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I go by Cobalt Arachne as a developer, and Nayreia as a player. I had the opportunity to join the Homecoming development team to contribute work on writing, art, and mission content!

Many of you may know me as the author/artist of the City of Heroes fan webcomic Fragmentary Veritas, and I have a page on the comic's website with more general 'about me' stuff if you're interested:

I've played City of Heroes most of my life; Its absence weighed heavily on me during the years between the game's sunset and Homecoming's launch. This game's influence on my development as a creative thinker was crucial and defined much of how I am as an artist and writer. Nothing makes me more happy or proud than to say I'm now able to give back to the game and community that has done so much for me!

Hope to see you all in the City!


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