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  1. I chose "World Wide Red" from pillar of ice and flame Mission is in brickstown When I click mission door, i get hourglass, character does not enter, and i cannot move. only option is to log out and back on again please advice thank you
  2. you are correct about Evasion, i never noticed that. ty much
  3. I'm playing SR/MA, which seems lacking in AoE taunt (unless i'm not understanding something) I picked up Sorcery->Enflame which creates an AoE DoT around an enemy. It appears this counts as *my* damage. Does it also cause the gauntlet affect when it hits mobs? I tried to use the combat logs and it *seems* like it does, but I wanted to double check here When it de-toggles on my build, it recharges in 4.4 seconds. So it's not perma but I think it kinda works as an area taunt I just have 1 IO in it "Superior Frozen Blast: Recharge/Ch
  4. thanks, i have it for +def and LOTG mule
  5. i just noticed that stealth has this in Details Info -100.00%% threat level on self Ignores buffs and enhancements unresistable Does this affect my taunt/gauntlet ability?
  6. the "stop all wildflower agents" that spawns the GM Kronos Titan ambush is my all-time favorite blueside mission
  7. this entire post is 100% wrong on Liberty anyway. maybe you were on a messed up server
  8. thank you all for the replies, my question was answered :) see you in game
  9. yes that is an excellent idea. there are some great stories in AE but they are difficult to locate
  10. yeah i don't think they're doing anything wrong. i farm... a lot.. big fan just seems to be so much traffic for it that it may warrant its own space we've tried on excelsior to have a "got farms" channel but hardly anyone seems to know about it, so maybe having something official would help
  11. this has prolly been brought up before but there is a farm channel, can we direct folks from LFG over to the farm channel? it's like 4 out of 5 messages in LFG are people begging for farms or maybe build it into the clients as an "offical" channel?
  12. I noticed on my MM with Force Field secondary, I just buff one ally and everyone gets it Does Sonic Resonance work the same way with Sonic Barrier and Sonic Haven?
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