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  1. No, this doesn't have anything to do with my feelings. You are making it about feelings because you really have no argument other than the classic ad hominem attack and call me out on "feelings". I'm actually amazed you didn't call me a snowflake or cuck. *SMH* Go ahead with your math, show me how every single time a group is formed is faster/more efficient for one person to the same content a group can do. Please, really, I want to see this....
  2. My point is that breaking away from the group does slow things down and running off on your own is a selfish attitude. This is especially evident when the group isn't doing lvl50+, or farming, or "kill most", content. Lower level groups, and new players, actually rely on each other. They rely on people to play their respective roles, rely on heals/buffs, rely on the tank taking aggro, rely on the damage dealers to do big AoE damage. It also teaches the new players how to properly play their respective roles. Obviously, this doesn't apply if the group has a plan for specific content (for exampl
  3. I've noticed this trend, and it seems to be happening more and more over the past year or so; when I join a group there is almost always one, sometimes two, people that just run off on their own to solo. Not just going the wrong way down a tunnel and getting split from the group, but, rather purposely going off on their own. Why join a group just to solo? All it does is weaken the main group and slow progress. Is it a "look at what I can do?" (i.e. Stuart from MadTV), thinking that everyone else in the group will be impressed? I am genuinely stumped as to why. *SMH* Why not go solo the same co
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