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  1. I usually go with polar lights as well, for the exact same reasons...
  2. Sadly, neither of those options is available.
  3. You have to change the supergroup logo to the letter you want, place the supergroup holograms where you want that letter, change the supergroup logo to the next letter, place the supergroup holograms where you want THAT letter, repeat until done or beyond frustrated. The placed Holograms will keep the letter they were placed with.
  4. I've seen where people have taken screenshots from above the actual base in game, then used a graphics editing program to add labels.
  5. Brigg's 2915, just have to check occasionally and switch to the next mission...
  6. I couldn't find anywhere to recolor the flying disk, and the path aura doesn't work with it or flying... 😞
  7. Same thing on the Evening MSRs twice daily on Everlasting (Usually run by Chaos Unlimited). Don't always have a bounty, but when we do, it doesn't stay at the starting amount...
  8. I try to put SOMETHING in my bio, even if it's just a sentence or two, to give others an idea of who the character is. Of course MOST of my characters are concepts first, builds second. And I may not start with one, but add (or add to) after a few play sessions and I know I'm not going to abandon the concept.
  9. I haven't seen anything like that, but wasn't looking for one. I'll keep my eyes out.
  10. About to start a character using this guide, but was wondering if the character origin (I've noticed a lot of Firey/Spines farmers go with either natural or tech) really makes that much of a difference and why...
  11. Built a huge mansion on top of my base over the huge open room (though all closed up to make placing things on top easier). Finally decided to start working on the "sub-basements", opened the huge room up (apply to base from entrance room), then tried to fill in individual sections to create the walls for the rooms I wanted. Took FOREVER to get it to select the room section and not some item on top of it. The trick I found to get it to work easier (still took a LOT of patience) was to get as close to the floor as possible and move along the "seam", I guess you can call it, clicking right on
  12. Still Under Construction, but would love feedback/ideas. Everlasting Server Graymalkin-11577 Thanks to some lucrative endorsement deals and film stunt work, On-Fire Dude was able to purchase a mansion in upstate, um... Rhode Island and convert it into an "Institute for Exceptional Children". I've got most of the above ground structure done, just needs a few tweaks and additions. Started working on interior layout and decorating. Then comes the landscaping and sub-basements... ***Update*** Main structure is pretty much done, most of the interior l
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