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Architect Entertainment arcs:


Remnants (Finished): Or "what would Champions' Qliphothic Invasion and Shadow of Destruction look like if they actually had a story."

Recommended for: Rogue/Hero, magic

IDs: 5405, 5408, 5411, 5597


Family Reunion (Finished): Years ago, the populations of two Earths merged after the fall of Praetoria. Eventually, both worlds' organized crime was bound to do the same...

Recommended for: Hero, natural

ID: 18920


Most Dangerous Game (In Progress):  Global conspiracies, cover-ups, a big game hunter of omega-class metahumans, and I don't want to say aliens but... aliens.

Recommended for: Hero/Vig, any origin

IDs: 16058, 16059, 16060, 4363, 15230

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