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  1. Pipe dream would be to have the battalion/coming storm come to fruition. Also the incarnate system fully realized. Realistically i would love seeing story content utilizing some under represented enemy groups. Wyrven, legacy chain, goldbrickers, warriors, knives of artemis. Some of the later addition story arcs on both red and blue side can be the highlight of the leveling experience. Some of the old hero zones could use cohesive story arcs...like faultline received. I would love to see a world War II time travel trial/tf. 5th column and nemesis...games been desperate for something like this since launch. Also more 5th column content. Everyone likes punching fascists. Story arcs might be the same but the council feel like the store brand version of the 5th column. Also a zig prison break trial. The building is just sitting in brickstown not being utilized. Might be out of left field..devouring earth need more variety of bosses.
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