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  1. AFTER next week tho, I need those Halloween badges
  2. Gremlins please, they will match my elec/elec blaster more than the elementals
  3. I found a disk I made of old screenshots from live, and was taken back, hoping to upload some more. On the CoH forums there was a lil back and forth between Justice and Pinnacle. I don't remember much about it but I do remember Pinnacle scheduled an invasion of Justice using mime characters. In-game we had decided a bunch of us would have Kronos Titans ambush them as a surprise. It ended up being a lot of fun. https://imgur.com/gallery/dwPU2Vb
  4. I'm veteran level 75, with all incarnate slots unlocked, still have the temp power and not the badge
  5. After rescuing Vincent Ross in the mission All In The Family from Mr. G, level 50. His dialog: [NPC] Vincent Ross: You've once against proved that you're better than the rest by saving me. I am still in your debt, it seems.
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