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  1. Hurl totally works to put the mob far away from you
  2. So I farmed up one of these (Newtonian LTD on Reunion), and just did Lady Gray TF. A lot of fun. I'm not fully kitted out yet but I'm getting there! Any thought's on incarnate power picks?
  3. Here is my current slotting for my Kinetics/Water Defender. I'm quite happy with it, but I do see some holes. Any advice to improve that doesn't break the theme (water/Tsoo lore/sharks!) is welcome. I built heavily towards AOE damage and procs. Anyhow, I love, love, love this combo and just want to see if it can be pushed to even greater heights. This Hero build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/Reborn-Team/MidsReborn Click this DataLink to open the build! Silver Tsoonami: Level 50 Science Defender Primary Power Set: Kinetics Secondary Power Set: Wat
  4. Thanks everyone for your feedback on this build! I'm the one playing it and so far it's alot of fun. I did choose the top tier Mace blast for the flavor. I am a fan of Resistance > Defense any day so that's great news. I only took Hawk because it's part of a good ranged attack chain, but thematically animal pets doesn't fit the style (which is just a scrapperish toon with dark controls). That said, Unkindness or Call Hawk if I have to pick one? Big thanks to @Cenozoic for making and posting the build for me, since I am on a mac and don't have mids!
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