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  1. If you're referring specifically to patch notes for the Page 3 content update going to Brainstorm for public testing, Our goal is November. Today's small patch was a fix for the Sinister Summoner badge art at low graphic settings and reducing Black Whip to an AV class enemy so he is quicker to defeat for players who want to get that badge on large numbers of their characters. A forum post for today's patch notes should be coming shortly.
  2. This is the inevitable result of there being different servers. Every server is going to have their own interpretation of the game's future and what they feel City of Heroes should be. That being said... We've been extremely busy ourselves! We're gearing up to draw back the curtain on the Page 3 update after the Halloween event concludes, which does includes some new costume pieces, as well as a LOT of other content. It's shaped up to be one of our biggest content drops yet, and it should have something for every type of player. Stay tuned!
  3. This should be fixed now; Apologies to those impacted!
  4. Manifest issue, should be fixed shortly.
  5. Longbo-hahaha! Can't say that one with a straight face. Arachnos. 😎
  6. He was also given some Halloween spirit empowerment to be worthy of a badge; He's at least 150% more spooky now! Beware! 😱
  7. Hmmm, possible, but there would be less reason to do it there. Between Statesman and Miss Liberty I don't think the mission content actually changed at all? The old version of the Lord Recluse Strike Force is quite different from the version currently offered in-game. The LRSF had numerous nerfs over time, the Hero AV's levels were dropped several times, some Hero AV's were removed, and some were not replaced. The final map is also different between the two.
  8. Before anyone worries about this, what's being referred to is a new badge that's being added in Page 3 for completing the original un-nerfed version of Lord Recluse's Strike Force that's being added to Ouroboros with Incarnates disabled for the 'old school challenge'.
  9. There's a new reward category we're working on and there is one of these new rewards locked behind the newer difficulty in Page 3 (not a badge); We're aware of issues regarding meaningful reward diversity and we've got stuff being worked on. It won't appeal to everybody, but very little can that is able to be locked behind higher difficulty without it becoming something more casual players will feel forced to do. There are also a number of challenge badges that can only be done in Hard Mode. But badge collecting is by its nature 'do everything', and these don't grant anything players will f
  10. There's stuff in the works. The player powers devs (of which I am not one) have some Mastermind AT adjustments in the shop; There were some planned for Page 3 but unfortunately ran into some wider system issues that need to be addressed before they can proceed and so had to be pushed back.
  11. This is fair and something we always consider in our design, new content will never be locked behind any higher difficulty. People who enjoy the game casually, can continue to do so, exactly as they have before. The new settings are to give options to the people who want a more engaging endgame, enjoy using their characters at their strongest (without self-handicaps) to overcome meaningful challenges, and enjoy designed difficulty since there is very little content left that is truly conducive to that style of playing the game anymore. We want everyone to be
  12. I wouldn't say it's an 'easy version' of hard mode. All the hard mode versions activate the 'hard mode' exclusive powers on the enemies, which is where the core of the difficulty comes from. The primary difference between the three is that they will lock you into +2/x8, +3/x8, and +4/x8 respectively, regardless of team size and the overall enemy stat baseline increases with each level.
  13. It's a real thing and is active right now; Just a weird easter egg though, essentially. There's a Hamidon tentacle in Nova Praetoria that sits hiding in the trees somewhere outside the sonic fence, it waits for 12 Seers and 100 PPD to be defeated within 10 minutes of the first being defeated and if you get them all in time, it pops out of the trees and flails around a bit for awhile. If the event is successful, it goes onto a 30 minute cooldown before returning to the stage where it waits for the defeats. If the event fails, and you don't get the defeats within 10 minutes, it resets b
  14. This is a good comparison; Hard Mode (at least on the highest level we created) will be very difficult to rush through. It's going to take a little longer and require more tactical approaches to pulls and that will conflict with a lot of common 'Go-Go-Go' playstyles that are commonly seen right now, where the only real metric for success is speed, because the content rarely is dangerous. It also means requiring more time to play the content if you do Hard Mode, since speed will get you killed. People can certainly play the new Strike Force going fast, but they're going to have a rough time
  15. Hard mode enemies will have higher baselines stats, but nothing unfair and no absolutes. Nothing like big special damage types or auto-hits. That being said, in a state of the game where a Defender can soft cap S/L/E defense with four power choices and minimal slotting investment, a new baseline was needed so that enemies can actually threaten players and was a requirement, but there is some new nuance and specifics regarding that, it will make more sense when the content is available on Brainstorm. Keep in mind that enemies that cannot in any meaningful way threaten a team of players me
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