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  1. Tanker/Warshade/Peacebringer - even more so on HC. Why, I hear no one ask? Because their usefulness on a team was made less and less on live (IO's and incarnates made it possible for a few Archetypes to fufil the roles these AT played) but given the QoL improvements and 'City of Farming' mentality on Torchbearer it's so much easier to IO and incarnate out a character with an 'uber' build that it's almost laughable. Who needs a Tanker when so many other AT on the team can stand in the middle of a map and take all aggro and still not die (and often do bloody good damage while they're at it)? Short version - I really think the Tanker AT needs a very thorough review to make them relevant in the current game (and I'm not sure the intended changes are going far enough). While I see the greatest strength of WPs and PBs is their versatility, I also see that as their greatest annoyance. I really don't want to have to manage three forms and all the mechanics that go with it.
  2. Welcome home! Theoretically, you could host your own server (anyone could with the appropriate knowledge, money, etc). I am quite happy to play on HC though, as all the hard work's been done for me (including quality of life improvements that I love). It's free of cost, so you and all your friends can download the launcher and get into the game world very easily. It's not that hard to level characters on HC, so just jump in and I'm sure a lot of the knowledge you had of the game will come flowing back quickly. Well, that's been the case for me, at least. Just don't blindly rely on www.paragonwiki.com - I love that site, and still refer to it, but it hasn't been updated (and will not be) since the game was live/commercial, so some things are not the same (e.g. requirements for the 'Pirate' badge). Also, don't be afraid to use the help channel in-game - most people are willing to offer their knowledge freely and cheerfully. I hope you enjoy being in Paragon City, the Rogue Isles and Praetoria!!
  3. * Crafting/selling/buying at AH * Explore badges * "Kill x number of " badges * Oro badge missions (for villain accolades)
  4. slacktech

    Fire/ ?

    I love my fire/rad Sentinel. I can't give you stats, or how close it is to 'uber' (I suspect not very close), but I love playing that character. Solid damage with great animations and a couple of good PBAoE attacks with solid survivability. I really couldn't ask for more 🙂. Oh, and endurance management is very easy, which is also nice 🙂
  5. Thanks to everyone who replied to my post. You've convinced me to go Musculature. I don't really have a major issue with endurance, but do need to work on getting those accolades.
  6. I am so sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere (I've tried to search but haven't been successful), but what is the general consensus for most useful Alpha Incarnate power for a widow build (very melee). I've looked at all the options, and was leaning towards those with recharge in them, but after reading this thread I now think that's a bad idea. I'm now leaning towards Cardiac Core Paragon (simply because a lot of her powers would use end redux and dmg resistance). What are people's thoughts on the subject?
  7. Stupid question, but did you change the 'type' at the very start, or when you had already placed slots? I've found that it works at the very start, but I can't access the app presently. I will try this tonight, but I know I've had problems when I've started to do a build and then changed to 'dynamic' but can't remember having problems when I've changed it right at the start of the build (from a 'clean' build screen).
  8. To add a bit more 'plan English' to my post, click the button labelled 'level-up'. It will change to 'dynamic'. That should disable the level restrictions and let you slot the same as if you're doing a respec.
  9. If you use the 'dymanic' option rather than 'level-up' (there's a button with this label). That should allow you to do 'respec slots'.
  10. I didn't want to be utterly pedantic. I did, however, want to point out a very important element of the mechanic so that players don't send their pets (or leave their pets) across a map and still expect BG mode to be active. I apologise if I caused offence.
  11. Maybe I'm misreading things, but I don't believe this is completely correct. This is the bit that makes me think that 'stay' and 'goto' might deactivate BG mode in certain scenarios; Mastermind Bodyguards: You can set any Mastermind pet to Bodyguard by selecting the Defensive Stance and the Follow(*) Orders. Your pets must be within Supremacy range for this function to work. So, by my logic, if the pets go outside the range of Supremacy then the MM will take 100% of the damage they receive. This is why I only use 'Defensive & Follow' if I want BG mode active, as I know this will keep the pets in Supremacy range. Or is my logic incorrect?
  12. Now that the obvious problem of access has been pointed out to me I see that PD may not be the best solution. But due to the other points made in this thread I don't see SGs as the solution either. I think the solution posted about putting a trainer in all AE buildings is probably the best solution (and maybe throw in any other missing vendors, too). It might as well be a one stop shop, given the massive amount of farming going on in game. It's not likely to stop, so it might as well be convenient for players.
  13. Pocket D has AE and a trainer (and is accessible to both factions). Why not just advertise in-game that people who want to power level in AE could use PD as an alternative to AP/Mercy?
  14. I am usually on with squishies and I don't have a problem turning my AoE stealth off if I have one because (a) with the amount of buffs that happen in the middle of the bowl I'm usually pretty protected, (b) the AFK emps rock the healing aura like it's all they can do so I'm healed pretty well and © if I die more than one person usually has an AoE rez (e.g. from dark or incarnate) so I'll be back up on my feet fairly quickly. By leaving the stealth aura on it makes it harder to get the mobs down from the rim of the bowl so the merit drop rate will be lower for everyone in the bowl. But it appears that my views are in the minority.
  15. My biggest annoyance with MSR is the sheer number of players that leech. I find that my fps is so low at times that by the time I've targetted the enemy is dead, so I try to target through players (who hopefully have better connection/fps than I have). I've now learnt to target through pets, as I know at least the pets are doing some work. The MSR I was on the other day had someone with an AoE stealth on and I suspect they were AFK because they didn't turn it off despite repeated requests.
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