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  1. I have been thinking about a toon who's primary purpose in life is to assist in the Terra Volta respec trial, specifically the lowest tiered one for 24-33. As a secondary function he would go around helping folks get to hard to reach badges etc (with flight, recall friend, grant invisibility, etc). Illusion/Storm looks like the best possible combo for it, but it would be a very unconventional build. In the TV trial, Spectral Terror+Hurricane would be perfect for defending the reactor, and of course the pets would be handy. Has anyone else made such a build already?
  2. Gunnarr


    I'd like to see your build, Force Redux, if you don't mind sharing it.
  3. If you don't run solo, the game will automatically upgrade some to EB, can't be helped. Have t dial the difficulty back a little manually or something , or just kill the EB too
  4. Mids definitely shows Fiery Embrace affecting other attacks with a lesser buff for damage (but none of the prestige attack powers are affected, like Sands of Mu etc)
  5. Gunnarr

    NON Farm build?

    I'd like to see one of these too. I have the fire farmer, but having an alternate build I could switch to for a break would be nice.
  6. There is actually a whole guide to Low Budget Fire Farming, using a Spines/FA, here on the forums. I've followed it and had great success. My build is now evolved from it somewhat (as I could afford improvements) and I'm very pleased with how I went from "You have zero inf and no insps" to "You are level 50 now and can farm +4/x8 without a purple pill addiction". I don;t make as much as the high end builds, but I make enough to be pleased with the results 🙂
  7. Does this automatically put the "Granting you" words in there?
  8. I don't know if I should take Redlynne's advice or not, I was in a fire farm with some people yesterday and he was one of the villains in it! In all seriousness, though, I appreciate all the advice and help!
  9. How would you revise the build, to include Taunt? Can it be left for later in the build or is it something you need early and often?
  10. Thank you very much! That is *way* better than what I have cobbled together so far, much better defense and resistance combined.
  11. I have created my first tanker in about a decade (lol) and want to use WP/StJ for the power sets. I also intend to take Mako's PPP (Leviathan Mastery). This is all for thematic reasons and appearance (see pic, this is "Orcinus" and he's actually quite pleasant in person). I wanted to avoid really flashy visual effects where possible, and just have fun with him. I've been running amok in Atlas beating up the local punks for their lunch money, but it's time to sit down and actually make a build to follow. I'd like your help with that, if you have a build for me, or advice that will help me (
  12. When I am creating a character, I get the option to choose different colors (on most powers) like having blue energy blasts instead of pink, and so forth. Can I change those later in game, after I start play? As an example, can I reskin "Freezing Rain" to be more molten red, like a fiery rain would look? Or do I need to make those decisions before I play? I know I get 'costume changes' every so many levels, but I am specifically asking abou tthe power effects like "Soul Noir", or "Bright Cast" and such.
  13. As the title says, I am interesting in making a character specifically for collecting badges, but it has been ages since I tried to collect badges. I remember (vaguely) one set of badges required you to heal a lot of people, so I assume I want an AT combo that can heal others, and of course travel/stealth. Any suggestions?
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