000,000 for rare salvage, 100,000 for uncommon and 10,000 for common. This means that people rarely buy seeded salvage. They're nearly always buying salvage listed by other players. I believe this is part of a deliberate policy to leave the market alone as much as possible but to surround it with a mechanisms that will cap prices if they go crazy. Salvage is pooled. There are 3 pools; one for each rarity. This is why all yellow salvage is trading at the same pric
  15. If it continues for a few weeks then I'd guess that some people have swapped from farming inf to farming merits.
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