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  1. Thank you, I really like the look too. Atovtron is level 8 now and way easier to play than my widow, haven't died a single time yet, apart from once where I got to join Death From Below which was a lot of fun. Can anyone tell me what the difference is between Trials, Incarnate Trials and Task Forces? I remember Task Forces from back in the day (Synapse) but the other two I can not remember. The Widow seems to be a great team Character which I love, but before I try bringing her to 50, I first need to understand how character building and slotting works agai
  2. Hi everyone, thank you for all your nice responses! After carefully reading every comment I have now decided to put my Widow on halt. I understand, that the Archetype is not bad, but needs a lot more experience, thus I will level her later. I am now going with the suggestion that has been posted the most. Meet Atovtron my Science Radiation Brute: I will report on his progress while I go along. 😃 If anyone is looking for members, I would love to join a supergroup.
  3. hi everyone, I newly downloaded this awesome game again. The last time I played was back on live during the time Keldians were new. I want to say that english is not my first language but I am in awe at how friendly and positive this whole community is and I feel right back at home here. Sadly I am quite overwhelmed by all the options this game now has to offer, and I am suffering from restartitis and can not settle on a character that I would like to play. My highest character as of yet is an Arachnos Widow, she is level 12, going really slow and I die a lot in the Hollows. Also he
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