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  1. Pineapple on pizza is simply the current stage of evolution that humanity is on before we advance to the promised land of kiwi on pizza. 😄
  2. To clarify on my statement, as it's being quoted to the wrong effect here. New methodology of increasing the difficulty are already built and in testing now, and in more engaging ways than just making numbers bigger. As always, we're watching the feedback and are always looking for opportunities to improve existing content. When we approach adjustments, it will be with intent and in ways beyond purely stats. Various elements have already proven that simply having bigger numbers alone does not engaging challenges make. (Keep in mind challenge is not strictly
  3. I'm happy to say that with the next batch of new content, we're aiming to do just this using some new methods of dynamic enemy definitions and power assignment. The new content should be able to be played sub-50 (under enhanced), 50+0 (SOs), or 50+ (IO incarnates) and will change to accommodate and challenge the players depending on their preference for the game. This should enable all player types to enjoy it how they prefer, be it leveling an alt, feeling powerful on their built character, or facing an intense challenge. Reading a lot of what's being said I think people will be ha
  4. That is really unusual. I've let the admins know.
  5. Rejoice, for this is in the works! The current plan is to have these invasions trigger when a player finishes the final mission of Signature Story Arc 2, Part 5.
  6. Spicy! Can't wait to see what people put together! 👀
  7. Please don't take it that way! No suggestion with thought and purpose put into it is ever a waste of time; Provoking new ways of thinking and always striving to make this game the best it can be is something I always want to support. Creating a more fluid definition of levels as you suggested is something other games have done, has worked in various capacities, and has it's own set of pro's and con's, as anything does. Strictly speaking, it's not an objectively bad or wrong idea. In City of Heroes' case, it's tricky given the game's many systems and overall gameplay structure
  8. It's not an Incarnate Trial Zone like Dark Astoria, so incarnate-level threats won't be out in the streets. Kallisti Wharf is planned to be a 40-50 zone, as it says on the tram destination in-game. Without explicitly detailing what; I can assure you, they're not generic thugs, and that the new threats vying for control of that zone are not ones that a brand new hero or villain (as the game defines them as players) could expect to handle. If you get too granular in either direction in regards to gameplay vs. narrative, the whole scope becomes weaker, it's about finding the r
  9. I understand where you're coming from, and you're not wrong in that regard. This game was designed to flexibly accommodate as wide a variety of player concepts as possible, and is one of the reason that it is beloved so. Generally, any concept you can think of, with some elbow grease and flexibility can be realized in-game as a playable character. (Obviously there are limits, but imagination tends to cover the difference when it has to.) However, that being said, the player canon, will always be, the player's own canon. While it can be built off the game's canon, the reverse is not so readi
  10. I understand the thinking here, and I see the appeal of a 'I can do anything I want at any time and get rewarded; play my way' style of game but I would argue that outside of AE, the concept is best kept limited to zone events and giant monsters as it is now. I have two reasons for thinking this way: The first: The thrill and engagement of the new player growth experience. This is often underestimated in importance, but is an element that contributes to the long-term future and health of the game and its player base. While less important to somebody leveling their hundredth character, th
  11. I've been watching like six different places since this was posted, and you're the first person to actually notice it; Bravo! 👍
  12. Appreciate this! 😄 Glad you're enjoying the exploration tips, and I love your idea, that sounds like a fun mini-game! I've been pleased that people are finding them to be a fun addition to the game; Can safely say that everyone can expect more writing work from me in the future! (Additional zone's Tour Guides for Page 3 and beyond)
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