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  1. Love the illusion idea and superhero/elemental ideas. I think even switching out the thugs like mentioned for police would be cool, I mean the sprites are available. Thugs -> Policemen (or Longbow) Enforcers -> Detectives Bruiser -> General (skills may have to be changed a little, maybe to like mercenary's commando skillset?)
  2. Yes this would be my absolute favorite, just cuz the sprites would be cool to watch fight, I find most of these henchmen boring to look at. Upgrades could be fun too like, "Put On Your Mask" and "Superhero Uniform" or something. Love it.
  3. lol these are all amazing. i like the idea of being able to change skins. Fixes the problem with the ugly demons
  4. Hey Guys, Love thinking of new themes and stories for my different chars. For example got a thugs/cold mm who is basically an ice mutant who formed a gang (kind of works because of bruiser is supposed to be a power as well and offsets the fire pyro). I was thinking of other primaries that would be cool. I love the demon summons but hate the sprites (so ugly). Made me think it would be so cool to be able to have a "Supervillain Leader" primary with all your henchmen being weaker versions of other archetypes. Would probably be easy too since there are already superpowered criminals to fight and just need to swap out sprites (is this even possible?! would love it). Skillsets for summon: Basic - three elemental blasters (fire, ice, lightning) Second - two controllers - maybe one's a buffer/healer and other is like a mental debuffer Final - Tank, kind of a smaller version of bruiser A little similar to thug set up since they're my fav but was curious to see what others have brewing in their head?
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