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  1. I have access to totally legit and not at all biased secret knowledge that reveals the long hidden origin of this phrase: 👀 In the beginning (2004) Cryptic created the City of Heroes. And the game was blue and heroic, and NPCs were upon the face of the zones. And the devs moved upon the maps. (slowly, using OG hover speeds) And the devs said, Let there be red side: and there was the City of Villains. And the devs saw the red side, and that it was the best side: and the devs divided the red from the blue. <cough>
  2. As somebody with no friends, I sure am relieved there are technological advancements to allow me to pretend like I do! Feeling blue doesn't mean being alone! QvQ (Hint: Say no!) Thanks GM_Bot! 🤖
  3. Fragmentary Veritas - New Release: Chapter 2, Page 16 - 'Handy Solutions': http://fragmentaryveritas.webcomic.ws/comics/31
  4. Tipped Off was a badge that existed before Tour Guide, it was given for receiving a tip drop; The change added Tour Guide tips to triggering the badge as well. I would guess your badge hunter already has Tipped Off; If not, any normal alignment tip drop should trigger the badge for them.
  5. That's a fair thought to have. Expanding the PvP system to SG bases as an optional tool would likely see it function with nearly identical nuance to how the system operates right now in the PvP zones. In the context of City of Heroes as it functions today, are there regular occurrences in which non-consensual PvP griefing happens that substantiates these concerns? (Going into a PvP zone and leaving the safe area is consenting to PvP. Being attacked while trying to get badges, Shivans, or Warburg nukes does not constitute griefing.)
  6. (Disclaimer: My original post in this thread was written before I became a member of the Homecoming development team, so please don't read into things too deeply! 😅) I understand your concern! As it has existed in City of Heroes, the idea of PvP causes a lot of players to back away, even worse, the idea of being pulled into PvP unwillingly and griefed. Player vs. player is not something that will appeal to everyone in the community, and that's totally fine, but the system itself has applications that could see use beyond competitive play. The idea of using the PvP system as a creative tool
  7. Same! Haha; The system is fairly minor, but robustly intrusive? These tips will pop-up in players' inventory doing other things and make everything feel more vibrant/alive for it. Especially new players, given the outdoor mission sections in the starting zones where all those enemies will be eligible to drop the Tour Guide tips. They'll be made aware right away of several systems that will help orient them if they do the whole zone and unlock the Long-Range Teleporter. So the system naturally introduces new players to: -Tips and tip missions -Exploration badges and badges as a sys
  8. I can get this fixed in both the original badge and the tip's mentions. 👍
  9. Perhaps they should all get taunt to make things extra fun. 😈
  10. The tips will drop off any standard rank enemy, bosses are just optimal if/when they can be found, but in lieu of bosses, lieutenants can work just as well.
  11. Fragmentary Veritas - New Release: Chapter 2, Page 15 - 'Freebie': http://fragmentaryveritas.webcomic.ws/comics/30
  12. Huh; Didn't see this thread until just now. Casual stroll through memory lane with a lot of familiar Protector names haha! 👋 On Live I was @Karonax and I played a Stone/Stone Brute of the same name pretty much exclusively for most of my time on live. I was extremely active primarily on redside, was a leader in C.A.R.E.S.S. and Syndicates of Evil, and led runs of the Lord Recluse Strike Force almost nightly during Issue 7. I also spent a ton of time PvPing in Siren's Call and Recluse's Victory on my Brute up until Issue 13.
  13. I can say odds are looking favorable that those remaining zones will get Tour Guide missions in the future; Page 3 most likely.
  14. For me it was finding a character that played in a way that fit my personality and playstyle preference. I like to move into the fray fast and hit hard; my Broad Sword/Willpower Scrapper has been perfect in that regard. Like an unrelenting ball of hyperactive violence zoomies, she rushes into danger! (which eventually lead to me needing to bulk-up her resistances so she'd stop eating pavement so frequently.) 😅 As long as the character can move fast, and their hits have 'oomph' they're usually keepers in my book. By this same thought I've had a hard time finding a support-type character I
  15. So after checking again, and doing some in-game testing; Appears to have been a misread on my part, looks like Giant Monsters and Monsters are not in the tip system drop pool. I've updated my earlier post to reflect this.
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