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  1. ...and then the re-rise of Malta now that the three heads are back in business. ...and the love lost between the police and the hero community after the beating (the protagonist) gave Blue Steel. ...and the potential global political climate since Mot's climax is for all intents and purposes when the torch was passed and (the protagonist) succeeds Statesman as the new savior of the world. 🙂
  2. Indeed, i25's mission arcs implied that, since the Red Widow's revival, Recluse had retaken a lot of unconcluded programs and their R&D was working like crazy, we just never got to see Arachnos' new toys, or their new mission and vision. I'd like to see someone take that loose end and run with it. All we have from the isles is that they're the paradise of anarcho-capitalism and eugenics (yet Doctor Aeon won the Nobel for nearly ending world hunger with nutripaste), and that the only reason NATO hasn't ended Recluse is because of a psychic army pre-empting the Corps' moves 24/7
  3. I have plans for the Council in my head too, I'm just not sure whether I myself would want to deal with a rise of fascism in CoX. I'm happy with CoX' history diverging from ours from the Cold War on and not sure how much of our RL to let seep in... but then both the Council and the Column already exist as legitimate in game elements, so might as well use them.
  4. Have you tried to advance the metaplot regarding the default in-game factions? I'd like to pick the community's brains. Who knows? Perhaps enough of us may agree on a couple elements. Anyway, I'll start: * The Syndicate briefly co-alesced after the mass migration to Primal Earth, but has since then merged with The Family. The Family now has access to Praetorian tech and much more capable psychic operatives. * The Legacy Chain has been infiltrating MAGI for years and discreetly poaching magic-type heroes of higher threat level and dissatisfied with the status
  5. (EDITED: Because seemingly it was all a freak incident and Khan's team size never got downsized to 4. Probably a mistake on my part mixed with an unverified report by a source I won't blame because honestly it was my fault for not properly verifying it. I apologize).
  6. TFW Karen demands to see the city's manager because it's not baby-proofed:
  7. I can live without those ATs but.... THOSE NEW COSTUME PIECES. I'd kill to have those in HC... and giant people, and micro people. Is there a possibility of stealing at least some of those pieces and put them together in a mod? PleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePl
  8. Also, for your consideration ARC ID 18920 - Family Reunion Years ago, Praetorian Earth's citizenry moved in to our world after their planet was nuked into oblivion. When two worlds merge, however, it was inevitable their organized crime groups would eventually follow suit. (an attempt to advance the game's metaplot)
  9. For your Consideration: Arc ID 33690 - Ball and Chain Those who want power should never have it, especially those sure that they know what's best for everyone. Beware the magical intelligentsia. (An attempt to advance the game's metaplot).
  10. (edited, because I just realized old NPCs don't have access to all animations) On that note, how do I delete an opening post here?
  11. Removing (or, at least giving this restriction a larger slack) would give modders an easier time give us better-looking costume pieces. Now, I won't presume to know the first thing about coding and I don't know the side effects this would have on the jenga on fire that is the game's code... but in the slightest possibility this was feasible, consider it perhaps?
  12. Was the "ally"/"rescued" animation option removed? I can no longer find the part to assign starting (or rescued) animations to NPCs you meet.
  13. First submission of the month! Arc name: Family Reunion ARC ID: 18920 Global ID: @White Nightingale Description: Years ago, Praetorian Earth's citizens moved in to our world after their planet was nuked into oblivion. When two worlds merge, however, it was inevitable their organized crime groups would eventually follow suit.
  14. Mods are exclusively local assets, and replace existing costume parts, and for people to see them, they need the same mod installed in their client... the best part is that mods don't require the HC devs to lift a finger (that's why I'm calling for modders) and they give the HC team plausible deniability. We can have better things without getting HC in legal trouble.
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