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  1. This does appear to be bugged on live as well. Just tested; Killed one of each class of enemy and the badge progress (which I had none of before this test) is at 3, which matches the report above.
  2. Woo! Thanks for reading! My evil plot to generate interest is finally coming to fruition... 😈
  3. Fragmentary Veritas - Chapter 1, Page 11: http://fragmentaryveritas.webcomic.ws/comics/12
  4. Re-ran this by myself; Cleared the whole room, and then went to interact with the desk; No pop-up from interaction; Unable to complete mission. A teammate interacting with it before might have been what spawned early Cortex last time, but the interactable not activating seems to be its own issue independent from it.
  5. While Lines, Myrmidon, and I were running the final mission in Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok; After freeing Bile and getting him to the arms locker, his objective vanished from the compass and didn't re-appear; No Manticore ever appeared despite my being eligible. We did the Cortex encounter; and went outside; Seems like the 'Bile was defeated' trigger somehow played, and the Piecemeal helper and a second Bile spawned outside the Zig, giving us two Biles at the same time. Mission was able to be completed as normal; I took the first Bile to the exit point and mission completed.
  6. Ran with three people; Lines, Myrmidon, and myself (I was team leader). We got to the lab, and Lines interacted with desk before I did and got a message the desk was only useable by the leader. After, we noticed Cortex had spawned (just him, no Pierce or Buzzsaw). After clearing the bees and Kraken EB the desk didn't allow any interactions from me, soft-locking the mission. Will test solo and see if having a non-leader interact with the desk first is what did it.
  7. Noticed it now logging onto a character that only has CJ and with it occurring on both CJ/SS: Both powers were running on the character when they logged out. So might not even be directly correlated to overlapping powers on a single character, might simply be ones that have exclusivity lock-out in general:
  8. Noticed it myself after zoning on my Bane Spider with Super Jump; Might be powers that share exclusivity with another? At the very least, can say both variants of this issue have been verified. I'll play around with it and see if anything else stands out.
  9. That would make sense; Odd that I encountered it several missions in while running the arc, but it is possible I had never engaged dialogue with him without an active mission before, despite being in the middle of arc since I initiated it from Ouroboros. Seems like you get it once and only once for that first time conversation? On one of my other characters, at 50: Get the M1 string error and also get the 'too high of level for me' string, so likely pulling a specific string for a specific instance; Just needs text added there I think.
  10. Everything working; Unable to verify an issue. Tried to reproduce this on all four ATs that have Kinetics, and all of them were hitting every time on targets with Fulcrum Shift; Against even-con enemies, lower-con enemies, even hitting against much higher-con level enemies like + 11s. @Vayek - Can you verify again and if still seeing this? And if you are, provide additional details? What AT were you playing, what enemy group, their level relative to yours's etc? Thanks! Nothing in combat logs suggesting possible misses either; Hits and worked on everything I threw it at. Otherwise this appears to be working on the current test build as far as I can test given limited details.
  11. Verified issue. There does seem to be 3-5 second delay upon zoning into a PvP zone, or leaving a PvP zone and going into a normal zone that the game takes to 'flip the switch' between the two modes. I noticed it every time upon zoning into Recluse's Victory; As noted, could pop my Incarnate powers pretty easily. However, since the PvP fakolades share a cooldown with the normal versions; Activating either starts the cooldown for both, so I was not able to have x2 versions of active them at any given time.
  12. Sent a much bigger version of the GIF to Bopper over Discord, as the forum size limitation here forced me to make it really tiny; Happy to send the bigger GIF to anybody who needs/wants to see it. My Discord is Nayreia#7140.
  13. Verified issue. Looks like the arrow and the animation sync is all wonky; See GIFs below of the move in action:
  14. Fragmentary Veritas - Chapter 1, Page 10: http://fragmentaryveritas.webcomic.ws/comics/11
  15. Despite both icons showing; I only get the boost from CJ in attributes; Seems like just a display issue. Toggling either power makes the phantom one go away, seems to only trigger with the power if you log-in with it running.
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